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07-09-1997Sent Directly From Me...ask Me what it is I have to give them through you.
07-24-1997I Love You Right Where You AreI...will never let you go.
07-28-1997Without Me...EmptinessYour proof is in your choices.
08-03-1997Share My MiraclesBe with Me often and you will know My Voice in your heart and in your mind.
08-06-1997You Get To ChooseYou choose to obey or not to obey.
08-07-1997Get To Know MeIf we are ONE, why wouldn't we understand each other?
08-15-1997Your Path In LifeI can see all things and know what is best for you from beginning to the end.
08-16-1997Time Daily In PrayerLife...registers empty unless I am at the center of it all.
08-17-1997PrioritiesCan I count on you?
08-18-1997Come As You AreYou are not perfect and you never will be.
08-19-1997The Father's Sacrifice (POWERFUL)...there were times when I could not hear My Father...
08-21-1997Rest At My FeetHoly is the servant who can completely trust My WORDS...
08-22-1997First Sign Of TroubleYou will sore to heights of JOY again...
08-23-1997I Need You...I will make you more and more ready for the Harvest.
08-24-1997His TouchI just prayed and then listened.
08-25-1997True PeaceI am your SOURCE for all things in life.
08-25-1997Let Go--Let MeLet Me lead you.
08-26-1997Learning The Hard Way(Lord, I think You allowed this to send the message home).
08-28-1997Safe From DistressYou need NOT have SUFFERED like you did.
08-29-1997I Know YouI just want to be with you and teach you and draw you closer to Me.
08-31-1997I Will Carry You ThroughCome to Me as often as you possibly can.
09-02-1997Be Willing I will never give up on you!
09-04-1997Not A Game...Be ReadySPEAK UP!
09-07-1997Holy SpiritI KNOW YOU!
09-08-1997Living For Others ...realize how important this loving and living for others is.
09-10-1997Stay Close To UnderstandMy promises are true.
09-11-1997My Name Changes ThingsYour word is powerful in the NAME of Jesus...
09-17-1997Tugging Of The WorldYou cannot win against the world without Me each day by your side.
09-18-1997Prayer, Obedience, HealingThe burden of obedience brings peace from burdens.
09-19-1997Reason For Existence...love Me above ALL ELSE.
09-22-1997I Know YouMy Grace is suffcient...
09-30-1997Reprimand In LoveMake Me your priority in life; I have made you Mine.
10-01-1997Call To Selflessness...be kind, be at peace, and be joyful of all.
10-02-1997Holy Spirit promptingListen for My small voice.
10-03-1997Listen, Obey, Rest...I will give you knowledge as you need it.
10-04-1997Source Of CompletenessYour heart must be Mine, then it will be full, content and happy.
10-06-1997His ReassuranceThe Father has a PERFECT PLAN for those who give up their life to follow, obey and serve Him.
11-16-1997His Plan...My ChoiceNO, You do what you want! You just have to WANT to BAD ENOUGH!
11-18-1997Miracle Power--Real TodayMy Miracle faith stands like a rock and holds true to My Name.
11-18-1997DedicationI am going to show you how to stand on the promises of the Father and your faith will be unshaken through the toughest of times.
11-21-1997Deep TrustMine know Me and are dear to Me.
11-23-1997A Call To OrderContinue to strive to obey My commands to you.
11-24-1997Depend On MeI want you to call on Me for every little thing you need--no matter what. ...I AM ALWAYS BUT A PRAYER AWAY.
11-27-1997A Miracle Story (We saw His Miracle Power and experienced His Loving Companionship.)
12-02-1997How To Become Like MeI will teach you--don't worry--just come daily to Me.
12-07-1997I Need YouTake this message to as many people as possible.
12-11-1997Difficulties...I cannot show you this Power without your FAITH and TRUST in Me.
12-12-1997Holy Spirit--REALThe Holy Spirit must become real to Christians or they will have no stronghold when times get rough.
12-16-1997Spend Time With MeWhat I want is your devotion EACH DAY.
12-21-1997PriorityCome to Me; I need you and love you.
12-27-1997PROPHESYThose who know Me and trust Me can live through anything in peace and harmony.
01-05-1998Trust Me AlwaysLove Me as I Love you.
02-04-1998Explaining Dec.27'97 TestDEEP ABIDING TRUST
02-05-1998Mighty WorksJust surrender to Me and I will do the rest.
03-09-1998Shameful DoubtsIt is too overwhelming to believe...
03-10-1998ProphesyHe is ALL KNOWING
03-24-1998Godly Compassion(...letting me feel what You feel for us)
03-25-1998To Trust....A Decision We Make(Thank You for the lighter spirit in my heart today.)
04-07-1998Miserable Without YouI want you to be "Happy Go Lucky" and have Joy.
04-09-1998Find JoyThese are required...
04-13-1998Let Go And Believe...do just as the Holy Spirit guides you...
04-14-1998Can't Get It All InYou are always faithful!
04-15-1998Obey My CommandsI am in complete control of your life and all your needs...
04-23-1998Give Me Your TimeNothing is required except being with Me, so I can speak to your hearts.
04-24-1998Your Husband Is A Gift....be kind and gentle.
08-14-1998My Mother(Thank You so much, Dear Jesus, for this gift!)
09-01-1998Strength Through Surrender, Trust and Praise S. T. P.
09-20-1998Just Ask Me And Believe I will answer you
09-22-1998Stay Close---I Will Prepare You---5:15AM(The most PRECIOUS HOLY SPIRIT is so gentle!)
09-22-1998"Prophesy"---About Mother--12:45AMHOW CAN YOU NOT...REJOICE?
09-29-1998His Comfort And Assurance...I am going to show you what I need for you to do for Me on this earth.
10-02-1998Satan's LiesYou have been DEFEATED and I KNOW my SAVIOR
10-12-1998Ward Off Satan...it's so important to stay in close touch with Me.
10-16-1998Drawn To PrayerJust spend time with Me daily to prevent the emptiness of life creeping in.
10-19-1998Disenchanted With LifeTell Me everything and leave it with Me.
10-29-1998Time Has Passed Again(...you would think I would never forget).
10-31-1998The Way He WorksYes, you can be confident that when I tell you something in prayer, it is TRUE.
12-02-1998Not Measuring UpMy Child, I know you are struggling and not able to do the right thing all the time...
01-04-1999Things Of The World(He has no power over me...)
01-09-1999Need Strong Faithful Ones...I am going to lift up and bless those who have the faith in Me that Abraham had.
01-11-1999Surrender AllHold Me up above all else, then My love, patience, generosity, joy---ALL THAT I AM---can be manifested in and through you.
01-24-1999Exercise Prayer Like Exercising Physically You will not feel it like those who have not spent TIME DAILY WITH ME building up--filling up with My STRENGTH.
01-25-1999Blessings AboundDo not let the devil steal your JOY by letting self get in the way of LOVE.
01-29-1999Other MindedMy Holy Spirit will activate My Will in your heart---to love others above yourself.
02-01-1999Keep Me FIRSTYou will be in My Will according to your fullness of My Spirit.
02-04-1999In My PresenceBe at peace and know that all is well.
02-20-1999A Work In ProgressI choose My servants by the MOTIVE of their hearts, by the LOVE they have FOR ME and by the TRUST they have IN ME.
03-24-1999OpportunitiesBe ALERT always...Be BOLD and KIND.
03-26-1999Enduring Faith (POWERFUL)The Miracle Power of My Father is shown by the PEACE and CONFIDENCE---the TRUST that is experienced while going through trials.
04-16-1999Time Is Short All who know Me MUST BE BOLD and DILIGENT...
04-21-1999His ClosenessSee Me as close as the breath coming from your lips, as essential as this breath, and then you will see Me as I really am.
04-22-1999Constant Union With MeI am ever present to you, but when you learn to be ever present to Me, you will know what Heaven is like.
04-22-1999CommandOnly one way is important...
05-01-1999Lack Of Consistency(I seem to put everything before You...)
05-03-1999I'm So Close To YouI will always be here...
05-06-1999Act On My BehalfThere is no purpose in speaking to My Children if they won't listen and act on it.
05-07-1999TRAININGI know you are always feeling like you fail, but be glad because that is the Holy Spirit showing you areas needing work.
05-10-1999Put Me FIRSTI am FIRST---then I'll see to your needs PERFECTLY.
05-11-1999Say My Name, JESUSLove others as you love Me.
05-12-1999Day Of Requesting Is OverCOME TO ME DAILY!
05-26-1999Moment By MomentI will use you more as you think of Me more.
06-02-1999You Are Being PreparedThe day will come that I WILL NEED to have you DO or SAY something RIGHT AWAY.
06-08-1999Attention To Others FIRST...care more about others.
06-14-1999Cannot Do What You AskDo not give up on yourself.
06-20-1999Your Path In LifeYou only have to be STILL and LISTEN.
06-22-1999It Is Worth ItYou can be sure of the rewards being much greater than the sacrifice.
06-30-1999Exposing To Eliminate...I will perfect you for My Father...
07-06-1999TESTINGI will be there to guide you and bless you.
07-29-1999I Am Always Here (POWERFUL!)As long as you live on this earth, I will be here for you to use or ignore.
08-01-1999Peace In Times Of Trouble (POWERFUL!)Surrender, Trust, and Praise......S.T.P.
08-06-1999Please Come!I know you are weak and I am your strength, so doesn't it make sense to COME TO THE WELL AND DRINK FROM MY STRENGTH DAILY?
08-09-1999FAITH....A GIFT...with this gift comes a great deal of responsibility.
08-10-1999Well EquipedI will guide, protect, deliver and love you right through it.
08-12-1999History With MeYou will only be concerned about doing My Will.
08-21-1999Put Me FIRSTBlessings and Mercy are always yours from the Father when you put Him FIRST in your life.
08-24-1999Let Go Of Your Desires...I don't care what...THY WILL BE DONE.
08-25-1999I Have You In My HandsTRUST ME!
08-31-1999SecurityWhen you have a need, it will be filled.
09-01-1999My StorehouseHave no fear...
09-06-1999Find JoySEE ME, FEEL ME, hold My IMAGE before you always saying My Name.
09-14-1999The Father See Us As Perfect...a masterpiece of Angelic Grace.
09-15-1999Assisting AngelsThe Holy Spirit will guide you to take over as My Angels set up spiritual avenues for you to excel on.
09-16-1999Before You Were BornI knew who would be FAITHFUL and who would not.
09-22-1999Joy Follows ServiceYour spirit will soar to new heights of contentment, joy, peace and energy in living for Me.
09-23-1999Reason For Life Honor Me and My Father.
09-27-1999I Go Before You ASK ME WHEN IN DOUBT.
09-30-1999Resist TemptationWithout this constant contact, you will loose the WILL to do My Will.
10-05-1999Divine PurposeTrust Me and ask Me to show you what that purpose is and what I want you to do in it.
10-06-1999Be Happy Your life on earth is a journey, but I am the ONLY ONE who has the map.
10-07-1999 His Plan For My Life Counting the ways that I show My Love for you is totally endless because My Love for you is endless.
10-08-1999Instructions For MeLet him lead.
10-16-1999Remember MeHonor Me above all.
10-19-1999Holy Spirit Leading You definitely know what it feels like now!
10-24-1999Experience My Love For YouYou will see the effects of My Love...
10-25-1999Living Fulfilled Come, My Children, to the Well of Life and drink of the Spirit of Life...
10-29-1999Do not Put Me Off! Do not take this lightly!
11-03-1999 OBEY!True companionship with Me gives real JOY.
11-09-1999 I Brought You Hope Be with Me NOW and be with Me for all Eternity.
11-10-1999 I Am Your Adequacy Once you step out in faith, the Holy Spirit comes and takes over...
11-16-1999Just Do As I Say I will lead the way for you to prepare My Words for others.
11-17-1999As You Need To Know ...I have gone ahead of you on this path I have laid out for you.
11-20-1999Keep Telling The TRUTH About MeI love you and I am always directing your feet on the Holy Path.
11-22-1999 You Know Me ...I expect you to always step out in faith FIRST and then My Power takes over.
11-24-1999OBEDIENCE If man chooses to ignore this opportunity, then it is his loss.
11-26-1999My Timing Is Perfect ...His due season.
11-28-1999Turn To Me In All ThingsYou are surrounded by My Angels lifting you on high...
11-30-1999 My Plan For You...you cannot guess what I will do with your obedient actions.
12-06-1999Keep Me Before You You know My Voice---I am SERENITY, STRENGTH and COMFORT.
12-08-1999Continue To Serve Just OBEY...
12-09-1999Just Do It I am in...PERFECT CONTROL.
01-02-2000Doing My Own Thing (Lord, I am sorry again!)
01-04-2000Place Of PeaceThe calm place is where I AM.
01-07-2000Judging Others (POWERFUL) ...realize there is always a reason that people act and live the way they do.
01-13-2000Don't Be Surprised ...you should EXPECT Me to demonstrate My Power through you.
01-16-2000Just Ask Me TRUST ME....that is all there is to it....TRUST.
01-17-2000More Than Saved ...live for Him, desire ONLY His Will, love others like He does, care about each persons Salvation...
01-18-2000Yell For MeIt doesn't matter what it is---if it is a problem for you---CALL ON ME.
01-20-2000Come Into The Family Come, you will begin to see more and more through My eyes...
01-26-2000Heaven On Earth I know you are busy and tired, but I can make all that so much easier.
01-27-2000How To Find My Peace...as long as you STAY IN His Will and are WILLING to OBEY
02-01-2000Rest In His Assurance I love you and am always with you.
02-05-2000Don't Ask Why You be a faithful servant and OBEY and I will do the rest, OK?
02-08-2000Obedience I will bless your Path...
02-13-2000The Source Of AllEven on this earth, you will experience the Kingdom of Heaven in your heart.
02-14-2000Build On Experience With Me ...call on Me in any situation, no matter how small or big or mundane.
02-15-2000What Is Heaven Like? (POWERFUL) Desire Me, My Child; I will fulfill that desire.
02-16-2000Refreshment---Renewal ...come to Me and fill up with Heavenly Strength...
02-18-2000Job Requirement ...total and complete devotion and trust...
02-21-2000My Example My Child, remember that I am these things with you.
02-22-2000Progress Promise My Child, I see only a good and willing heart.
02-23-2000Come As A ChildI will continue...to call you closer.
02-24-2000Happy Birthday Mother! (You were my angel on earth.)
02-26-2000Unconditional Trust I am always right here, always waiting...
02-28-2000His Unselfish Love (POWERFUL) ...and He still gave them a way Home to spend all Eternity with Him.
02-29-2000He Is Calling Everyone Your home will be My Home and My Home in Heaven will be your home.
03-01-2000What Can I Do? Only when the Harvest is ready can you all go Home...
03-02-2000Draw Me In Closer (POWERFUL) ...more of your actions will be directed by the Holy Spirit.
03-07-2000Clear and Smooth I did not say EASY...
03-09-2000Let Me Use You I will not let you be misled when you come to Me.
03-09-2000Call My Name I am right here and I will soften the blow...
03-10-2000When Called To Serve (POWERFUL) ...just have an OPEN WILLING HEART, PRAY and LISTEN.
03-12-2000In Time---Transformed (POWERFUL)My vessel is filled with Me and thus becomes My instrument...
03-13-2000You Have The Upper Hand ...you only need MY NAME and FAITH...
03-15-2000Words And Actions I am an Ambassador and you are My representatives.
03-19-2000I Am With All Of You...laugh and love with My Blessing.
03-23-2000The Holy Spirit Is Real! My Children MUST get this and use MY AUTHORITY over this weasel!
03-26-2000Give Them A Chance Only when I call and someone ignores Me, I cannot do anything to help them.
03-27-2000Pray To Be Useful Just pray to have a heart that yearns to please the Father.
03-30-2000Lay Down Your Life ...who will give up their life for Mine will receive abundant life.
04-02-2000To Face the World (POWERFUL) MY JOY will surpass any joy you have ever known.
04-04-2000Dear To Your Heart ...you will need the strength of the knowledge of Me.
04-04-2000Decisions We Make ...choose fellowship with Me
04-10-2000Know I Am Working You can be sure that I love you and I will never give up on you.
04-12-2000My Life For You Is Better ...life that really has meaning and rewards beyond your understanding.
04-14-2000Love Outweighs Knowledge (POWERFUL) Words are so empty without devotion to LOVE.
04-17-2000The Father's Aspirations (POWERFUL) Let your HEARTS DESIRE be WITH, IN and THROUGH ME as you live your daily life.
04-24-2000His Loving Patience (He is so wonderful...)
04-25-2000Anointing For One Day (POWERFUL) ...your Father is waiting to receive you, to lay His Hand upon your head...
05-05-2000You Need Time With Me I Am your Source...
05-06-2000Life Worth Living ...do not look at the task; look at Me.
05-08-2000I Am In Control Thank you for putting Me FIRST today.
05-10-2000I Am Your GuideI go before you, stand beside you and live in your heart.
05-11-2000To Become Closer To Me See others...really see others with Me standing in their shoes.
05-13-2000I Do Believe You I need you to be My tender touch toward every person you meet.
05-15-2000Oh, To Be Christ-like! ...learn to follow their wishes instead of your own.
05-15-2000Come To Understand...NO END to the DEPTH OF TRUST and RELIANCE ON ME.
05-18-2000I See Your Every Moment I want you to be with Me NOW as well as in Heaven.
05-19-2000Listen To Me You will not make yourself ready; I will equip you.
05-21-2000Your Holding Me ...I have gone before you to prepare the Way.
05-22-2000Map Of Your Life All My Children are being made ready to extend themselves...
05-23-2000Hold On To What I Tell YouBringing in the Harvest is what all My Children are training for.
05-25-2000Give Me Your Time Lay down your life for Me.
05-26-2000Time Of Worship (I have let Satan distract me again.)
05-27-2000Satan's Plan Do not let him fool you!
05-30-2000The Gift Of Faith Live your life daily with Me on your mind...
05-31-2000You Are My Soldiers ...heed My gentle command; be ready to serve at any given moment.
06-01-2000Keep Your Eyes On Me I will build walls of Angels to protect you.
06-04-2000Give More In PrayerThe loving Holy Spirit's promptings are subtle...
06-06-2000Power In My Name---JESUS! I will let you know MY WILL.
06-13-2000Prayer Time Daily Your life will be so much happier...
06-14-2000Power To Overcome (POWERFUL)...no matter how desperate the situation may be.
06-15-2000Lost And FoundJust be sure to put Me FIRST each day of your life...
06-16-2000I Expect Your Devotion ...I know who will fight for Me and who will not...
06-18-2000What A Wonderful Journey! (This process in us will continue toward Him...)
06-19-2000My Heart Breaks My desire is for ALL to come to Me.
06-20-2000Servant-----Heir In the end, you will be HEIR to the King, but FIRST you must SERVE as Jesus did.
06-22-2000I Hear YouI have gone before you to prepare the way.
06-22-2000Peace And Harmony Your goal should be OBEDIENCE and TRUST.
06-24-2000Relax And Go Forward Follow all the doors I open until you see what I have in store for you.
06-25-2000Quiet The Mind In Prayer (POWERFUL)His completeness totally filled Me with strength each time I saught Him alone in prayer.
06-27-2000Heavenly Timing There is nothing left undone or forgotten.
06-28-2000Focus On Me The Father is at the very point of every moment of your life.
06-29-2000Walk With Me Seek Me unceasingly for all the days of your life.
07-04-2000Kindness Is PowerfulKindness gets to the heart of people faster than anything.
07-06-2000Obey My Commands My Children, don't put other things before Me.
07-07-2000You Are In My Care ...your life on earth will be Miracle after Miracle...
07-11-2000REDEDICATE YOURSELF ...I understand how human nature works...
07-13-2000The Chain Interrupted This disobedience carries with it a grave consequence.
07-15-2000Your Purpose How much longer before you decide this counts MORE than breath itself?
07-17-2000You Don't Owe Me See the Father CALLING YOU PERSONALLY because HE IS.
07-19-2000Man's Legacy ...many don't know what it is they are searching and longing for...
07-20-2000Your Life Is A Reflection ...your outward manifestations will reflect this Holy Precious Way of life...
07-21-2000Heed My Call! I EXPECT YOU TO DO IT!
07-22-2000My Joy Is Yours For The Taking Your Joy in life will be to overflowing and thus spill onto others.
07-23-2000Healing Requires Forgiveness The moment you pray for your enemy, the Holy Spirit softens your heart...
07-25-2000I Will Amaze YouI am so clear to you when you stop and say My Name, JESUS.
07-26-2000My Goals For YouMastering kindness, thoughtfulness, unselfishness, genuine love of others, keeping Me First in your life...
07-27-2000I Just Can't Hack It!!My Child, coming to Me FIRST is the simple answer to your frustration.
07-29-2000Your Job Is Clear...believe and act on His Words to you.
07-30-2000My Blessings Flow I want you to ask, believing---having no doubt---then let go and leave it all up to Me.
07-31-2000You Can Never Mess Up Beyond My LoveWhen you hurt or feel bad for having failed, I know it...
08-01-2000Power From The Father Just DECIDE to give up your life for MINE and you will see.....
08-02-2000Tired? Come! I will watch over you all the days of your life.
08-03-2000His Perfect Plan Follow Him closely so as not to miss the full and precious life in store for you.
08-04-2000There Is Much To Do! You are called to My Supper for all Eternity; serve NOW and BE served THEN.
08-05-2000Live To Serve Others You will be equiped to do what I ask, if you continue to come daily.
08-08-2000Teach Me To Love POWERFUL...the Holy Spirit will begin to transform your earthly love into a Heavenly Love...
08-11-2000Have What You Want (POWERFUL)You will be required to STAND FIRM...
08-14-2000Experience The Kingdom On EarthLooking at Me, seeing Me, relying on Me, calling on Me, believing in Me...
08-16-2000Don't Hurt Me Like That You know how much I love you, so LONG to spend this time with Me.
08-18-2000BUSY...BUSY...BUSY! Thank goodness You know my heart!
08-20-2000Perfectly Orchestrated (POWERFUL) You know I SEE the WHOLE PICTURE.
08-21-2000Be On Red Alert (POWERFUL) Life on this earth for My Chosen One's is different from the unsaved.
08-22-2000Be Willing...you don't have to know HOW TO DO IT.
08-24-2000Come To My Place ...you are...surrounded by My Caring Angels.
08-24-2000Practice....Make Notes ...you are holding up a lot of opportunities to grow more loving and other minded...
08-26-2000Your Role Is Important You say you want to serve Me, but you won't give Me the time to teach you how.
08-27-2000Heavenly Realm ...listening to My teaching and desiring to obey...
08-30-2000Your Hearts Motive ...what you sincerely desire and long for---is what I look at.
09-01-2000I Call...I See...I Mourn ...do all that is placed in your heart to do for those unaware of My Love for them.
09-01-2000I Am With You Always ...as long as you ask for guidance, listen and obey, you have nothing to worry about.
09-03-2000Just Be With Me ...stop, be still, listen and BE WITH ME.
09-04-2000Live This Way ...live anticipating the needs of others.
09-07-2000Painful Part Of Sin ...separation of your heart from Mine...
09-09-2000The Road Ahead No matter what it looks like---HE KNOWS BEST!
09-10-2000A Preferred Life My Love will cover you always through any and everything.
09-11-2000Opportunities To Serve You need only OBEY as He CALLS you.
09-13-2000You Will Know ...if you continue to put Me FIRST in your life...
09-14-2000His Personal Intervention ...I have been a part of their lives without them realizing it.
09-15-2000Proceed With Confidence I will never let you walk alone or without My guidance to lead you...
09-20-2000Minister As Led Living with Me--in Me--is a life worth sharing with others.
09-21-2000Step Out As Called...you must know this for yourself without a shadow of a doubt.
09-22-2000Help Me Pray for the Harvest of Souls to be vast...
09-23-2000You Cannot Imagine (POWERFUL) You are never alone, never left to fend for yourself.
09-24-2000Do You Have A Problem? Yes, I am always looking out for you.
09-26-2000BOLDLY----GENTLY I need servants who are willing to lay down their life for Me.
09-27-2000Do You Need Healing? I am waiting to heal all those who will ask and BELIEVE---having NO DOUBT.
09-29-2000An Extension Of His Love ...can have so much more of Me if they come to Me in prayer.
10-03-2000He Called (It seemed so strong that finally I got up...)
10-05-2000Ask Me Anything We are ONE, so we will desire the same things.
10-06-2000Rely On Me I desire to bless and use My Children who look to Me for everything...
10-07-2000 Live For Others...you will be reminded of My Will for you.
10-10-2000DISTRACTIONS Don't let the world separate us!
10-12-2000Pass It On Your KINDNESS is POWERFUL against the power of satan.
10-13-2000A Deeper Walk ...a devotion worth laying aside personal desires for.
10-15-2000Devoted To Serving Be ready to go along with others desires...
10-17-2000Empty Your Spirit I will load you up with the light heartedness of the Holy Spirit...
10-18-2000Your GardenDon't feel hopeless when you fail...when a weed springs up inside you...
10-19-2000Heavenly Love ...it causes the heart and soul to soar.
10-20-2000An Open Heart Let your heart be open to rebuke, caution, information and My direction.
10-21-2000Bring Me Your List Praise raises you up to a new level where those chores to be done seem small...
10-24-2000My Perfect Order The order of daily living comes FROM ME, when you LET GO and ASK MY HELP...
10-26-2000Build A Storehouse Of Faith Each time you see My Power exercised in your life, store this experience...
10-30-2000Pushed Out I need to train you and you are making it hard for Me.
11-01-2000Your Attention Is ElsewhereGive Me your heart and time daily.
11-03-2000Be Faithful To Me Read My Word everyday so I can teach you My Truths.
11-05-2000The Call In Your Heart Your obedience can make the difference between someone going to Heaven or Hell.
11-06-2000Only One Way In (POWERFUL) Man must turn to Me, give Me his life and then He may enter the Holy of Holies...
11-08-2000Satan Separates.....God Unites ...you don't TRUST ME to handle the whole thing.
11-09-2000Where There Is Strife......SATAN Let Me lead, guide and provide the unraveling of My Father's PERFECT PLAN in your lives...
11-12-2000My Loving Hand You must see this clearly---not feel it, but coldly, soberly, KNOW it!
11-14-2000My Dear Children I honor your heart.
11-15-2000I Love The Lost You can know I mourn for each soul that is lost.
11-16-2000In The Father's LIGHT Your life will...flow like the perfect vibrato from a perfectly performed symphony.
11-17-2000I Got It Covered ...in the face of trouble, STOP, LOOK AT ME, PRAISE AND THANK ME for handling it.
11-19-2000I Am Your SourceCome to Me with anything, I will help you.
11-21-2000Good Advice You will need to see them through My eyes...
11-23-2000See Me There With You ...rely on Me everyday for everything.
11-25-2000That Empty Place Inside I want them in the Kingdom too...if they'd but look to Me.
12-01-2000Fill Up With My Strength I will guide you in WISDOM and you will be at a place of comfort AND accomplishment.
12-04-2000Your Depth Of Knowledge Your understanding and vision will be expanded as long as you come and seek My Face.
12-06-2000Study My Life I lived on this earth to SHOW YOU clearly the WAY TO HEAVEN and I even BOUGHT YOU A TICKET IN!
12-07-2000When You Stray ...it's much easier on you if you just STAY IN CLOSE...
12-08-2000My Work For YouI am not telling you to do anything I don't EXPECT YOU TO DO!
12-11-2000Trust Me Always You DO or you DON'T!
12-12-2000This Is Serious Business When you stand before Him one day, you must answer for those you neglected...
12-14-2000Stay On Course Seek My Face and Know My Will, then act with courage...
12-16-2000I Will Always Answer (A MIRACLE FAMILY) ...because you desire to obey Me; you can count on Me.
12-17-2000Not Enough! Be more interested in others lives and happenings.
12-18-2000Give Me YouI am a merciful God, but there are definite requirements for entering My Home.
12-21-2000Wasted Effort ...empty structured activities...endless in nature...endless in review.
12-24-2000Life Is A Trial My Children will be FREE the moment they let go and trust Me.
12-26-2000Daily DecisionsWhen you hit a glitch, just say My Name and LISTEN.
12-27-2000Continue In Faith Just obey, let go and I will do the rest.
12-29-2000My Patience Can Be Yours ...each and every time----STOP to SAY....JESUS.
01-01-2001Give Yourself Away ...your GIFT OF LIFE given to someone else or many.
01-02-2001Stay FocussedYou can be an instrument of My Love.
01-04-2001Carry On For Me Find out what I have for you to do by spending time alone with Me.
01-15-2001I Am Your Parachute Come be with Me even when you'd rather be doing something else.
01-17-2001How To Follow YOUR JOB is to STAY FOCUSSED ON ME, REMAIN ALERT and OBEY as I lead.
01-18-2001If You Only Knew Come, learn His Will in your life, then obey it.
01-19-2001Without Question Yours is not to JUDGE the Path, but to FOLLOW it...
01-20-2001Life And Loved Ones (You give me exuberance!)
01-23-2001Give Me A ChanceI need you, My Children; go into the world and tell them...
01-26-2001You Have A Freewill In someway, let them know who I am.
01-28-2001If You Know Me ...you must be prepared, extremely willing and totally sure of My Guidance...
02-07-2001Your Not On Your OwnDear Ones, I know you cannot do it yourself.
02-10-2001I Have Plainly Told You SEEK ME DAILY!
02-12-2001Let Me Use You Spread the Good News...especially by the WAY YOU LIVE.
02-14-2001My Way Is Best See how wonderful it is to just TRUST Me?
02-16-2001WARNING! Your devotion to Me is your life line.
02-20-2001I REPENT! Just continue marching toward the mark, harvesting as you go, seeking Me...
02-22-2001Do You Want My Blessing? Place Me FIRST, if you want the blessings from the Father...
02-24-2001Fretful?? NO WAY!! ...all will be well and peaceful.
02-28-2001My TimingDon't push Me; don't make your own decisions.
03-02-2001Daily Infilling Make a CHOICE and LIVE IT in SERVICE.
03-03-2001If Not.....Your Not!If you have My Peace, then you are in My Will.
03-04-2001Our Relationship May I have more of you, please?
03-05-2001Respective Roles Lord, keep my eyes on You.
03-15-2001My Power Is Yours ...expect his MIGHTY HEALING in MY TIME.
03-22-2001The Divine Healer You should know that by now.
04-01-2001It's Up To You Your BLESSINGS are directly related to your OBEDIENCE.
04-12-2001Thank You, Lord! You NEVER give up on Your Children!
04-13-2001You Cause The Unrest It is ultimately your decision.
04-16-2001 You Are Responsible I will lead you to My Blessings.
04-18-2001See Me FIRST Each Day How can you ignore this Calling? You best NOT!
04-23-2001Don't You Realize? Your Mercy is everything!
04-30-2001HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Come to Me daily to reconnect your spirit with Mine.
05-02-2001You Are Always Welcome Peace and Harmony are found there.
05-03-2001Your Safe With Me ...if you have been in communion with Me.
05-08-2001Act In Joyful Kindness Psalm 103......His Reminder
05-10-2001Are You Ready Yet? When you get tired enough...I guess you will try it more seriously.
05-11-2001COME BACK!I will insure your joy and your accomplishments.
05-14-2001What Is Prayer? ...prayer is also KINDNESS, GENTLENESS.
05-16-2001What Is Love......Really?...no stipulations, no requirements, no grudges, no expectations.
05-18-2001Time And Task Management I will direct your feet to accomplishment AND peace.
05-19-2001Get In The Groove Just trust Me to be in control of your life.
05-23-2001DON'T MISS CLASS!Keep close to Me and you will learn...
05-25-2001 Be Still To KnowJust live according to what I CALL you to do.
05-26-2001Here Is How To Live ...the simple, assured way to live life calmly and happily on this earth:
05-27-2001I Am Your Source I can only Bless you as you ALLOW Me to.
05-28-2001YOUR CALL I need you to take the first step.
05-31-2001Relax In MeI want all for you, but FIRST, I want your obedience and devotion.
06-02-2001Rest Dear ChildrenFirst SEEK, SERVE, then REST in the lavish Joy from your Heavenly King.
06-03-2001Stay FocussedCome to Me moment by moment; I love you so.
06-05-2001Your Troubles Ask My advice, obey and I will Bless you.
06-07-2001Don't Waste Time Worrying I have already provided for it long before you even become aware of it.
06-09-2001To The Point Of Sacrifice I am the King in this Kingdom and you are My heir.
06-10-2001Be Happy, My Children! Be Joyful, for you have NO WORRIES, if you truly TRUST.
06-13-2001Obedience.....Judgement...follow through with My Will for you.
06-15-2001Joy Through ServiceAsk Me if I want you to do something for Me.
06-19-2001Be A Blessing Be loving, kind, generous and forgiving.
06-21-2001Respond With ActionIs your word good?
06-27-2001MY NAME JESUSYou are important to Me.
06-29-2001Follow My CALL He is waiting for you to ACT in FAITH.
06-30-2001Your Part Is Important You OBEY---I use that OBEDIENCE to harvest souls.
07-01-2001Get Serious About ServingGIVE UP, GIVE IN, LIVE JUST FOR ME!
07-03-2001Never Stop Seeking Me ...on your lips and the desire of your heart.
07-05-2001Ask....You Shall Receive My Power is IN you and ON you; go in Peace.
07-06-2001Bring Them In With You ...lives can be touched by the Power of the Holy Spirit.
07-07-2001Beware Of The Consequences (POWERFUL)HAVE I DONE THE FATHER'S WILL TODAY?
07-08-2001My Sacrifice.......Your Sacrifice ...forgiving, forgiving over and over just as I do.
07-09-2001Wonder Who's Watching? "Our purpose is to draw them to Jesus....not away."
07-11-2001Why Did You Stop? ...touching a multitude of lives otherwise lost to the misleading of this world.
07-13-2001Be Aware Of Me Don't exist without Me in your PRESENT focus.
07-14-2001Heavenly Love Put yourself last and others first.
07-15-2001In Heavenly Measure Be made to look small, if it means letting others look bigger and better.
07-16-2001Share Your Gift ...as often as the Holy Spirit presents opportunity.
07-18-2001I Hear You Your prayers are heard and answered.
07-25-2001DILIGENCE ...marked by careful attention or persistent application.
07-27-2001New Expectations DON'T LET ANYTHING STOP YOU! LISTEN!
07-28-2001Who Is Responsible For This Miss? I have planned for one of My Chosen...to share about Me in a specific way.
07-31-2001Take Charge Over Satan Let no other gods come before Me.
08-02-2001FORGIVENESS Be kind in your thoughts, loving and gentle in your actions...
08-03-2001GIVE IT UP ...you are setting yourself up for Miraculous Power...
08-05-2001My Voice Is Clear....LISTEN ...you are in disobedience and thus out of His Will.
08-06-2001Really See Me ...will revolutionize the ability...to love, show kindness and forgiveness.
08-08-2001A Journey Of Growth Take Me wherever you go, to whomever you meet.
08-10-2001Work For MeAct on My behalf according to My teachings.
08-12-2001Blessing Or Thorn? ...if you will keep your thoughts on Me, I will guard your actions and words.
08-13-2001Seek My Divine Will Trusting is the key; letting go is the key.
08-15-2001Lay Him At My Feet Your life does not have to be rocky, if you stay close...
08-17-2001Stay In The LIGHT Rest, truly rest, knowing that all is well...
08-19-2001Always On Your Mind Always keep your eyes on Me and NOTHING will seem too big.
08-20-2001Rededicate Each Day I will direct your paths to My Service.
08-23-2001Consider Others First Be an anticipator of others needs; think about others.
08-27-2001Really Be There Be completely focussed on those I place in your care...
08-30-2001Guidelines For Living MY WORD tells you everything you need to know.
09-02-2001A Pertinent Prayer PRAY FOR ALL WHO DON'T KNOW ME.
09-05-2001HONOR HIM ...when you don't know what to do, I will tell you very clearly.
09-10-2001Make Up Your Mind I will help you.
09-12-2001Allow Me To Help C.S. Lewis: "God USES evil in the world as a megaphone to reach a deaf world."
09-13-2001Step Up To The Plate I am EXPECTING My Chosen to spread the Good News everywhere possible.
09-15-2001Let Me Shine Through Show them the way to Me so I can show My Love and devotion to them.
09-18-2001You Are Protected Look for opportunities to serve; show love for others.
09-19-2001Help Wanted Ask the Holy Spirit what to do, then do it in My Name, JESUS.
09-21-2001Favored........Accountable...work daily to seek My Will, then go about doing it...
09-23-2001Be An Honorable Witness Tell others, but most of all, show them by the way you conduct yur daily lives.
09-26-2001Be Alone With Me Be open, ready and willing to act as I instruct.
09-27-2001You Will See Them Again I trust Your words to me, dear Lord.
09-29-2001Never Loose Heart ...repent of your negligence and start over anew in My Name and Power.
09-30-2001Don't Take This LightlyThese days...are VERY IMPORTANT to the world because this is a time of DECISION.
10-04-2001FIRST......THE FATHER Just make up your mind...no matter what else falls by the wayside in a given day...
10-06-2001Pray And Sacrifice Just obey what you are being CALLED to do today.
10-07-2001Tell Everyone Tell them to GIVE ME CONTROL of their LIFE, so I can make it beautiful and fruitful...
10-08-2001You Must Be StrongerYou must prove yourself though, because many times you forget about Me...
10-10-2001Give Me Everything Be prepared to die for Me.
10-11-2001Cry Out To Heaven All of Heaven is longing to share the Perfect Love of God...
10-12-2001Highways And Byways Listen for the prompting of the Holy Spirit; you will not be stepping out inappropriately.
10-13-2001One Leads To More...if you think of something to do, DO IT or...stop, look at Me, say My Name, Jesus, LISTEN.
10-14-2001What Would I Think? Strive moment to moment; see everything with My Light on it.
10-14-2001Feel For OthersMy Holy Spirit is directing you.
10-16-2001Be Prepared Always (You always bring about Your Will in our lives by telling both of us separately and then...)
10-18-2001Imperative Decision People have to CHOOSE LIFE and TRUST IN ME......or not.
10-20-2001CALLING Stronger! My Angels will guide you with the Holy Spirit's Wisdom.
10-23-2001My CALL To Share I am speaking and reaching out to people all the time...
10-25-2001Obey As I CALL Do not neglect ANY of your duties.
10-26-2001LOVING KINDNESS The easiest way to enter the heart of man...
10-29-2001Everyday Problems ...His Will and answer are always perfectly the best for your life.
10-29-2001Second Nature ...touch the hearts, heal the sick, comfort the sorrowful, love the unloved.
10-31-2001You Must Be A Beacon I love them already----even before they accept Me as their Savior!
11-04-2001Faithful Trust.....Peaceful Praise Don't limit Me to your power; be bold when you come to Me...
11-05-2001Take Me Seriously The Father is loving, but just and unwavering concerning OBEDIENCE.
11-07-2001My Plan......My Time Coming to Me each day will prepare you and strengthen you...
11-08-2001Read My Word You will KNOW ME SO WELL from MY WORD that nothing will be able to move you from Me.
11-09-2001Act On Your CALL ...when your eyes are turned toward Me, all is quiet, you hear My CALL and KNOW what I'm asking you to do.
11-10-2001Meaning Of A Good Servant RATHER ACT IN ERROR THAN NOT TO ACT AT ALL!!
11-11-2001Don't Miss My CALL I am going to use you as much as YOU WILL ALLOW.
11-12-2001Must Obey Or Die Inside (I cannot afford to think about what people will think anymore.)
11-13-2001Think Of Me I want you to SEE life, as it comes to you, THROUGH MY EYES.
11-14-2001Be Absolutely Sure Don't question this POWER or you won't have IT.
11-16-2001Are You Ready? ...but without WILLING DECISIVE OBEDIENCE, they cannot be accomplished.
11-18-2001Carry Me Everywhere Live for Me as I live for you.
11-19-2001Rebuke Him And Watch (...we can EXPECT a Miracle when we CALL HIS NAME IN FAITH...)
11-21-2001Just DO IT! Trust Me in darkness OR you will never see the LIGHT.
11-26-2001Make Your Choices Wisely The RIGHT THING to do in life, you will always find, takes MORE EFFORT.
11-28-2001They Can't Hear Me My Will in any situation has a DIVINE purpose and will always work out for the good.
11-29-2001Total Assurance In Me This kind of FAITH brings about Miracles...does not question, just accepts what is told, what is promised, what is expected.
12-01-2001Spend Time With Me Bring your mind back to the things you've been taught often during the day.
12-03-2001Hold On To Me I and My Word stand honorable for all time.
12-05-2001Evaluate Your Day Think about this....what do you place most importance on?
12-06-2001I Must Allow It...take heart and know that MY PERFECT WILL is at work in you...
12-10-2001Reflection Your Words are captivating to me.
12-12-2001You'll Know Follow the good intentions and giving spirit that nudges you on.
12-13-2001Commit To Three Things Don't look left or right; stay focussed on Me...
12-15-2001The Father's Words To His Son The Holy Child has come to save the world!
12-16-2001Whenever I AskAnswered prayer is a sure thing.
12-18-2001Consider What You SayI want you to know how your words FALL on people and SET there...
12-19-2001You Decide.....I am Sufficient My Plan is worth fighting for.
12-19-2001Don't Be Sad Thank You for Your comfort, Lord
12-21-2001Give Me More The Father is CALLING for more selfless living...more service to our fellowman.
12-24-2001Pay Close Attention...give yourself up as a living sacrifice before man.
12-26-2001You Have To Do It!My Children, if only you would take Me literally...
12-28-2001I Promise To Teach You Love carries with it a great deal of Power to overcome satan.
12-29-2001Take A Chance? My Son is responsible for lifting you above the worlds ways, once you give yourself to Him.
01-01-2002I Give It To You You always do what is best for Your Children.
01-05-2002No Matter What.....Remember You must face the dark to appreciate the LIGHT.
01-08-2002Log Of References What makes the difference is your degree of assurance in Me.
01-10-2002Open Your Heart Step in My shoes so the world around you will know Me.
01-12-2002Don't Say No ...lives can be changed just by your stopping to pray with them.
01-14-2002You'll Never Be Surprised I love and will take care of everyone who gives Me their life and looks to Me for their needs.
01-16-2002Keep Following Me Just come to Me daily and you will be led to know the Father's Will for your life.
01-17-2002Let Me Cleanse You More honesty comes to the surface, inner feelings come out, hidden agendas surface.
01-18-2002All Will Have A Choice You Children must stay alert and focussed to tell each person in your scope...
01-22-2002You Promised! How many times do I have to say it?
01-24-2002Others Point Of View I meet everyone exactly where they are;....I see and hear clearly from where THEY ARE.
01-25-2002We Need Each OtherI will enable you to perform any tasks put before you by My Angels.
01-26-2002Keep Looking At Me Even when obstacles come along,....Peace will flood their souls and Joy will shine for others to see.
01-30-2002Doing My Will Let everything flow peacefully in the direction of others well being.
02-01-2002Be Hopeful In Me Always Go in Peace and keep that Peace through Praise, Thanks and Surrendering wholly to My Will...
02-03-2002Never Doubting Me (POWERFUL) I am going to use those who let Me in a mighty way.
02-05-2002Give Yourself TotallyMy servants will SPEND their lives on earth and GAIN them back greater in Heaven.
02-07-2002Oh, That They Would Come! I love ALL MEN and I am ready to erase ALL SIN from anyone who comes to Me, lays down his life and calls to Me.
02-08-2002LOOK UP TO ME.....NOT AT THE TASK Don't hesitate to step into the next phase of a project on your heart....I am already waiting there for you.
02-09-2002In Your Thoughts...SEE My reflection on everything you see, everything you hear and on everything you say and do.
02-09-2002Eliminate Confusion Start jotting them down.
02-13-2002Every Single Day TO GET IT, you must BE WITH ME!
02-15-2002One Step At A Time ...I am your Divine guide and you will only know what to do next when you have completed the present step.
02-16-2002Be Sensitive To Others Rather suffer quietly to show kindness to others.
02-18-2002Hope And Trust You are our protector and our guide.
02-20-2002Always On Our Mind We Love You So!
02-22-2002Share Your Knowledge Of Me Let this PEACE be a beacon for the world to come into the knowledge of Me.
02-23-2002Desire My Will Seek My Will FIRST before you even consider what you might want; I will make them ONE.
02-24-2002Todays Expectations I will give you something...each day to share with others to let them know what I will do for them.
02-25-2002Conflict......CriticismEither SUFFER from it or BENEFIT from it.
02-26-2002Power Tools Kindness and Gentleness can touch more hearts for Me than anything else.
02-27-2002Your Example Choices are free to make, but they can BIND UP or FREE UP a persons life.
03-02-2002I'll Carry That IN ME, you always have a place to lay the load so life never gets overwhelming.
03-05-2002To Succeed.....SERVE The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit need the obedience and dedication of each of you.
03-07-2002A Poem From JesusTo My Sister
03-08-2002I Will Prepare You You know it is FROM ME or ALLOWED BY ME and so I will handle it to the good for those who TRUST ME.
03-11-2002Testimony Of His Work (You said that, if we are in Your Will, we can ask anything, having no doubt, and we shall have it.)
03-13-2002Birthdays And GoalsOh the Glory, Oh the Joy, Oh the Satisfaction!
03-14-2002What Exactly Is A Miracle? Practice FAITH, build on it, KNOW Me and then you will SEE Me.
03-19-2002T.Y.J. For Your Faithfulness! (Anything can distract me it seems.)
03-21-2002Beware Of His Cunning Being with Me daily puts you in command so you cannot be fooled.
03-22-2002Power Of Prayer I will work Miracles...according to the prayers of My Children.
03-22-2002A Prayer From Jesus To His Father Let them see, really see!
03-24-2002Carry It With Me My burden for lost souls is your burden now too.
03-25-2002All Will Be Well Trust Me no matter what!
03-27-2002Come Out Of Yourself Be full of My kind of Love for those around you...
03-28-2002ANGELS Angel of God, my guardian dear...
03-29-2002I Need Your Help My hope is that together we can bring more and more children into the Family of God...
03-30-2002Witness For Me Pick up My Love and go on to the next task I set before you.
03-31-2002The Call To Sacrifice Ask Me and I will help you, but I will not force you.
04-02-2002What Is The Heart....Really? ...who you really are deep inside unique only to you...
04-03-2002Priority On The List
04-05-2002Your Legacy You have a special place to fill.....special jobs to do.
04-05-2002Turn It Over I can begin My Work as soon as you do.
04-06-2002Your Free To Care For Others My Children, I need your help to bring in those who don't know Me.
04-08-2002Ask To Know My Will Lay it at My feet and I will direct your path when you need to know.
04-10-2002Listen To Others ...build a deeper level of knowledge of others.
04-12-2002GOAL: Be Of Service To Others Let everything you do reflect on what is best for the other person involved.
04-24-2002Neglect Is Dangerous ...satan draws you further and further from Me when you disobey.
04-26-2002It Feels Like Death (POWERFUL)...empty with promises unfulfilled, ceaseless strivation to endless unsatisfaction and frustration...
04-28-2002Try Not To Miss I may have special comfort for you, or special direction, guidance, insight or warning for you.
04-29-2002My Directions Are Clear ...put yourself on a course of action determined not to look right or left until you finish the task at hand.
05-01-2002Your Legacy You have a special place to fill.....special jobs to do.
05-06-2002I'm Always Waiting (POWERFUL)...longing for your company, longing to share the wisdom of My Father.
05-08-2002Slow Down And ListenThis is My Will for you.....to bring Joy to others yet another way.
05-10-2002Another Reminder Just ask My guidance and you shall know what, when, how and the right words to speak.
05-11-2002Really Live To Serve Others ...what will make them more fulfilled, peaceful?
05-12-2002I'll Be There For You As long as you put Me FIRST in your life, I will be at your side...
05-13-2002Why Say My Name Often? Saying My Name will put your focus where it should be...
05-15-2002Let Me Soften The Blow When your minds are far from Me...I cannot affect what you experience.
05-19-2002The Goodness Of People The Birthday Boys
05-21-2002Are You Satisfied?
05-22-2002My Goal For YouLet nothing.....not even sickness.....keep you from prayer.
05-23-2002 TRUST---OBEDIENCE---JOYYou can always trust the Person of The Trinity to care for you...
05-24-2002You Know What To Do This is VERY IMPORTANT to your growth in the Kingdom of Service to the Father.
05-28-2002Voluntary Service (POWERFUL)...for those who do, there is a REVELATION KNOWLEDGE OF ME that continues to expand and grow deeper and deeper.
05-30-2002Running.....Running.....Running..... More positive, productive achievements will follow a life devoted to Me.
06-01-2002What Is REAL LOVE? ...to be willing to consider the needs of others before and above your own and do what you can to cause it or allow it to happen.
06-03-2002At The Top Of The Long List I am your lifeline!
06-05-2002Who Is A Godly Man?
06-06-2002"God Is Very Specific" You either believe it or you doubt it.
06-08-2002How Can I Ever Change? Keep coming daily; sit alone with Me; listen to the Wisdom of the Father DAILY.
06-10-2002Practice My Teaching Practice, See Me, Call on Me.
06-12-2002What Good Is It All? ...someday you will...answer for your actions and inactions.
06-13-2002The Father's Plan The Plan of the Father CAN be carried out BECAUSE of YOUR OBEDIENCE.
06-14-2002Other "gods" Before Me The devil wants to put everything and anything between us...
06-18-2002Your Complete AttentionJust give Me sometime each day when you are doing NOTHING BUT being with Me.
06-20-2002I Plant The Desire I can only use those vessels who are willing to step out in faith and act...
06-21-2002Examine Your Motives Regularly Be My disciple, follow My teaching, perform the duties I set before you...
06-22-2002Faith In Action (POWERFUL) Your ACTIONS prove what your FAITH is really made of.
06-23-2002What Do You Want Me To Do? Come to Me NOW so you won't have to regret later when it's too late.
06-24-2002You Need The Holy Spirit's Power Let nothing stand in your way; put no other god before Me.
06-26-2002Isn't My Way Rewarding? Don't let anything cut this line or you will wither miserably.
06-27-2002A Prayer From The Lord The Holy Spirit will help you; CALL ON HIM.
06-28-2002Precise Instructions For Me I want to fulfill all your needs and desires, but FIRST, you must lay them down.
06-29-2002My Will For You Today Praise Me for whatever My Will is and then your heart will be ONE with Mine.
07-03-2002From My Point Of View True fullness of life is found only in obedience to Me.
07-05-2002Count It All Learning ...but don't find yourself having to learn the same things over and over.
07-06-2002A Declaration To You ...your FAITHFUL CONSISTANT COMING TO ME will DETERMINE how extensively I can use you.
07-07-2002Here's How I Operate Your closeness to Me determines your availability of My Services.
07-08-2002Eyes On The Mark This is the secret to success in growth.....LISTEN!
07-10-2002A Time Of Training All of life on earth, as My Children, is teaching, learning and practicing.
07-11-2002Live By My Example Giving is the key that opens the heart of man.....both for the giver and the receiver.
07-12-2002How To Be Affective Our countenance will be ONE, our goal will be ONE and...lives will be affected...
07-13-2002Heavenly AdviceLet LOVE and the FEELINGS OF OTHERS guide your every word, expression and action.
07-14-2002Do You Want Success? Stay close so I can avail you of these gifts from the Father.
07-16-2002For Me To Intervene...... Only with complete TRUST can Miracles happen in your life.
07-20-2002The CALL To Serve Don't drop the ball and let the world pull you away from Me.
07-21-2002My Goal For You Many believers are just going along in life, preoccupied with the worlds duties and pleasures.
07-23-2002I Know Best......Results Of Obedience (POWERFUL)I am willing to sacrifice your desires to train you for My Service.
07-25-2002Put Your Hand In Mine Listening to My Voice..., saying My Name, acting in obedience; this is living Heaven on earth.
07-26-2002Your Being Watched I am counting on full participation in harvesting souls for the Kingdom.
07-27-2002Expect Miracles! (...we can take Your Word literally, expect Miracles from You just as You promised.)
07-29-2002Do It My Way I have the advantage; I see the beginning AND the end of your lives.
07-31-2002Reprimand In Love...I want you to be able to say, feel and act with certainty and peace about it...
08-01-2002Here's What I Want Be ready when I Call to follow My instructions to the letter.
08-02-2002This Is My Will ...think on Me all day long for I am always thinking of you.
08-03-2002Faith In Darkness Trusting Me...is what brings about the opportunities to witness My Will at work.
08-05-2002Reflect My Love Have others happiness and restfulness be your primary concern.
08-07-2002GOODNESS......An Aphrodisiac I created man to be at their best when performing good works for each other.
08-08-2002On Marriage (POWERFUL) ...equally important roles carried out with the priority of seeking God's Will FIRST...
08-09-2002Come Anyway ...I will use you mightily for service to the Father.
08-11-2002Prepare Through PRAYERCloth yourself before going out into the world.
08-12-2002Rest As You Serve Me ...don't consider its purpose; just obey in your duty.
08-14-2002The Honor Code...the unsaved will be absolutely drawn in by warmth and integrity.....HONOR.
08-17-2002Keep On Keeping On You know My Voice so don't waste precious time...doubting.
08-20-2002I Have A Plan Please help Me to carry it out in your daily life and pray for others to seek Me in depth.
08-22-2002Saved---Yes......But Dedicated?NO OTHER cause will have any effect on souls when they die.
08-23-2002Stop Weighing And Wondering COME each day, put on your ARMOR, pick up your SHIELD and be on the LOOKOUT...!
08-24-2002Live And Breathe For Me ...this is when marvelous Miracles you cannot imagine now will begin to take place.
08-25-2002Decide To Be Committed Don't hesitate to move as you are Called, for you are My Voice in the wilderness.
08-26-2002Stand Firm......Mature Spiritually (POWERFUL) Wear your FAITH boldly; be so comfortable with trusting Me that you wear it like an old T-shirt.....your favorite T-shirt.
08-28-2002I Ask Only Goodness Rather act in error than not to act at all.
08-29-2002God's Creative Gifts Come to Me...I will show you how to best use these gifts.
08-30-2002Get In The Habit My Wisdom is yours for the asking.
08-31-2002Paradise On Earth This life is full and rewarding through Miraculous experiences which can be shared...
09-02-2002Think Of Me And Others ...devote your thoughts and time to serving others in love and with patient kindness.
09-04-2002To Be One With MeStay close to Me all day, moment by moment.
09-08-2002Deliver Me Lord I want to learn to Joy in You, no matter what.
09-10-2002It's All About Others ...spend your thoughts on how you can bring joy to others on this trip.
09-12-2002A Time For Learning Pray and listen to others; really seek to learn more about them.
09-13-2002Time For Application Go and follow all I have taught you in order to bring joy to others.
09-15-2002The Key.....Live For Others I promise I will bring you along, if you are devoted in mind and spirit to obedience.
09-16-2002Don't Wait So Long Listen to My Wisdom in each situation and then you won't have to struggle so hard.
09-18-2002It's Time To Move (POWERFUL)Don't let time or doubt put this CALL on the backburner!
09-19-2002Leading Requires Listening ...realize My Powerful Plan for your life will unfold perfectly, if you stay close, listen and obey Me.
09-20-2002More Instructions For You Follow My CALL; it is My responsibility to see about the results.
09-21-2002Let Me Fix It I CANNOT and WILL NOT, EVER LET YOU DOWN, My Children!
09-22-2002In Loving Memory Matilda Barbara Hunt
09-24-2002Divine Obedience Be steady at work performing as you are CALLED by Me.
09-25-2002Just Ask Me You will learn to trust Me more and more and then you will be more useful bringing in the Harvest.
09-26-2002No More Fooling Around You are BEING TRAINED to LISTEN to MY WILL, ACCEPT IT IN FAITH and ACT ON IT!
09-27-2002Tuck It In Your Heart DON'T WORRY!
09-28-2002Never Loose Heart Continue on in peace, laying your frustrations at My feet.
10-01-2002Reprimand In Love Just make the necessary inquiries and go forward.
10-03-2002Your Still Not Committed!Go forward relentlessly for Me enduring tiredness, confusion and insecurities.
10-04-2002JUST DO IT.....OBEY! ...then I can release My Supernatural Power through your obedience.
10-05-2002You Should Know ...lay your woes at My Feet and relax while I work them out according to Divine Plan...
10-07-2002Sometimes Your In The Dark I am going before you to prepare the hearts of those who will be reading My Words.
10-09-2002Scripture Reinforced My Faith (POWERFUL) "Anyone who LETS HIMSELF BE DISTRACTED from the WORK I PLAN FOR HIM is NOT FIT for the Kingdom of God."
10-11-2002When Down......Look Up (POWERFUL) ...stop in your vulnerable moments, rebuke satan...listen to My reassuring Words from the Father.
10-12-2002Why Would You? Go on with unflinching determination of heart, mind and soul and see what happens.
10-13-2002Ask With Assurance I am all TRUTH and My Promises are TRUE!
10-15-2002I Know The Way He sees and knows all things and will direct you and equip you...
10-17-2002Grave DecisionBlessings OR Judgement.....this part is your call.
10-21-2002Life's Important Purpose Be ever mindful of what your existence is about...fulfilling the CALL the Father placed in your heart.
10-23-2002My Will Is Clear Go forward as you have been instructed, not looking right or left, but forward and onward to the goal.
10-25-2002Paddling In The Dark I will always guide you the right way and you will always have My Peace for the journey.
10-26-2002To See......Stay Close ...I want My Children to know and see things to come, but in My due season.
10-27-2002Bring Them With You I have your homes prepared...but please be devoted to bringing as many as possible with you.
10-28-2002Let Me Lead Measure your progress in terms of OBEDIENCE
10-30-2002My Gift Explored Or Ignored Souls on earth are lost until they find Me and give themselves to Me, so never hesitate to tell someone about Me.
10-31-2002I Need To KnowTo fulfill the PLAN set down by the Father for your life is one of the most important things you will do on this earth.
11-01-2002You Must BELIEVE! To carry out the Father's Will is the highest form of sacrifice because often it will not coincide with your Will.
11-04-2002Follow Your CALLING All those who deny His CALLING will suffer horrible deplore when it comes time to face the Father.
11-06-2002It's Not One Sided...hopefully others will hunger for this intimate relationship with Me also.
11-07-2002Give Me Your All ...you will be so ashamed when you realize how little time and effort you gave for the harvesting of souls for the Kingdom.
11-09-2002Your Needed, Children!...as you go along, more will be revealed.
11-10-2002Have You Asked? Rise above the life of the world; be occupied with Heavenly things!
11-12-2002What Is My CALLING? Learn and carry out the Father's Will NOW before it's too late!
11-12-2002We Will Work TogetherEach of you have special qualities that are needed to accomplish the task assigned you.
11-15-2002Follow The Paved Road ...as you continue to STEP OUT in FAITH for Me, you will always see the NEXT RIGHT THING to do.
11-16-2002I Prepare For You No road is impossible to travel because the Holy Spirit is showing you every step of the way.
11-19-2002No Accidents With Me When you step forward in FAITH, I will provide the direction for the next step.
11-22-2002My Blessing On You I will be able to turn your life into a wonderful Miracle in the service of others...
11-25-2002Have No Fear I saw the obstacles long before you did and I OVERCAME THEM!
11-27-2002Satan Works Overtime ...share your knowledge of Me, for I have great things to accomplish for the Father on this earth...
11-28-2002Someone Stand Up For Me! Tell them how I love them and of your life with Me.
11-29-2002Christians Officially On Notice Everyone who believes MUST carry the torch for Me; begin to fervently LEAD IN the lost of this world!
12-03-2002Get With It! Everything I ask you to do is very important!
12-05-2002Keep On Track If you see the value in living for Me for others, then you will see what I am directing you to accomplish.
12-06-2002The Advantages ...the more you will see the Plan for mankind and how important your role is in all of it.
12-07-2002The Father's Final Word ...only that of His Will can produce for the Kingdom more saved souls.
12-10-2002Faithful Consistent Obedience Please, let all of you who KNOW Me, stand up and be counted!
12-12-2002Growing ImpatientHe has been CALLING for so long and many still ignore the TRUTH, the SOURCE of their life.
12-13-2002HOW TO LOVE LIKE I DO (POWERFUL)Keep YOUR motives pure, then it will be easier to see others actions in a kinder light.
12-15-2002Do You Choose Me? No matter what comes along, you will be able to...say, "I trust You are taking care of this for me...
12-17-2002Divine Instructions Be confident, dear Child; I am always with you and I will continue to show you the way.
12-19-2002OUR SPOKEN WORDS Be aware of how your words sit on the shoulders of others.
12-20-2002Divine Instructions Each time you type a new entry, you can KNOW you are actually obeying a direct desire of the Creator of the Universe.
12-24-2002Nothing Hidden ...I see you from a deeper more important perception than the world does.
12-26-2002"Path To Fruitfulness" If I want the best God has to offer....DO WHAT HE SAYS!
12-27-2002Where Is My Joy?Show the Father your sincere devotion by praising Him with faithful daily prayer time.
12-30-2002What's The Hold Up? I know your intentions are good, but that is not enough to bring in the Harvest.
01-01-2003A Troubled Heart ...praising Me all the while and see My Miracle Power at work yet again.
01-02-2003Be Careful Be the way you would treat Me!
01-03-2003Desire To Serve Love others, let your heart go out to others
01-06-2003What Is Life About? I created you to LOVE AND SERVE AND REIGN WITH ME FOREVER!
01-10-2003What Are You Waiting For? Going before the Throne of Heaven, as you will do someday, each of your lives will speak for you.
01-12-2003Follow Me I am with you in all things and I go before you to prepare the way, remember?
01-13-2003HIS PEACE (Why would anyone choose to go it alone?)
01-13-2003Test And See I must allow some of his darts to strike...
01-15-2003Joy In Everything I am in your heart, so you have a song in your heart.
01-16-2003Not As They SeemThe outcome of things happening to you is in My Hands.
01-19-2003Fretting Again Didn't I tell you that I came into your life to GIVE YOU PEACE?
01-21-2003Serious Stuff!You must be strong in FAITH, determined in mind and WILLING in spirit...
01-22-2003His Miraculous Ways (...He literally went before us and made my act of obedience as easy as possible.)
01-23-2003Don't Doubt Me!The only thing important is obeying your Father's CALLING as soon as possible.
01-24-2003What It Means To Belong I need you to be My extended arm of LOVE to anyone you come in contact with.
01-27-2003What A Relief!!! Your only job is to put My Words on this web site.
01-29-2003I'll Take It From Here Don't forget, I am the one in control.....you are the instrument.
01-30-2003Strength Came From Scripture ...I will never ask anything of you that I have not prepared for you.
01-31-2003Grasp This TRUTH With FAITH in your heart, thoughts and actions, I can only HONOR that FAITH MIGHTILY!
02-02-2003How To Live See Me as your SOURCE of everything.
02-05-2003Time And Task Management Make a list of IMPERATIVE, RELATIVE and UNNECESSARY duties each day.
02-07-2003They're All Seeking They seek it even from idols like crystal.
02-08-2003Quote Me Exactly They must give their hearts to Me FIRST.....to see MY LIGHT.
02-09-2003You Shall Have It Tell Me what you need, lay it down, praise Me and thank Me ahead of time KNOWING ALL IS WELL.
02-12-2003Cultivate Our Relationship I need to spend time with you in thoughtful exchange to make you into My disciples.
02-14-2003Your Perfect Peace (We trusted you for this and, at the same time, surrendered the outcome to Your Will.)
02-15-2003Personal Notes (IMPORTANT)(In His Will--PEACE! Out of His Will--TURMOIL!)
02-16-2003Love Is Your Measure Gentle LOVE is the greatest tool for breaking into a hardened heart.
02-17-2003How To Learn Patience Your willing heart is the most important part.
02-19-2003Encouraging Words Pray that all My Children LISTEN, TRUST and OBEY My CALLING to them.
02-22-2003There Is More My Children must be as beacons of light glowing for the world to be guided by.
02-25-2003Path To Fruitfulness If you want a long and satisfying life, closely follow My instructions.
02-26-2003Your Best Be with Me here on earth more and more so you can, even NOW, witness the warm cozy blanket of My LOVE wrapped around you.
02-27-2003Don't Forget THIS! ...when I ask you...to do something above your expectations or beyond your experience, OBEY IMMEDIATELY!
02-28-2003SAY MY NAME FIRST Life for you and those around you will be greatly improved.
03-01-2003Surrender To Me Be prepared to give everything you've got for that is exactly what My Son did for you.
03-02-2003You've Got What It TakesThe Holy Spirit will always give you the Words and opportunity, if you only ASK.
03-07-2003Seize Opportunities...unless they actually do this in their heart.....there is no admission into the Kingdom of Heaven.
03-09-2003Strive With My Strength I want you to learn to obey Me even when it makes more sense to you or is more comfortable to you to do it another way.
03-10-2003You'll See.....Put Me FIRST The Blessings for My Children are there waiting for your obedient, reverent devotion.
03-12-2003Shield Of Faith (POWERFUL) The enemy is fighting for the souls of men with greater momentum than ever before.
03-13-2003Not An Option ...once you obey, JOY floods your soul until you never want to leave.
03-14-2003Am I Your Source?? Troubles come and go just like good times, but to get through them, just keep your eyes on your SOURCE.
03-16-2003Only One True PowerSpiritualism binds you; I give you FREEDOM.
03-17-2003More Each Day This kind of servant really touches those with whom they come in contact.
03-20-2003Your Time On EarthI am with you all the way and giving you all that you need...strength, clarity of mind, time, success.
03-22-2003ASK ME I will always prepare the road ahead for you to carry out that which is asked of you.
03-23-2003The Task At Hand ...the strength and drive to keep going is being spurred by the Power in you, promised to you because of OBEDIENCE.
03-24-2003Everyday Life Make Me your SOURCE of JOY everyday by spending time with Me.
03-26-2003OBEDIENCE.....A Decision Those who understand what I'm speaking about will be magnificently used...
03-27-2003Practice Daily Please cultivate this kind of reliance on Me!
03-28-2003Bring Everything To Me ...you will experience a magnified measure of intimacy with your Creator.
03-30-2003Mans Nature My Plan for mankind is better than this you are living.
03-30-2003The PasswordLife is hard, grueling at times, demanding, relentless, but if you keep your eyes on the PRIZE...
04-01-2003Stop Analyzing! You'll see My Power; you'll feel My Peace.
04-03-2003THIS IS FREEDOM! I have a better life right here on this earth for those who give themselves to Me.
04-04-2003Trust Me For My Best ...you can KNOW I am taking extra care, holding you in My Hands and seeing to all that is the BEST FOR YOU.
04-05-2003Can You Imagine The Results? The world would be a breeding place for goodness and kindness.
04-06-2003 Rebuke Satan’s Threats All that is required for His Plan to work perfectly in your life is your OBEDIENCE and TRUST.
04-09-2003Blessed Assurance This is available all the time to whomever can believe in Me and come to Me in time of need.
04-10-2003To The Degree ...you will find me smoothing out everything and anything that comes at you.
04-11-2003The Big Picture Just forget about the results or ramifications of your obedient actions.
04-12-2003Just Say, "YES!" ...all I need is a willing, trusting, obedient vessel in which to work Miracles and touch peoples hearts...
04-14-2003In Time.....You'll SeeEverything I ask you to do has only one purpose....that of SAVING SOULS.
04-18-2003Be Strong And Confident ...keep on going on; I will keep My Promise to make you into My Image.
04-20-2003Life With The Father ...fullness of warm caring love, contentment, purpose and enthusiasm reside while all other needs are completely satisfied.
04-21-2003How To Know My Will Daily give yourself to Me; daily surrender your Will to Me; daily come before Me quietly listening...
04-23-2003Your Completely FREE (POWERFUL)Every move you make mentally or physically is YOUR decision only.
04-24-2003Cease The Opportunities Your soul is saved, but your service is not complete.
04-25-2003Let Me Help You (POWERFUL)Don't struggle longer than it takes for you to look up to Me...calling upon your Father.
04-27-2003Holy Spirit PowerUse My Power from the Father whenever you have need for yourself and whenever you are led concerning others.
04-28-2003The Noise Around YouMy Words and inspired information needs to have equal time!
04-29-2003Think Of Others Blessings from the Father enable you to touch people in a special way just by being KIND.
05-02-2003What's Going On? Every little incident, encounter, achievement or problem can be used to ripen you...
05-04-2003Let Me Use You I will help you, give you boldness and lead you to those who need mercy.
05-05-2003You Are Irreplaceable! Live in a state of readiness that prepares you for service at any time.
05-06-2003Start Living The Scriptures You must KNOW My WORDS are TRUE and will affect your lives just like they did the Apostles.
05-06-2003Very Important Work No matter what you see, hear or are told, stay true to what I have CALLED you to do.
05-07-2003I Have Your Back ...if your Will inadvertently gets in the way, I will use this to train you to trust me better the next time...
05-08-2003Living Apart ...living in a place of peace surrendered to Me and relaxed knowing that I am orchestrating the future...
05-09-2003Not A Fairy Tale Miracles come to those who operate with steadfast FAITH and TRUST in Me.
05-11-2003You Cannot Fake Motive ...live close to Me, desiring only good for others and keep your heart clean of hatred, envy and revenge.
05-12-2003My Light Of Love Always see other peoples words and actions from My point of view....MERCIFULLY....KINDLY.
05-14-2003Your Best Is My Pleasure You will NEVER look back and say, "My way would have been better.
05-15-2003Path Of Blessings ...I will always draw you as long as you give Me time alone to teach and guide you.
05-16-2003This Is Serious!Resist distractions that pull you away from what is most important.
05-17-2003Live As I Have Led Do everything with a motive of service to others.
05-19-2003It's That Simple (POWERFUL) To prevent this, stay away from PRAYER; to cultivate this, PRAY all the time!
05-22-2003Look Up To Me ...be in Praise and Thanksgiving for any hardships you experience knowing I have allowed them.
05-23-2003Desperate Suffering Together, we can change the course of many lives just by Sensitivity and Love.
05-24-2003I Am Your Filter (POWERFUL) If it has been allowed, it has gone through the Father's approval and is important...
05-25-2003To Be More Enlightened ...I mean for you to be thinking of Me and aware of My Presence in as many MOMENTS as possible.
05-26-2003New Zest For Living (POWERFUL) I will fill you up with wholesome Godly energy and fill your mind with uplifting prospects...
05-28-2003Early Is Best Everything you do after prayer is Blessed...
05-29-2003Give Freely To Receive Let your mind and heart follow My train of thought...the BEST of everyone...MERCIFUL...FORGIVING.
05-30-2003You Have No Ground I am here for every emotional, physical and mental need you may have.
06-01-2003What Is My Purpose? Be sure to answer in obedience to receive His Promises to you.
06-02-2003Our Special Relationship Someday, you will know this LOVE in it's fullness.
06-04-2003How To Handle It All Keep your eyes on Me all day and see the difference in the way you feel and approach daily responsibilities.
06-07-2003I'll Show You How Don't let the world dictate your life!
06-10-2003The King's Orders (POWERFUL)My Promises are true; your FAITH activates them.
06-12-2003The Greatest Example All you do for Me to bring souls into the Kingdom means nothing without...sincerely caring about and for them.
06-13-2003Counteract The Natural ...I have come to clear your mind, give you Help, Hope and Love to share with others.
06-17-2003My Help.....Your Obedience Only through the Holy Spirit and My Children can all get done that needs doing.
06-19-2003Your Actions And Words Practice obedience for My Blessings to flow in and through you.
06-21-2003The Power Within You You are NOT at the mercy of circumstances!
06-25-2003Fuel Up Daily I will fill you with My Joy and strengthen the life in your body and mind.
06-27-2003Living The Father's Plan Your alertness and obedience moment by moment can mean Eternal Life or eternal death.
06-28-2003The Next Right StepJust follow Me in obedience and I will do wonderous and powerful things through you for the Kingdom.
06-29-2003The Purpose Of It AllIt is much easier to keep busy with works for Me and forget.....
06-30-2003Living Without Strife My Love flowing through you can put the flames of strife out and instead, create the warmth that comes from My Holy Spirit.
07-02-2003Take Me Literally! In My Word, you will find clear directions on how TO live and how NOT to live.
07-04-2003Don't Be Troubled! My CALL to you is not one of bondage; Mine is that of a loved one who yearns to spend time with you.
07-05-2003I Have The Solution Spend more time thinking about Me and desiring to serve in anyway that I should put in your heart.
07-06-2003Seek Others For My Sake (POWERFUL)Let others see Me when they look at you, hear you speaking, see your actions.
07-07-2003Give Yourself Away Freely Let your heart be light and carefree.....as you are serving others when I CALL.
07-09-2003My Unbreakable Word ...you can go through life fearlessly carrying out My duties right along with your worldly tasks.
07-10-2003Majestic Honor ...with your Praise and Thanksgiving.....you are PROVING to Him that you TRUST Him...
07-17-2003Your Lifes Ambition Let everything you do and think be geared toward carrying out My Will in your life.
07-18-2003DECIDE To Desire Change ...Godly love and caring compassion.....so you will touch the hearts I send you...
07-19-2003To Keep Blessings Flowing Put Me FIRST above work, fun and even before the tasks I have given you.
07-20-2003Why Read The Bible? (POWERFUL) I am totally the same today and I will work the same wonders for you...
07-21-2003My Promise ...just being with Me feeds your inner man.
07-24-2003Never Give Up! My Blessings are showering over you like rain in a meadow.
07-25-2003Questions About Salvation? (POWERFUL)If those who are holding back from giving Me their life...would realize they are not risking anything to let go.
07-26-2003Permitted.....Protected ...life takes on a FREEDOM unattainable outside of this FAITH you have in Me.
07-28-2003How Do You Want To Live? The more in tune with Me, the clearer you can KNOW the Father's Plan for you...
07-30-2003Godly Kindness Respect is important and kindness generates respect.
07-31-2003I Will Make You Ready There are things that you can do to stay on course.
08-01-2003From My Point Of View...I know there is always a struggle between your desire to obey and your nature...
08-02-2003Oh, To Genuinely Trust!You relax, let go, let out a sigh of relief.
08-03-2003Be Of Good Cheer! There should never be fear in the heart of one who KNOWS ME INTIMATELY...
08-06-2003Make Peace At All Cost! ...your heart can be free of all worries, troubles, concerns of any kind; I will handle them all for you.
08-07-2003Do You Have Time For Me? Come get under My umbrella of Grace.
08-08-2003Allow Me To Light You Up I am equipping you; just TRUST ME.
08-10-2003Are You Sometimes Empty Inside? Making Me your JOY is what fills the void in your soul.
08-11-2003The Father Sees Everything ...LOVE will enlighten many to My shield of Faith and My sword of the Spirit.
08-13-2003A Firm Position There are times when I need you to follow Me with no sign of reassurance.
08-14-2003I Needed A Confirmation
08-16-2003Prove Your Faith In Me This is the kind of vessel I need to bring the Father's Will into fruition.
08-19-2003Children, Yield To Me Your TRUST...is the deciding factor.
08-20-2003If I'd Just LISTEN To YOU (Lord, help me to NOT listen to Satan's lies.)
08-22-2003Scripture Defines Me It is all TRUE....read It, get to know Me!
08-23-2003Live Life With Conviction Stay focused on the purpose of your existence.
08-24-2003PLEASE LISTEN TO ME Listen to the Wisdom of the Holy Spirit living in your heart.
08-26-2003The Holy Spirit’s Voice You’ll know His gentle Voice because He is always comforting and brings Peace to your soul.
08-29-2003My Ways Have A Heavenly Purpose Remember, I am always going to take care of you, provide for you and Bless you.
08-31-2003I Make Myself Clear To You Yield dear Children, to His CALL to serve.
09-01-2003“How To Acquire Kindness” A soft answer turns away wrath.
09-02-2003Miracle Peace Is Deep Rooted (POWERFUL)This is not a fairy tale way of living.
09-03-2003I Love You No Matter What You Do (POWERFUL)Yes, you can do things to make Me stop Blessing you; you can do things that stop the development of our relationship, but...
09-04-2003Get Energized! Begin now on earth daily giving more than the day before.
09-04-2003A Moment Of Praise (Praise Your Holy Name, for without You, life would have no meaning or purpose.)
09-05-2003I Need To Be Alone With You You will understand clearly when you begin to spend time in prayer...
09-09-2003Seek Me Consistently Prayer time with Me is your classroom.
09-11-2003Here's What To Do Honor them, Honor Me and I will Honor you before My Father.
09-12-2003ASK.....I’ll Tell You I am your Father; you are My Child.
09-14-2003Meaning And Effects Of Obedience Your obedience carries more weight in Heaven than you could ever understand now.
09-15-2003Peace Through All Of Life In the darkest time of my life, I can have perfect peace, IF I BELIEVE.
09-16-2003You Can Always Count On Me There is nothing you can come to Me about that I won’t commit My full attention to.
09-17-2003I Expect This Of You Be with Me in heart and mind so you can perform daily with real true genuine LOVE...
09-19-2003Don't Worry.....Be Happy! I exist to bring all those who TRUST Me into the Joy of Heaven.
09-20-2003What Can I Say? COME TO ME; ask Me to let you know what is important for that particular day.
09-21-2003How DO I Give My Life and WHY? (POWERFUL)...He loves you and spends all His time and efforts to protect, teach and draw you in under the canopy of His Wisdom.
09-22-2003How Will I Know? (POWERFUL) ...to KNOW Me that well, you must spend time with Me just like you would to get to know anybody.
09-24-2003You Are Astounding, Lord! I am always...ALWAYS...thinking of you, My Children.
11-10-2003Worldly Achievements These achievements will fade while Mine will flourish for all Eternity.
11-12-2003I Make It Interesting The problem is emptiness, when it's all said and done.
11-13-2003No Different Today You are as important today prevailing for Me as they were then.
11-14-2003Your Instructions Go now; I am with you in all you do.
11-17-2003I Went Through It Too It will all be worth it, evident even as you go through each day.
11-21-2003Don't Miss Your Chance! Little ones, be sure to give this choice, to follow Me here on earth, grave contemplation...
11-23-2003Judgement Beyond Salvation (POWERFUL)Ask Him to reveal to you your job for the Kingdom.
11-29-2003This Is Satan's Plan All things done in My Will are accompanied by My Strength and Wisdom.
12-02-2003Let It Shine Be sure to bring Joy with you wherever you go.
12-05-2003Completely Your Choice Just COME TO ME and ASK Me to reveal Myself to you somehow; I will!
12-15-2003There Is Hope ...I will let you see, feel and enjoy the treasures I have for you right now.
12-17-2003Hold Fast Your Position...to reap the benefits, you must give Me the day, moments and worries that take your peace.
12-18-2003Lift Them Up!Reach beyond yourself to give others joy.....My Joy.
12-19-2003What Is Your True Desire? You must focus on My Presence and see Me as the Light going before you.
12-21-2003MORNING PRAYER Living to SERVE the Father should be your daily goal.
12-23-2003Souls In Need I am counting when My Children CHOOSE to follow Me, because you can decide not to.
12-24-2003Thank You, Father He loved YOU that much!
12-28-2003What Consumes You? The most important thing in life is Redemption Of Mankind.
12-29-2003STP==PEACE S-surrender,T-trust,P-praise
12-31-2003Let Me Handle It For You ...I want you to have the FAITH you've been reading about in Romans that Abraham had.
01-01-2004Stay On The PathBe sure to live each day serving your Father by serving others beyond your own desires and needs.
01-08-2004Opportunities To Grow (...opportunities to Trust, experience Your Peace,and witness Your Promises.)
01-10-2004Leave Joy In Your Wake (POWERFUL)Joy makes a field where My seeds can grow.
01-11-2004With Or Without Feeling I am always here in your heart, by your side, before you and behind you.
01-14-2004There Is More To Do Live as I have CALLED you and your Blessings will always be there for the asking.
01-16-2004Ease Up On Yourself The Father sees right straight into your heart.
01-18-2004What Is Your DAILY Goal? Call My Name to get yourself back on track.
01-20-2004I Gave You Tools (POWERFUL)Never underestimate what your demeanor, words and actions transmit to others...
01-22-2004Practice What You Learn Just let My Image living inside you...shine through in LOVE and KINDNESS to others.
01-23-2004We Are Family My comfort, guidance and protection are yours.
01-26-2004REMEMBER!! Remember, so that your life can be peaceful, relaxed and joyful.
01-28-2004Don't Act On Your Own ...act as I lead you to give yourself for the sake of others like Jesus gave Himself for you.
01-28-2004I'm Waiting...Come In Faith You KNOW Me, so relax and sit back and watch what I do to bring about your Father's Will...
01-30-2004The 'Inspired Goal' Never pay attention to outside circumstances.....what you see, hear or are told.
01-31-2004What's The Point? ...your PURPOSE is to grow closer to Me in order to be mindfully available to bring others closer to Me.
02-04-2004See With My Eyes See everyone as I see them........a possible lost child longing for Me.
02-06-2004Most Important Of All Your love for others, their importance in your life, is MOST IMPERATIVE.
02-07-2004NO SURPRISES! Be alert for satan, but never fear him; he has NO POWER OVER YOU!
02-08-2004What Happens After Death? (BEAUTIFUL)Stay close to Me on earth through Prayer and Scripture...
02-09-2004Come On Along ...listen to Me all day long; I could take you on this perfectly planned journey.
02-11-2004Give Up Yours For Mine (POWERFUL)Try to live this way...seeing in your spirit-man that I am lovingly perfectly in control.
02-12-2004Take It Easy ...as soon as you relax and let go, your energy level will go up automatically.
02-13-2004What's Your Job? ...stay focussed on Me and tell others about Me however and whenever possible.
02-13-2004Are You Without Direction? Spend time....stay close....obey Me; you will have completeness, joy and fulfillment.
02-17-2004Ask Me...Then Give It Up Don't see what you see as all there is to see.
02-19-2004How Do I Find Happiness? Just live your life FOR OTHERS and then you will be happy also.
02-21-2004Pray For Them All I LOVE them ALL and want them to spend Eternity with the Father of Heaven and earth.
02-23-2004Others.....Think Of Them ...as you proceed through your day, be aware of your Divine Purpose and act in accordance.
02-25-2004Notes For Growing ...your care for others is the measure of your greatness.
02-26-2004Don't Blow A Fuse I came to give you a way of life that allows you to be free.
02-29-2004I'll Show You Come to Me, dear Ones, to find your place in the tapestry of Divine Destiny.
03-02-2004The Greatest Witness LOVE everyone and show it with your daily words and actions.
03-04-2004There's No Question I'll show you the way and I'll help you walk it.
03-06-2004Don't Hesitate They must answer My CALL with a humble believing heart and ASK Me to COME IN.
03-09-2004What Is Your State Of Trust? (POWERFUL) ...you must KNOW deep down in your soul, heart and mind that I am in PERFECT CONTROL!
03-11-2004I Will Help You ...witness for Me whenever the Holy Spirit leads.
03-12-2004Daily Assignment (POWERFUL)You will KNOW what to do and I will provide a way once you step out in FAITH to do it.
03-13-2004Personal Instructions You asked Me and I told you.
03-15-2004Please Stay A Little Longer (POWERFUL) Don't let satan fool you because he will indeed make a FOOL of you.
03-17-2004Don't Be Two Faced I promise to BLESS the WITNESS of your living for Me and for others.
03-18-2004Please Do This For Me Give LOVE away and I will double yours again.
03-20-2004Christian Conduct ...give up your stubborn pride, opting for peace and harmony.
03-21-2004How Do I CALL To Service?Mankind fights Me, but those who seek will find the answer in Me.
03-23-2004A Few Questions For You (POWERFUL)I can renew your whole being, give you back your JOY each day.
03-24-2004Preferred Care I am patient; I will wait pleading to the Father for more time for them to turn to Me.
03-25-2004Be Bold For Me Those fighting against Me are few in number, but they are willing to be heard more than My Children are.
03-26-2004Peace Through It All My pleasure is to bring you JOY.....but My job is to make you GROW.
03-31-2004How Will I Know? (POWERFUL) When you really truly LET GO of what you want, THEN and ONLY THEN, can you KNOW...
04-02-2004Don't Live Stressed Out (STP)Just LET GO of whatever attempts to grip you and spend the rest of the time TRUSTING ME with PRAISE and THANKSGIVING...
04-03-2004Take The High Road ...along that road you will find forgiveness, self worth, gentleness, joy, fulfillment, purpose.....completeness.
04-06-2004Two As One Your husband and you acting as one, desiring the Father's Will, is highly regarded in Heaven.
04-08-2004His Method Of Operation His best is your best when you truly desire to live for Him, in Him and through Him...
04-09-2004Take Time To Rest I will show you how to handle your tasks and still have rest time.
04-10-2004You Have What It Takes He will always provide all you will ever need to fulfill His CALLING.
04-11-2004Become My Joy Present yourself as Joy filling the atmosphere so that others will love to hear where your Joy comes from.
04-13-2004Obedience Without Love ...LOVE, to even understand what it is, you MUST SPEND TIME WITH ME DAILY without distractions...
04-15-2004I Knew You Before (POWERFUL) Some of you come so close to missing the opportunity of spending Eternity with Me...
04-16-2004Come Back To This Remember, I am in control and I will never lead you wrongly.
04-17-2004Live Freely Believe Me when I tell you, there is NOTHING in this WHOLE WORLD to be concerned about.
04-18-2004Please Decide To Say, "Yes." There are so many souls depending on your acceptance of the Father's Will.
04-21-2004Step Out For MeIf awareness of Me is expressed in places unexpected, it will leave a bigger impression.
04-23-2004What Is The Right Thing? ...stepping out in FAITH toward Me, your PEACE will clearly define the TRUTH.
04-25-2004Upset About Something? ...THANK and PRAISE Jesus for the situation exactly the way it is.
04-28-2004I Understand There are times you will want to go against things.....especially things you should do daily.
04-30-2004Don't Listen To Him Talk to Me, ask My help, listen to My Words of comfort and guidance.
05-01-2004Let Me Prove Myself ...you SHALL SEE MY MIRACLE POWER at work while having My PEACE...
05-02-2004Right, Wrong Or Best? Sometimes it is just better to do something or not do something, but that does not mean it is right or wrong.
05-03-2004Practice These Three Remember, your task on earth is devotion, obedience and kindness.
05-05-2004Top Notch Program (POWERFUL)Your life is His to develop and use to fulfill the Plan the Father laid out from the beginning of time for you.
05-06-2004How To Get Special Treatment (POWERFUL) The only requirement is to have heartfelt sorrow for the sins in your life, bring them to Me and ask Me to COME INTO YOUR HEART.
05-07-2004Living Without A Care It can always be this way, even in the direst of situations...
05-11-2004Here's How It Works All that takes place is to demonstrate My faithfulness to those who TRUST Me.
05-13-2004Hold On To Me Each day you must put on MY ARMOR to keep your eyes on Me and to keep satan out of your reach.
05-15-2004I'll Say It Again Let Me show you how I work perfectly in your daily lives.
05-17-2004Do You Want More? I am waiting to give you more of Me right here on this earth.
05-18-2004Pick Up Your Cross All you must do is LISTEN, ACT in FAITH and watch how wondrously He works for the good of all.
05-20-2004Special In My Eyes ...in all things expect My Divine Perfect Will and Guidance to be clearly given to you as you need it...
05-21-2004The Holy Spirit He has been sent to teach, guide, instruct and deliver you from all evil.
05-26-2004Make A Difference Be on the lookout all the time, seeking My Guidance, showing My Love.
05-29-2004Why Prayer Time Daily? ...it can make your life wonderful, or without it, leave your life unbearable.
05-30-2004Please Share These Gifts Now, I need you to lay down your desires...that I may ignite the hearts of those I put in your path.
05-31-2004Pray For Others Good and faithful souls depend on your prayers more than you could ever realize.
06-04-2004Come To The King (POWERFUL) There is no such thing as bothering Him with too small a detail or problem.
06-06-2004In The Army Now (POWERFUL) Pray that you will stand strong and confident.....KNOWING I AM IN CONTROL...
06-07-2004More Than Saved (POWERFUL) ...but I need you to help Me with those who don't know Me; WAKE UP!
06-09-2004Put Me In Every Moment (POWERFUL) ...your heart will be softer toward others; your heart will be lighter and freer.
06-10-2004Slow Down (POWERFUL) Peace, Kindness, Gentleness will replace hostility, anger and roughness.
06-21-2004Make Them Count (POWERFUL) Be present to your todays; don't let them pass unfulfilled in the eyes of your Father.
06-24-2004Your Willingness and My Power (POWERFUL) The Kingdom of God is at hand; souls are desperate to find their way in the darkness.
06-25-2004Love Is Power There is nothing you can do to affect others more than LOVING THEM right where they are.
06-26-2004Address The Lonely Be My discreet pillow of gentleness for them to lay their head on.
06-27-2004Practice My Example Be sympathetic and always have LOVE and consideration be your FIRST response.
06-30-2004How Can I Trust You? (POWERFUL) ...spend time alone with Me each day to get to know Me better...
07-01-2004Dealing With Conflict (POWERFUL) Unless there is a defining moral issue that you must defend, LET GO!
07-02-2004Finding Your Way ...life on earth can be so rewarding, fulfilling and peaceful even though there are hardships...
07-03-2004You Will Be Prepared The Father loves you so and you have special privileges when you stay under My Wings of Love.
07-05-2004Do You Know Where To Go? Let Me LOVE you and COMFORT you in times of trouble, in times that could otherwise devastate you.
07-07-2004Training Means Practice By calling My Name, you will be able to think of the things I am training you in.
07-08-2004Live Above Board My Grace is sufficient for you to live as you should.
07-09-2004Are You Coming Up Empty? ...confident in decisions, less fearful, more open, control of actions and free to give love...
07-10-2004One Requirement (POWERFUL) ...FIRST, before I can let you see and feel My personal LOVE for you.
07-11-2004A Serene Existence...when you KNOW you are nestled in under My Loving Protective Wings...
07-16-2004Seek Your Purpose (POWERFUL) Remember, I said I did not want your sacrifices; I want your obedience.
07-18-2004You Can Have It ...seek My attributes and I shall teach them to you.
07-21-2004Lost On Satan's Road? (POWERFUL) CALL ME.....JESUS, JESUS, JESUS, JESUS!!!!
07-23-2004I Ask Three Things (POWERFUL)...you will have a PURPOSE that will catapult you into producing powerful results...
07-24-2004Take Your Position Soldier Stand up to him, a fake, with the authority I have given you.
07-25-2004Your Daily List The most important chore on your list everyday should be sharing My Love with others...
07-26-2004According To Spiritual Law ...there is no need to look at the circumstances because I do not operate according to the laws of the world.
07-28-2004Think About This!! (POWERFUL) Better to make a fool of yourself than satan make a fool of you.
07-29-2004Do Your Part (POWERFUL) I am responsible FOR you, but you are responsible TO Me.
07-31-2004I Did It Just For You Everything, since I rose from the dead...,has been time spent preparing for your arrival...
08-01-2004My Future I Give You I want you to DESIRE WHOLEHEARTEDLY to live just for Me.
08-02-2004Respect Each Other Please let people be different and feel comfortable in it.
08-05-2004The Holy Spirit's Help Let Me perform Miraculous cleansing to bring you to a place of pure service.
08-07-2004When You Meet The Father ...your life must count for something so when you meet the Father face to face, your basket of service is not empty.
08-09-2004His Grace Over Us Everything hinges on the deep rooted motive of your heart.
08-11-2004What Motivates You? Make Me your reason to breathe for I give you breath.
08-12-2004The Holy War ...satan has already lost, but if people do not KNOW this, they can be DECEIVED!
08-13-2004Come On.....Let's Go (POWERFUL) ...keep your eyes on the mark; keep moving forward, loving others deeply all along the way.
08-14-2004Who Are You? (POWERFUL) It would not do a prince or princess any good to be one if they did not even know it.
08-16-2004Free To Be You (POWERFUL) ...you are still a unique person with the freedom to do whatever you choose.
08-18-2004Top Priority For Life (POWERFUL) The Father gave you life to see if you would TRUST Him enough to give it back.
08-20-2004Here's How It Is (POWERFUL) I have certain standards by which My followers must abide.
08-21-2004Bring It To Me (POWERFUL) No matter what is going on, no matter what comes up.....COME STRAIGHT TO ME!
08-22-2004What Is Your PURPOSE? (POWERFUL) Seek Me to know...; spend time alone with Me to know...
08-25-2004I'll Let You Know I always answer and let My Children know what is from Me.
08-27-2004Use Doubt To Build ...use these times to build a BOLD UNRELENTLESS TRUST IN ME.
08-28-2004I Will Pick You Up My mercy is more powerful than your sin.
08-29-2004His Blessed Assurance Keep your eyes on Me so My Light continues to pour into you...
08-30-2004From My Heart To Yours Acts of love toward others...carry a lot of weight in Heaven.
09-03-2004A Time For Everything ...there are times when it is healthy for you to let go and rest, but WITHOUT feeling guilty.
09-05-2004What Do You Give Off? Always be conscious of the impact you leave on others around you.
09-06-2004Do You Know What To Do? ...when you take the authority I have given you and use it, the devil must leave you alone.
09-08-2004A Truthful Heart Be JOYFUL each day just because you KNOW Me.
09-09-2004Why Do You Cringe? Be bold in your Faith because you KNOW your Father in Heaven personally.
09-11-2004Life---Priorities---Goals Dear Children, be assured of My Divine Pathway.
09-16-2004It's Time America! (POWERFUL) Stand up for Me and what you KNOW is right to save America and yourselves.
09-18-2004You'll Run And Not Get WearyAct quickly on the Holy Spirit's guidance, TRUSTING FAITHFULLY...
09-20-2004DECISION~~~~~ACTION (POWERFUL) Please CHOOSE to ACT NOW before it is too late!
09-22-2004"That Is Enough!" ...the numbness of consciences toward evil behavior and common sense decency.
09-23-2004Top Of The List Do NOT let satan fool you into thinking that you cannot make a difference...
09-24-2004Oh, What A Difference! Children, do this; give it up to Me entirely and see what happens firsthand, personally...
09-25-2004Take That Step There is no need to hesitate or be anxious in relation to the tasks asked of you.
09-28-2004NOW PRAY My Grace can shower over the people again, if they turn back to Me...
09-30-2004Pure Of Heart Continue looking toward Heavenly things, keeping the world at bay.
10-02-2004Who Will Enter? (POWERFUL)There cannot be one who will enter the Holy of Holies unless he is KNOWN.
10-03-2004Been Mistreated.....Misunderstood? Be MERCIFUL to everyone, giving them the benefit of the doubt.
10-05-2004Your A Christian Soldier GOAL: the Salvation of souls and to bring love and mercy to a suffering and lonely world.
10-07-2004What Do You Stand For? Make your life an example of GOODNESS.
10-08-2004Combat Discord Among You Now is the time to let go of grievances with one another.
10-10-2004Be With Me All Day My JOY you shall have, if you take Me with you wherever you go in mind, heart and spirit.
10-11-2004What Should I Do, Lord? Act on My behalf and I will Bless your sacrificial efforts.
10-12-2004Know Him Personally Your all on a road leading to Judgement...
10-13-2004Stay On Course ...just keep on a steady, calm pathway to obedience without a worry in the world.
10-14-2004Say Yes To God ...we will never be disappointed.
10-16-2004Share What You Know There is no better witness than for people to hear the true manifestation of My Love.
10-19-2004A Word From The Father Live your life as an example for others the way I lived My Life as an example for you.
10-21-2004My Timing Is Perfect Live in Divine Obedience; there you will find Me waiting.
10-22-2004His Gentle Leadership (POWERFUL) Ask Him what He wants you to do today, not the future.
10-24-2004The Simple Command ...you shall have all you need and desire because we will become ONE, then our desires become ONE.
10-26-2004Special Favor With Him ...COME sit by My side; learn to lean on Me when you need anything.
10-29-2004DO SOMETHING! ACT NOW on MY BEHALF so I can ACT on YOUR BEHALF promised by the Father.
10-31-2004Come Little Children ...I fill you up with the Powerful cleansing of soul and spirit to make you feel light hearted and pure.
11-02-2004Direct Your Energy ...I will provide and enlighen your mind to accomplish all with My Joy.
11-04-2004Think What Your Doing Watching you as you deal with people and situations is the loudest most powerful teaching there is.
11-05-2004How Do You Live? Your actions are powerful motivators that inspire people...
11-06-2004Pick A Lifestyle Live outwardly what you believe inwardly.
11-09-2004Emphatically Decide His BLESSINGS will overwhelm you; His CLOSENESS will warm you; His LOVE will engulf you.
11-10-2004I Will Show You How Live to enrich, to encourage, to enlighten the lost children of this world...
11-11-2004I Am Always There Nothing is too small to ask My help!
11-13-2004Get Alone With Me...with the Father on the Throne in Heaven, the Son right beside you and the Holy Spirit living in your heart.
11-15-2004God Shows Favor In the eyes of the Father, you are as precious stones, sparkling gems and pristine diamonds.
11-17-2004DO NOT JUDGEI accept and love you just the way you are and from where you came.
11-19-2004Please Help Me! I will never give up on one single soul until the Father says, "It is time ...
11-22-2004I LOVE YOU My special Favor, Grace, Love and Guidance go with you all day long...
11-24-2004A Special Closeness ...to have us KNOW each other so well that we can detect the slightest whisper of our voice...
11-30-2004 Right Or Wrong? (POWERFUL) Think before you take a course of action because this direction in your life will affect you tomorrow.
12-02-2004My Gift Is TODAY Make up your mind about what is important each new day.
12-03-2004A Life Of Honor (POWERFUL)You represent a straight forward approach that can be counted on.
12-05-2004Just Give It Up Never underestimate My POWER in your life.
12-06-2004Poem From Jesus How lovely are the moments and Miracles we share.
12-09-2004Reward For Obedience ...your Joy will be full to overflowing as your life reflects the effects of OBEDIENCE.
12-10-2004I Love Them All! COME, all of you; COME into the Family of God!
12-14-2004Live For Me FIRST! Where I am in your daily life is where I am in your heart...
12-16-2004A Clean Slate I want to forgive them,...bring them into the place of PEACE, LOVE and JOY with the gift of Eternal Life with Me.
12-17-2004An Open Heart The heart is free to love, to do good, to show kindness.....where TRUE Joy is found.
12-19-2004Life's Dilemmas Your life can be full of Joy...seeing firsthand evidence of His closeness, dependability and His unconditional LOVE...
12-20-2004Let Me Release Them ...the TRUTH will be revealed to you through the Power of the Holy Spirit...
12-22-2004It's All Up To You If you want be used and see what He has in store for you...
12-24-2004Let Them See Words do not mean anything without life's example.
12-26-2004Really.....What Is Patience? The greater the Blessing, the bigger the requirement from God.
12-27-2004Here's What I Want ...be a LIGHT for others to FOLLOW straight to Me and My LOVE.
12-29-2004Please Get Busy Again ...Trust Me with the knowledge you have and continue on.
12-30-2004Joyful Purposeful Contentment ...My time with you in prayer all day will be your primary FOCUS and JOY.
01-01-2005The Power I've Given ...get the knowledge of IT deep down in your spirit and live in IT completely everyday.
01-02-2005Here's How To Live Take what I do for you and make it count for the Kingdom.
01-05-2005Can You Expect Miracles? Dear Children, My Promises are NOT JUST WORDS!
01-07-2005Much More To Know There is a well of closeness, caring and love that I am anxious to make you aware of...
01-11-2005Practice It! ...say My Name, Jesus, often for no other reason than you love Me...
01-13-2005What Does My Word Say? Take Me at My Word.....count on It emphatically!
01-15-2005Are You A Drifter? When you pray, ask Him to reveal what He wants you to do for Him.
01-17-2005What Holds Me Back?...weighing whether you want to give up this for others or do your own thing.
01-19-2005Nothing Else Really Matters ...live to bring others into the place you know so warmly fills you with the peace and assurance of being loved and cared for.
01-20-2005Just Imagine What Will Be Just think, one day we will be together face to face before the Father.
01-21-2005The Issue Of Pride (How to recognize it and what to do about it)
01-22-2005Love Without Conditions ...you will always want to give them room to grow, to make mistakes.
01-23-2005PRAYER (POWERFUL) What is it?
01-25-2005Get With It! I expect you to live YOUR LIFE and MY CALLING more responsibly...
01-27-2005Prepared And Eager...I created you and I know what you are capable of...
01-28-2005I Am Talking To You Please let Me count on you!
01-29-2005My Children's Testimonies (POWERFUL)Without guidance, people fall into the hands of false teachers and satan inspired leaders.
01-31-2005How Does He See It? (POWERFUL)As much as you are willing to give Him, that and more He can use you.
02-02-2005TOTAL FREEDOM (POWERFUL) If I am not who I say I am...you will not be affected at all.
02-03-2005Step In For Me ...a SPIRITUAL LOVE that touches people to the core...
02-05-2005A Gift Freely Given Oh please, do not be stubborn!
02-06-2005Are You Listening? (POWERFUL) Yes, I am yours all the time, every minute, everyday for all your life.
02-07-2005A Time For Everything I want you to have fun and enjoy life along the road of service to the Father.
02-09-2005My Hands Are Tied You are the catalyst which connects your life to My Blessings.
02-11-2005Read All About It (POWERFUL) Stop today and think about what is at stake for you.
02-12-2005Action Says It All (POWERFUL)Just make up your mind to seek out in prayer what it is I have for you to do.
02-13-2005I Have Time For You Everything you do affects Heaven for the good or the bad.
02-14-2005That Unmistakable Void (POWERFUL) ...I instilled the impact of a relationship with Me deep down in your soul...
02-16-2005More Of Everything Be ready to give to others what I have given to you.....assurance of LOVE no matter what.
02-17-2005Look Out---Not In (POWERFUL)Really look at them, one on one; look into their eyes; seek to know them...
02-18-2005Don't Allow It! ...each of you have only a certain span of time to serve and make a difference in this world.
02-19-2005Spiritual Unrest NO evil force can hinder My Power.....only YOU, YOURSELF, have power to do that.
02-23-2005You Can't Fool Me I KNOW when neglect is from selfishness and when it is weakness.
02-25-2005Anticipate Our Meeting ...fill your basket of obedience, which will be presented to your Father...
02-26-2005The Wings Of Angels I love them more than they will ever need and I will always be there for them.
03-03-2005Don't Get Uptight There is no time to fool around, but at the same time, I want you to be relaxed in your diligence.
03-05-2005Rely And Relax I am Blessing you even before you actually start, even as you DECIDE to serve in obedience.
03-06-2005Eternity Is Forever (POWERFUL) You do not have to be a horrible sinner to lose out on Eternal Life with Me.
03-09-2005Do It Just For Me ...then, when you cannot see the results of your obedient service, satan cannot discourage you.
03-11-2005No Exceptions You only need KEEP your eyes on Me rather than the devastation occuring before you.
03-12-2005Won't You Come In? (POWERFUL) COME IN all who stand outside My door wondering about the truth of what I say.
03-15-2005Faithfulness Rewarded My Plan is always foolproof, safe and productive.
03-18-2005FIRST--SECOND--THIRDSee each day as a gift from Me and ask Me to show you My Plan for it.
03-19-2005You Have It All (POWERFUL)Consider all I give you and consider all you give others.
03-23-2005It's All About LOVEYour life depends on this.
03-24-2005IF ONLY I care deeply about them.
03-26-2005Fully Operational Vessel ...I will show you here and there, where and when you can step in for Me in someone's life.
03-28-2005Do Not Lose Momentum Love is the ladder that supports your soul on this climb to Eternity.
04-01-2005More Than You Know ...you are given all the talent, wisdom and direction you will need directly from the Holy Spirit...
04-03-2005Will You Let Me? (POWERFUL) I will truly speak to each of you, but I need you to be with Me alone, thinking of Me often.
04-05-2005It's All Too Much Satan is the cause of this defeated attitude you have been entertaining.
04-07-2005Give It Away Make this your goal.....to serve in My Name, Jesus.
04-08-2005Why Were You Born? (POWERFUL) Do not miss the PURPOSE for your existence by missing Me.
04-09-2005The Sacrifice Of Praise (POWERFUL) Oh, My Power is your Power when you truly TRUST Me and PRAISE Me!
04-10-2005You Cannot Stand Still (POWERFUL) All knowledge must grow or die.
04-11-2005When You're Ready To Listen ...My Will is always filtered through the other stuff.
04-13-2005Special Treatment (POWERFUL) Be it good, bad or sad, I am always with you to comfort, guide and strengthen you...
04-14-2005Take Hold Of ThisMy Children, who depend on Me, have all the POWER I have because we are ONE!
04-15-2005Miracles Do Happen ...FOCUS on You, TRUST You, even THANK You for what's going on no matter how devastating it may be.
04-16-2005Reality of Miracles (POWERFUL)...the PURPOSE of Miracles is to edify the body of Christ and enlighten people...
04-17-2005Need Them To Know I want to heal; I want to forgive; I want to Bless.
04-20-2005They're All WatchingYour attentiveness to the PURPOSE for which you were born is considered a priority in Heaven...
04-22-2005At The End ...nothing else will matter except what you accomplished for Him on this earth.
04-25-2005What's The Point? ...to gain an intimate knowledge of me...
04-27-2005Oh So Much To Do! Let Me be your calm shadow of Love shading you from stress and frustration.
04-28-2005Pick Up My Tools I gave you believer's My authority for a reason.
04-29-2005What Will It Be? (POWERFUL)It goes on with Me in Eternal Peace and Joy or it goes on in Eternal suffering and torment.
05-04-2005Make Your Life Count Be full of LOVE more than any other emotion or state of being.
05-06-2005REEVALUATE Only your OBEDIENCE and LOVE will matter.
05-08-2005The Real Test ...if you neglect this one, you have FAILED at life.
05-09-2005There's No Excuse ...what may be known of God is manifest in them, for God has shown it to them.
05-11-2005What Does The Holy Spirit Do? We are to set our minds on the things of the Spirit...
05-12-2005What Does It Take? With this, your FAITH and My WORD, you are safe in My Arms from the enemy.
05-13-2005Let Me Comfort You Thank Me for the good in your life; ask My help with your problems, then sit quietly and listen...
05-14-2005Have All You Want My Wisdom enhances your mind; My Love comforts and reassures your heart and My Mercy excuses your shortcomings.
05-15-2005Don't Go It Alone As long as your heart is stayed on Me, PEACE will take over...
05-21-2005NO EXCEPTIONS!I will take care of it for you.
05-24-2005I PROMISE! My FAVOR is upon those who Come to Me.
05-25-2005Suffering Needlessly ...as you grow in Me, your PEACE in Me will grow stronger.
06-01-2005COME EXPECTING! KNOW what My Word says, and come to Me with It, fully confident of Its TRUTH.
06-03-2005My Responsibility To You Come to Me; tell Me, ask Me, EXPECT Me to intervene for you.
06-04-2005Enter My Classroom LOOK and LISTEN to what I allow to cross your path daily in preparation for growth.
06-05-2005Let's Live As ONE KNOW Me by spending intimate time with Me.
06-07-2005Keeping My Promise ...to all who desire to know about the SACRIFICE made, the GIFT given and Everlasting SALVATION resulting.
06-09-2005Stay In The Present Leave all your uncertainties and doubts about the events of the future completely to Me.
06-15-2005To The End ...persist until you have fulfilled the desire of My Heart for you.
06-17-2005How To Live Healthy Be one who yearns to fill up with Me....the goodness of life.
06-18-2005What Failures?? ...your Father...sees you as a perfect Child whom He loves completely and unconditionally.
06-20-2005Benefits of Intimacy You see, I am your food for wholeness.
06-27-2005Keep Forging On Obey, focussed and relentless, in pursuit of successful accomplishment.
06-29-2005Give Me A Chance Each time you are with Me alone, I am giving you more of My Nature.
07-01-2005Scripture Savvy Get in My Word; get to know what I say.
07-01-2005Whatever... (POWERFUL) When you see things you do not like, Thank Me and Praise Me for it.....My Perfect Plan.
07-02-2005ONENESS (POWERFUL)Familiarity and Trust bring us together to understand and really hear each other.
07-06-2005What Do You Expect? ...nothing is Blessed when you are not living in OBEDIENCE!
07-08-2005Format You'll Need ...be WITH Me; get to KNOW Me personally, one on one; TALK to ME; LISTEN to Me.
07-09-2005Don't Just Exist (POWERFUL) ...plant seeds of LOVE in everyone's garden you meet today.
07-10-2005You Have My AuthorityYou must put satan and his attacks in his place...
07-13-2005Load Of BlessingsEmptiness is filled, insecurities are overcome, feelings of boredom are replaced with enthusiasm and excitement...
07-15-2005What Is Love? ...love others JUST THE WAY THEY ARE without stipulations.
07-16-2005Schedule Me In ...to show Him how much you love Him.....ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS!
07-17-2005My Plan For You (POWERFUL) This you will face sooner or later with either joy or sorrow.
07-22-2005IF You Know Me ...you can TRUST Me to fill the void with more than you could ever have dreamed of.
07-24-2005Partnership Levels All that I am, all that I represent, all that I have is totally yours...
07-25-2005Without Me ...life is empty no matter what you have, whom you know, or who loves you.
07-27-2005A Costly Mistake (POWERFUL) Without realizing it, they are muffling the sound of My Voice...
07-28-2005Doubt Stagnates You can only see My Power when you are moving toward the goal I have set before you.
07-29-2005Practice For The Big Ones (POWERFUL)...nothing will scare you; nothing will turn you away from Me; nothing will steal your peace, joy, and assurance...
07-30-2005That Gapping Hole (POWERFUL)You will always desire more, search for more, take risks for more until you find and grasp onto Me.
07-31-2005Let Me Explain The more time you spend, as your schedule allows and the Holy Spirit inspires, the more intimately you will KNOW Me.
08-02-2005Do I Seem Vague? When your looking at yourself or what others will think of you, My Voice will be clouded out.
08-03-2005Stay On Course As long as you obey My guidance, you will have PEACE and be PRODUCTIVE for the KINGDOM.
08-05-2005Spread The Word I will reveal Myself to everyone who gives Me a sacrifice of their time, an open heart, and a willing spirit.
08-07-2005Don't Be Left Behind There is no one, no matter how badly they have sinned, that I wish to leave behind with satan.
08-10-2005Peace Follows Obedience You are learning to give your Will over to Me when I ask and I will never ask unless I have a good reason...
08-12-2005Encouraging Words Be expectant, be excited to see HOW all things work in Heavenly harmony.
08-13-2005You Know It, Trust It My Plan is not of this world, but will be realized in this world because of your FAITH in Me.
08-17-2005Be The Peacemaker Take Me with you along every road, into every nook and cranny of your life.
08-18-2005Not An Option (POWERFUL) Make My Will in your life today your priority for tomorrow.
08-19-2005Cultivate Our RelationshipI will always be near, take care of you and love you personally.
08-20-2005Look Into His Eyes ...COME IN, good and faithful servant.
08-24-2005Lay Down Your Life Do not be caught up in the emptiness of this world.
08-26-2005Is Your Peace Gone? You are fighting My Will, My Path for your life.
08-27-2005Power Struggle (POWERFUL)My Ways only appear to be difficult when your Will is taking a stance.
08-28-2005How Can I Serve? Just follow every good nudging from the Holy Spirit.
09-02-2005Wake Up! (POWERFUL)Make your life count for someone else's so that I can pour My Blessings on all of you.
09-06-2005Teach My Ways Be willing to share the intimacy of our partnership and friendship...
09-08-2005A Lot To Offer All the peoples of the earth shall find more substance to life and death when they KNOW and BELIEVE in Me.
09-09-2005An Important Role ...helping others to realize how loving and caring the Father is to all His Children who believe.
09-12-2005Holding On Too Tight Pure clean unwillfulness replaces selfish greedy unblessed motives.
09-14-2005The Holy Spirit's Work (POWERFUL)His Wisdom is coaching you to think in Heavenly patterns that mask your human responses.
09-16-2005Your Safety Net Just always keep your eyes on Me, ignoring what you think you can and cannot do.
09-19-2005Net CommandLet all of Heaven be your command center and all of earth your service center
09-22-2005Praise and Trust Me Satan has no influence on your lives unless you give it to him.
09-24-2005Let Me Fill You Up Ask My direction in all situations to be sure you are seeing through My eyes to act in My stead...
09-29-2005Obedience Matters Most Put Me before all that is required for continued Blessings and gifts of favor from your Heavenly Father.
10-01-2005Our Time Alone I have so much to give you, so much to impart to you that is released into your heart and soul...
10-06-2005Your Decision (POWERFUL)...I can bring more of Me alive in your heart, mind, and soul only as you allow Me time alone.
10-17-2005Your Compass (POWERFUL) Without Me, you can get waylaid...caught in a storm.
10-19-2005Purely I See (POWERFUL) Live in love for others as I have died in love for you.
10-20-2005COME CLOSER ...I want them to seek My Face to KNOW Me deeply and more intimately than before.
10-21-2005Pass It On (POWERFUL)COME to Me and soak up the LOVE that all of Heaven experiences.
10-22-2005My Favor Is Yours (POWERFUL) ...you become enwrapped with Angels and showered with My Grace.
10-24-2005Start Really Living (POWERFUL)Stay ready and willing to act on His behalf to affect lives otherwise lost.
10-26-2005Don't Start Over (POWERFUL) Create mountains of little Miracles from the times I have shown to you My Loving Power.
10-29-2005Expect My Promises By FAITH, accept the TRUTH for you.
11-01-2005No Quick FixGive of yourself in PRAYER and WORSHIP more extensively to light the fire of devotion and service.
11-03-2005Child, Do This... Build your days on what you KNOW, that I AM WHO AM; I AM ALL YOU WILL EVER NEED.
11-04-2005COME BOLDLY (POWERFUL)...your life will exhibit outstanding FAVOR as My little Children should expect.
11-06-2005Are You Speaking To Me? You will want to maintain a mindset of LISTENING.
11-07-2005Fear Has No PLace (POWERFUL)...those who do expect protection and favor as I have Promised, shall receive it!
11-10-2005Never Stop Seeking MeYou will gain insight into the true meaning and importance of this time on earth.
11-12-2005There's More To It After Salvation, I am CALLING each of you to work for Me bringing more into the Kingdom.
11-14-2005I Am Weary I am directing you to perform feats of hardship that will turn out to be tremendous blessings...
11-16-2005The Living Word Tell others how much this means to you.
11-17-2005My Way Is Easier I can see all things, so My direction is perfectly suited to you.
11-18-2005My Word Is Food (POWERFUL) Build up your mind, soul, and body from the nourishment My Word provides.
11-19-2005Answers To Prayer (POWERFUL) When we put our faith into action, when we release it to God, it takes on a totally new nature.
11-21-2005Please Let Me (POWERFUL) Simply ask Me to COME, take your life, and I will...
11-24-2005Do What I Do Remember to always seek My Face to learn My Ways.
11-25-2005I Am Not a Mystery (POWERFUL)I have shown you how to please the Father here on earth by MY DAILY LIFE ON EARTH.
11-29-2005Get Busy Again Each day of your life should mean something for the Kingdom.
12-01-2005All For You See through My eyes the work being accomplished in your life because of going through things.
12-05-2005What's Important To You? ...keep your priorities directed toward the good of others inspired by the Holy Spirit.
12-07-2005Live Like This ...sharing your belief in Me and how this relationship has changed your daily life.
12-09-2005Lest You Forget (POWERFUL) Your duty is just as important now as My Son's was then.
12-10-2005Attention to the Spirit Serve with LOVE which overshadows uncertainty.
12-14-2005Is He CALLING You Right Now? Be aware and alert all the time so you do not miss this CALLING.
12-16-2005My Children Are Key Please realize how important you are in My Plan of Salvation.
12-17-2005Plant Seeds (POWERFUL) Let My Light, which I have given to you, brighten the hearts of those around you.
12-18-2005Do Your Part The souls who do not know Me will be eternally grateful if you share your knowledge of Me.
12-21-2005Make An Investment (POWERFUL) Ask yourself, write it down, look soberly at the facts.
12-23-2005There's A Reason My Children are the most precious gift the Father has given Me.
12-26-2005Be On Alert Make it your business to SEEK ME and OBEY ME, dear Child.
12-27-2005A Clear Path (POWERFUL)What actions count for something and leave a mark to inspire others?
12-29-2005Give of Yourself Do only good to others and this seed will come back to you.
12-30-2005Not On Your Own All you need has been instilled in you when you accepted Me as your Lord and Savior.
12-31-2005Earthly Portion of Heaven ...reserved only for those who truly BELIEVE in Me and live to SERVE the Father.
01-04-2006March Steadily OnwardThe rewards you receive are not for the outcome, but simply for your OBEDIENCE...
01-07-2006My Gift ...things fall into place when you do not let satan keep you frustrated about the future.
01-12-2006What Jump Starts You?You only need desire followed by action; I will provide wisdom and results.
01-14-2006Impressionable Be on your guard so that you do not lead anyone away from Me.
01-15-2006From His Perspective (POWERFUL) Let go of your insecurities; they do not exist for the Father.
01-20-2006Divine Living Live your life as if you had an endless supply with which to Bless others as led by the Holy Spirit.
01-24-2006A Word to Me Your efforts are already blessed and a Perfect Plan is in place.
01-30-2006Practice Charity My softness, My comfort I give you, so you can feel My true genuine powerful LOVE.
01-31-2006We Are a Team My part without yours, your part without Mine, this was not the Father's Plan.
02-02-2006It's a Given You will have the mind of Christ, if you seek Me FIRST.
02-04-2006A Word of Warning Your Father in Heaven will call you on your OBEDIENCE someday.
02-05-2006Don't Miss OutLOOK FOR and ACT ON the promptings and opportunities provided you by the Holy Spirit.
02-06-2006Please Love Because I am LOVE, the closer you are to Me, the more My LOVE will be manifested in you.
02-08-2006What's It Take? All I want is your DEVOTION and OBEDIENCE to receive My Grace and Favor.
02-09-2006Out On Your Own? You can always count on Me to give you the BEST...
02-11-2006How Much Is Too Much? Man has the tendency to under produce or over produce.
02-14-2006A Time Is Coming (PROPHESY) I want you to be strong, grounded, confident, focussed KNOWING that I WILL DELIVER YOU!
02-16-2006Don't Struggle Alone ...just be diligent in following My lead and all shall be as it should be...
02-17-2006Believe My Answer Be careful NOT to DOUBT when you hear My answer.
02-21-2006What's Going To Happen? ...your life given to Me is surrounded by Angels, My Wisdom, Favor, and Grace.
02-23-2006To The Finish Stay focussed, stay determined.....STAY ON IT!
02-25-2006Abundantly Clear FINISH THE BOOK!!!
02-26-2006This Is Serious! (POWERFUL) Be mindful of your actions of disobedience concerning My direct instructions to you.
02-27-2006What's the Alternative? (POWERFUL) I must do this to save the lost...as many as will look to Me.
02-28-2006Neither Right Nor Left Be at peace and full of the Power of the Holy Spirit as you work in the sacrifice of obedience.
03-03-2006No Small Part Every part of the Vine is important to the success of the Wine.
03-09-2006In His Eyes (POWERFUL) ...you will see and feel the warmth of His Powerful Love in ACCORDANCE to your faithful OBEDIENCE.
03-13-2006It's Up To You ...your FAITH shall make My Will a reality.
03-15-2006Just Like a Father Likewise, I am always guiding you.
03-20-2006What Do You Desire Most? Every desire of your heart is measured by the Father.
03-23-2006Have Confidence In MeI will provide the way as My Angels go before you to prepare the hearts of others.
03-25-2006How Will I Know? God reveals His Will through CONTENTMENT!
03-26-2006Kingdom Peace Do not put off what you KNOW you must do...
03-28-2006Don't Let Up Just concentrate on the next right step to which I will always lead you.
03-31-2006You'll Be Glad You Did! Your time will come when you stand before Him and He looks you in the eye...
04-08-2006Don't Waste the Annointing Deliver, by your words and actions, whatever knowledge the Scriptures breathe into your spirit...
04-10-2006Living the Extraordinary Life Not living with one foot in Church and one in the world.
04-11-2006Opportunity For TRUST I believe Your Word and I thank You before I see the evidence of it.
04-11-2006FACT...NOT FICTION (POWERFUL)...you are the link in the equation who has the freewill to take Me at My Word and receive the Kingdom Life on earth...
04-15-2006Your Training Continues (POWERFUL)...a few minutes alone with Me is more effective to your growth as a person and Child of God than anything else you do.
04-17-2006The Big Picture Dear Children, you try to limit the Father with your little understanding.
04-19-2006PRAISE REPORT!!! ...He wants to give us all that He has...special treatment, special peace, special wisdom.
04-20-2006Time For Readiness If you stay on HIs Path, then you will experience wonders beyond worldly measure.
04-26-2006Feeling Withered? Resolve to put Me FIRST in OBEDIENCE to possess My Peace and revived energy.
04-29-2006I Am Available To EveryoneTalk to Me and listen as the Holy Spirit speaks words of wisdom, guidance, and comfort to your heart.
05-01-2006Live In The Supernatural (POWERFUL)...you need to stop looking and listening to what the world shows you and tells you.
05-02-2006Let Them See They will begin to think of Me more quickly for help...
05-03-2006Learn How To Trust Me ...read My Word daily, take It to heart, and apply It in FAITH to everyday life.
05-05-2006How Can I Really Know? (POWERFUL)...delve deeper, seek Me more, ask the Holy Spirit to turn on the bright light of wisdom as you read My Word.
05-08-2006Enemies of Faith Just KNOWING God's Will is not enough, but we must OBEY God's Will.
05-10-2006The Promise of Rest Unbelief is caused by a hardened heart, which is caused by the deceitfulness of sin.
05-11-2006PATIENCE ...has the power to exercise revenge, but instead exercises restraint.
05-12-2006The Spirit of Fear (POWERFUL)It is NOT from God!
05-14-2006Stop and Think (POWERFUL)Ask yourself, what is your motive?
05-15-2006Take It To Heart! My Children are given Heavenly FAVOR when they TRUST ME with their desires and goals.
05-17-2006A Life With Me...one of giving, one of consoling, one of charity above all else.
05-19-2006It's All Laid Out For You (VERY IMPORTANT)Now.....the ball is in your court.
05-22-2006I Am Speaking To YOU Try to LISTEN; give yourself time to reflect on what you read...
05-23-2006Allow Me To Bless You ...talk to Me; ask for My help; quiet your spirit long enough to hear My Holy Spirit...
05-25-2006Let Your Heart Reach Out Pray for those who hear, but do not see, for those who see, but do not accept My Loving Power for their lives.
05-26-2006Heaven On Earth? All of the tools and favor I had from My Father on earth as a man, you have also...
05-29-2006Call to Praise and Worship Do this for Me and I will let you see the Kingdom on earth.
05-31-2006Just Can't Hold On This frustration and these feelings of being overwhelmed are due to DISOBEDIENCE.
06-02-2006Read, Meditate, Listen I will show you more and more of My Nature until you truly feel ONE with Me...
06-03-2006Please Take Me Seriously (POWERFUL) You cannot use the excuse that you did not know what YOUR CALLING was...
06-04-2006IT'S FREE Everything has a purpose in the life given to Me.
06-07-2006How to Read the Bible (VERY IMPORTANT) Do not expect life to be all roses when you decide to enter My camp...
06-09-2006Most Unselfish Act (POWERFUL) Meditate on this until your heart weeps in humility and leaps for Joy...
06-10-2006It's Your Move I will let you feel My Presence and My special Love for you personally.
06-12-2006Come, Have a Taste (POWERFUL) What your life expresses is what your contribution will be.
06-14-2006Try to Imagine ...My disciples on earth are the stepping stones for those wondering in the wilderness.
06-16-2006Tug of War (POWERFUL) You are not on your own even though you are completely independent in your final decisions.
06-17-2006Savor Each Bite (POWERFUL!!!)...read My Word; slowly take in the fruit of Its Wisdom.
06-20-2006Joyful ServiceBlessings are abundantly provided for those who gladly step up and out for Me.
06-22-2006The Decision Is Yours (POWERFUL) My Love, Power, Grace, and Favor will lift you from the mire into Joyful assurance...
06-24-2006All Inclusive Plan (POWERFUL) You only need to YIELD and ACT!
06-25-2006I Can Fix You (POWERFUL) I have promised to do this with My Life.
06-26-2006Growth in Stages It is important to ask ourselves if we are progressing to new levels of spiritual growth.
06-28-2006An Empty Vessel (POWERFUL) I will fill you up with Power from on High to succeed according to My Will.
06-30-2006My Greatest Desire (POWERFUL) ...to let those to whom you come into contact, feel and see the evidence of My Love for them.
07-02-2006LIVE TO GIVE Just live giving of yourself and see what happens in your life.
07-04-2006That's All I Want My Hope...yours to give...by examples of kindness, gentleness, forgiveness, peacefulness, joyful laughter.
07-06-2006Is the Bible Substantial? ...HOLY SCRIPTURES are...conclusively authoritative, and 'more to be desired...than gold'...
07-07-2006The World Needs You Be joyjul, kind, considerate, helpful and, compassionate to everyone you meet.
07-08-2006Prove Yourself to Me ...I am watching you to see what you do with the knowledge you have been given.
07-09-2006Think of Me (IMPORTANT)The more you do, the more I can give you the mind of Christ.
07-11-2006Made Holy in My Sight You will desire the good in life rather than the sinfulness around you.
07-12-2006How Can I Tell? The more peaceful you are proves that you KNOW Me and TRUST Me to a point the world does not understand.
07-14-2006What Will You Leave? No one can take your place...
07-17-2006Love is Not a Feeling (ENLIGHTENING)Remember: FEELING follows ACTION!
07-19-2006Each Meeting Counts (POWERFUL)Your countenance deposits good, bad, or void.
07-22-2006You Can Change My Grace and Power from on High are yours as you step out in faith to become more like Me.
07-24-2006The Great Escape (POWERFUL) I know what is going on around you and inside of you all the time.
07-26-2006Come Holy Spirit Listen to the quiet voice of the Holy Spirit speaking to your heart as My Will is revealed to you.
07-27-2006Be Merciful to Everyone (POWERFUL) Pray for them; ask Me to continue to pull at the strings of their heart.
07-28-2006Follow These Instructions (POWERFUL) I am all you need to have lasting PEACE in life!
07-31-2006Live That Experience Again The wonder of My Loving Presence will fill you up to overflowing.
08-03-2006What Is Your Standing? (POWERFUL) ...if you are not..., then you are not building a foundation strong enough to hold you up during hard times!
08-04-2006Live In Anticipation I will let you see each and every soul whom you have touched on this earth because of your OBEDIENCE.
08-05-2006Are You Aware of the Urgency? (POWERFUL) You will not trust My Voice when I CALL if you do not trust it NOW.
08-12-2006Most Important Message ......to prove your love for Me is to give your love to another person.
08-17-2006Your Personal Revelation ...your life will have stood for greatness measured by the Kingdom.
08-24-2006How to Avoid Mistakes (POWERFUL)Keep Me FIRST above everything and everyone for the Holy Spirit's daily spiritual guidance...
08-25-2006There Is a Reason (POWERFUL)Without maturity in your FAITH, you will falter when times get tough.
08-26-2006LOOK OUTWARD (IMPORTANT)Let Me take care of you; you be concerned with others.
08-27-2006The Call to Salvation (POWERFUL)My Joy is full when you DESIRE to be Mine in heart, mind, and soul.
08-30-2006Spiritual Warfare ...take up the whole armor of God, that you may be able to withstand in the evil day...
09-01-2006Make It Your Business to KNOW You can only have access to My Power when you KNOW, BELIEVE, and LIVE My WORD!
09-02-2006My Power Changes You Purity, Truth, Unselfishness...these are signs of the indwelling of the Holy Spirit.
09-03-2006Make the First Move You must have the heart of Christ...giving, serving freely with loving compassion.
09-05-2006Here's How to Do It (POWERFUL)...we can talk to each other just as if we were sitting down together.
09-07-2006My Way is Simple Dear Children, read this again and again!
09-07-2006If You Truly Desire ...the Holy Spirit can mold you until others become more important to you than yourself.
09-09-2006You Can Know What to Expect Lay down your troubles for Me to pick up and deliver back to you fixed.
09-13-2006Why Take a Chance on Failure? ...recognize that you must let go of your way to make Peace with My Way.
09-15-2006What is Keeping Me From More of You? Giving yourself to other people.
09-23-2006Do Not Allow Fear When absolutely anything happens to you, I know about it; I have allowed it.
09-25-2006In the Palm of His Hand We only have to live with Him most important of all everyday to expect His favor.
09-27-2006Another Growth Opportunity The PEACE in your heart through this proves or disproves your TRUST in Me.
10-01-2006Take Me Literally (POWERFUL)Learn more of Me each day to become anchored in the life I have promised you.
10-02-2006Pray for Them ...that the Holy Spirit can make evident the one LOVE they have never known.
10-03-2006A New Playing Field Please ask Me to give you a heart for others and desire to give the love I am giving you away.
10-05-2006Please Continue My Work Each segment of time you give to My Work will receive a special anointing.
10-06-2006Let Me Help You Understand (POWERFUL)I will reveal all to you one step at a time.
10-09-2006Today Remember Your Purpose My Children are instruments of light, love, and hope for a lost world.
10-10-2006My Words Will Inspire You Do not commit this sin of omission, quenching the Holy Spirit!
10-12-2006Who Is Your Source? I am ALL to each individual who will COME to Me, lay down their life and TRUST Me to bless them...
10-21-2006Take One Step Forward...you are simply the instrument through whom the Holy Spirit can manifest the Father's Will.
10-26-2006My Expectations For You (POWERFUL)...someday you will wish you had stopped to ask Me to lead you to the Father's Plan...
10-28-2006YOUR COVERED You are never alone or left to live your life without My help.
10-31-2006Pick it Up AgainOnly do this: OBEY Me and TRUST Me!
11-02-2006Heartfelt Desire is Required (POWERFUL)...but the Holy Spirit will develop the nature of Christ and the Will of the Father in your life...
11-03-2006Gamble On This Truth Seek Me daily, hourly, minute to minute to have a Heavenly life on earth.
11-05-2006It's All From Me ...the Holy Spirit's anointing will fall on you to give you ALL you need.
11-08-2006Be Grateful For Your Purpose This is My Gift to you, the assurance of an inportant purpose for your life.
11-10-2006What Is Your True Desire? Make your life about others and how you can make their lives better...
11-15-2006Children, I Need You! (IMPORTANT) Please seek to LISTEN as the Holy Spirit puts someone in front of you who needs Me, but does not know it.
11-17-2006How To Expect Blessings ...live daily with Me FIRST in your thoughts, words, and actions.
11-18-2006I Promise You This Your life will be so much better--more peaceful, more productive, more joyful.
11-19-2006FAITH and COURAGE (POWERFUL)Stand firm in your conviction of FAITH and carry out the Father's Plan...TRUSTING Him all along the way.
11-20-2006Give As Good As You Get ...everyone would want what you have--life in and with Me.
11-23-2006What Do You Reflect? ...show your allegiance in ways of honor and obedience.
11-27-2006Play My Tape My Words are TRUTH; his are LIES!
11-29-2006Beyond Believing in Me (IMPORTANT) I need total commitment from each soul that wishes to belong to Me for all Eternity.
11-30-2006It's a New Day ...I give you all of Me to be all you were meant to be in the Father's eyes.
12-02-2006Make OUR Goal Your Goal Live to bring others into the knowledge of Faith, Salvation, Service, Favor, and Life Everlasting with Me.
12-02-2006Don't Miss the Boat (POWERFUL) Dear Children, do not let this happen to you!
12-08-2006To Enrich Your Life ...choose to act on the promptings of the Holy Spirit to do good to and for someone.
12-11-2006True Authority The spirit of worship is essential to all advance of the Kingdom.
12-12-2006Don't Live Frustrated ...put obedience to the Father FIRST in your life.
12-13-2006 I Need Proof...the effort put into obedient action is concrete proof of your decision...
12-14-2006Examination Where is the FOCUS of your hearts desire?
12-15-2006You Are Being Watched I desire for your life to be a good example of My Presence in your heart.
12-16-2006Pray For the World ...Holy Spirit intercede and bring someone to them or something across their path...
12-19-2006I'll See You to the End You only must START and be WILLING to finish with Me.
12-22-2006PAY ATTENTION I want people to realize by your experiences that I truly know everything that is going on with them...
12-23-2006Are You Wondering About Aimlessly COME TO ME so you can know the Son of God, Jesus Christ, personally...
12-27-2006Jesus, Thank You For You! All I ask in return is your faithfulness, your obedience, and your unselfish love toward others.
12-29-2006Let Me Show You the Way On any other path, eventually you will be engulfed by emptiness and fear.
01-01-2007A Time And Place ...enjoy wholesome pleasures in the world and have fun in life.
01-03-2007My Mercy Is Endless It is My request that you carry this mercy over to those in your lives also.
01-04-2007It's All Ready For You Lives will be changed all because you listened, acted and expected TRUTH to be present.
01-06-2007What Do You Need To Do? What is REQUIRED is placing Me ABOVE everything else that you feel is important.
01-11-2007Continue My Work The harder the task, the bigger the sacrifice, the more bountiful the Blessing.
01-12-2007I Have Proven My Love Continue to prove your devotion to Me with your life.
01-15-2007Live What You Learn ...give yourself to others before satisfying your own needs.
01-17-2007There Are Stipulations I must be FIRST that the Father may be Glorified.
01-18-2007Nonbelievers Need You Give them a chance through your obedience to the promptings and guidance of the Holy Spirit.
01-22-2007A Shoe In ...believe in Me and I will always take care of you during any and all trials.
01-24-2007"The Ways of God" BENEFITS OF LIVING IN HIS WAYS:
01-26-2007Forward or Backward? Take one day at a time without missing devotion to your Father in Heaven.
01-28-2007Do Not Become Lazy Follow My teaching, seeking to obey and growing closer to Me.
01-30-2007You Told Me What to Expect We must know deep down that He can literally be taken at His Word...
01-31-2007Are You Unsure of Me? At least, tell yourself that you are going to investigate My Word to get to know Me.
02-02-2007My Promises Await You ...TRUST that My Words of old are just as TRUE and POWERFUL TODAY.
02-03-2007Who Is Supervising Your Life? ...the Father is seeing to your needs constantly.
02-04-2007Your Spiritual Journey I will fill your heart and mind with Glorious revelations...
02-08-2007Shoddy Prayer Time To be inspired, illuminated from within, uplifted and engulfed in My Love, I need all of you.
02-09-2007Deceitful Spirits It is our personal responsibility to defend our faith.
02-10-2007Formula For Success ...just concentrate on doing My Will for you now...today...hour by hour...minute by minute.
02-11-2007God Will Do What He Says He Will Do He is faithful to keep His Word.
02-12-2007The Foundation of Life There are specific tried and true steps to achieving success in any area of life.
02-13-2007Charitable Contributions ...I will clarify your motive for you and I will guide you...
02-15-2007Revelation Knowledge Thank You, Jesus, for healing her body completely by dying on the cross for her...
02-16-2007Human Need You shall love your neighbor as yourself...
02-17-2007It'll All Work Out Be with Me alone, quiet, humble, willing to follow where I lead.
02-18-2007When God Calls (POWERFUL) His Call penetrates to your inner most being.
02-19-2007Where Are You Coming From? Are you paying attention from My point of view as you face challenges?
02-20-2007Are You Deeply Committed? (POWERFUL)The result depends on how much you ask, how much you seek, how much you knock.
02-21-2007JUDGEMENT DAY (POWERFUL)There will be no soft-shoe presentation.
02-22-2007My Word On Healing I WILL KEEP MY WORD!
02-24-2007Suffering Serves a Purpose The rest of her life will be a powerful witness for me.
02-26-2007The Name of JESUS ...the last name people will hear before the end of time on earth.
02-27-2007"Grow Like Me" Your very deep sense of failure is a sure sign that you are growing nearer to Me.
02-28-2007My Heavenly Purpose I am in control of the lives that have been freely given over to Me and I take perfect care of each one.
03-02-2007READ the BIBLE DAILY (POWERFUL)Let Me show you who you truly are and what you can become.
03-03-2007Life Can Be Wonderful (POWERFUL)The more you seek My company and desire oneness with Me...
03-06-2007"Your Cross Is You" ...the cross given to each one of you is only a cross provided on which you can crucify the self that hinders...
03-08-2007Why Are You Here? (POWERFUL) You are important to someones life on earth and you can effect their destination for all Eternity.
03-09-2007You'll Know Me (POWERFUL)I will never ask anything deceitful, dishonest, impure, revengeful, or unloving of you.
03-10-2007Don't Give Up It's not too late!
03-12-2007Everything Is Covered ...the Word of God will inspire hope, peace, and direction in times of trouble.
03-15-2007How Do You Treat Others? (POWERFUL) When you put someone else before you, you are putting Me before you.
03-16-2007His Reassurance I am your Healer and I want you to be well.
03-17-2007Each Day Counts ...desire and pray to grow in the spiritual things that truly matter.
03-20-2007Never Too Small (POWERFUL)My Wisdom is from the Father who knows exactly what is best for you.
03-22-2007I Am Your Father (POWERFUL)I have done everything I could to make it possible for you to spend Eternity with Me.
03-23-2007CHEER UP The more you ask My help, the more you will see to be grateful for in your life.
03-24-2007You Can Know Me Even Better ...this will become very real to you at a new depth of awareness.
03-26-2007We Can Be As ONE (POWERFUL)When I become so important to you, when I become your FIRST LOVE...
04-02-2007Peace That Is Constant (POWERFUL) Do not be distracted by what you hear or see.
04-04-2007I Need You Please be a loving messenger for Me.
04-05-2007I'll Take Care Of ThatCOME, just rest in My arms while I make provision in your time of need.
04-06-2007Report For Duty ...look at each new day as a new playing field for winning souls for Me.
04-09-2007We MUST Learn To LOVE ...he who abides in LOVE abides in God, and God in him.
04-11-2007A Sacrificial Heart ...the kind of heart I have for you.
04-13-2007Tell Me What You Need I await your call for help so do not hesitate.
04-14-2007What Are You Thinking? Be careful of your thoughts!
04-17-2007Find Out What It Is Many will come to Me with sorrow for having led selfish lives.
04-18-2007Anything I Ask For?? Here John...states the fundamenal condition for assurance in prayer.
04-21-2007Beware Of Motive In all the world, I search for BELIEVERS who are trying to do the work of the Kingdom...
04-22-2007Is Someone Hurting?Let God use you to release the burdens they are carrying around.
04-23-2007Pathway Of MiraclesSeek God's Kingdom FIRST
04-24-2007What Dictates Your Behavior? Ask the Holy Spirit to sharpen your sense of awareness...
04-25-2007A New Start ...I promise to make you new and to give you a new enthusiasm for living.
04-26-2007Slave Or Servant? ...you are WILLING to work for Me.
04-27-2007TRUTH I am referring to your pure intentions, motives, promises, and words to others.
04-28-2007You Missed It Many times people ask My help and then go about trying to decide what to do...
05-01-2007No Place For Fear Your shield of FAITH, if worn daily, will give you the confidence, security, and strength...
05-02-2007Life Is Not Easy When you look at Me instead of the problem, then you will know tranquility even during trials.
05-04-2007Give Me a Heart Like Yours ...He was moved with compassion for them...
05-05-2007LOVE Is The Key Look at your life and how I have dealt with you...
05-09-2007How To Convert Others (POWERFUL)Each man has to decide who they believe in...
05-10-2007My Leadership = JOY The more you COME TO ME for help, the more you will experience My LOVE and POWER personally.
05-11-2007You Forgot Something Equip yourself properly and effectively against Satan's attempts...
05-12-2007Life Can Be Wonderful Always pray and ask My Will for you along each days pathway.
05-13-2007On Being A Servant Ask in prayer to be used to the maximum of your God given ability.
05-18-2007Peace MaintenanceYour measure of FAITH grows according to your knowledge and understanding of My Ways.
05-21-2007Dig Deeper ...those who already belong to the Kingdom, already have given their lives to Me.
05-22-2007Forgive Yourself And Others Be kind to everyone and overlook the faults of others--only seeing your own.
05-24-2007Barking Up The Wrong Tree? Let Me fill you up with Heavenly Grace that satisfies the soul, mind, and body.
05-25-2007Give Me Away (POWERFUL)Just existing, harboring the knowledge of Salvation is a sin of omission.
05-27-2007A Time And Place ...enjoy wholesome pleasures in the world and have fun in life.
06-02-2007Have You Been To Heaven? (WONDERFUL) See Me and all that I have prepared for you, all that awaits you.
06-04-2007Live Like This (POWERFUL) COME follow me for a life on earth that was made in Heaven.
06-05-2007Conduct For Service (POWERFUL) ...your greatest JOY, when you are working in unison with the Father's Will.
06-06-2007Help With Your Decisions (POWERFUL) Let the world around you know by your PEACE and CONFIDENCE that God is Lord of your life.
06-07-2007Thank You, Father LISTEN to your CREATOR, not your destroyer.
06-09-2007Those Empty Feelings (POWERFUL) ...learn how to find JOY in everyday humdrum daily life...
06-13-2007How To Enter In (POWER TO THE POINT) I have created havens for you to exist in.
06-14-2007Keep Your Heart Soft ...in all relationships, at home and out in the world.
06-15-2007This Is Not A Secret ...use the Holy Spirit's Power on the inside of you to light up the path ahead of you.
06-16-2007WHAT A GIFT! Believe Me, you will love the result...
06-19-2007What Is Satan's Goal? (POWERFUL)Ask the Holy Spirit to show you what is taking precedence in your life.
06-21-2007DON'T SKIP IT! (POWERFUL) All the weight of your world is not on you.
06-22-2007Where Is Your Primary Daily Focus? There is NO JOY in a restless, searching, discontented heart.
06-23-2007When You Remember ...it just makes Me want to Bless you more.
06-27-2007Don't Start Over! (POWERFUL)...look back at each and every time you needed Me.
06-28-2007Find Out For Sure (POWERFUL & IMPORTANT) Common sense from any level of intelligence dictates that.
06-29-2007Human Worth; Divine Destiny Let US make man in OUR IMAGE, according to OUR LIKENESS.
07-04-2007That Tender Voice Listen, and anxious thoughts and tired nerves will become rested.
07-05-2007Are You Making A Difference? ...sadly to say, they are far too few.
07-07-2007You Are My Ambassador I do not care why they choose to COME; I only care that they COME, because I love them already.
07-09-2007I Will Take Care Of You ...you only have to give Me your trust, give Me your life, and have genuine sorrow for your sins.
07-10-2007I'll Handle That For You (POWERFUL)I will be right there beside you with My Arms around you, loving you, holding you to see you through.
07-11-2007Just Live Today Put your FAITH in Me to work for you, especially in times of trouble.
07-12-2007I Am Your Security ...learn to let go to let Me guide you into My Plan for your life, the more secure you will feel.
07-17-2007What Makes Your Day? In life you have many choices.
07-18-2007Serve The Unlikely I am the true recipient of your unselfish act of kindness.
07-20-2007Waiting On The Lord Just follow your impressions from the Holy Spirit and trust Me all along the way.
07-21-2007Pray, Believe, Surrender My Will is perfect, so the best will take place...
07-25-2007I Will Do My PartI am counting on you, dear Ones.
07-28-2007Why Give Me Control? I am your SOURCE of fulfillment in every area of life...
07-31-2007Daddy God Growth in the life of the Spirit increases through a desire for childlike worship...
08-02-2007Build A Backlog Do not forget all those times I revealed Myself to you so clearly.
08-03-2007You Are Special (IMPORTANT) Come, give that specialness back to the Father.
08-04-2007 Be Honorable (POWERFUL)The consequences of unrighteous living always comes back on you...
08-06-2007Practice This Put your attention on others instead of your agenda.
08-08-2007 Your Will Or Mine?Which is it?
08-09-2007What's Going On? You are allowing too many distractions in while spending too little time with Me.
08-14-2007It's Really Very Simple ...your decisions will be clearer, your mind focussed, your time balanced, your wisdom enhanced, your character---top-notch.
08-16-2007Proceed With Confidence Through the Power of the Holy Spirit, you will again see the Father's Divine Plan at work.
08-20-2007Blowing In The Wind (POWERFUL) ...with your continued surrender to My Will, you cannot be tossed and blown at the whims of the world.
09-01-2007What Do You Need? ...infilling of spiritual nourishment each day...
09-02-2007Don't Hoard Love Give freely more and more and more, never drawing a line at disappointment.
09-10-2007The Plan Is Unity...I have placed a common denominator.
10-09-2007I Created YouSeek ways to serve others for My Names sake.
10-10-2007Consider Me First...if you want to change your heart,...
10-29-2007No Greater GiftContinue in My Word daily.
11-04-2007Are You Serving God?No Christian has the right to not serve the Lord.
12-04-2007Your First LoveWhat is your deep rooted desire?
01-16-2008Look Over My Shoulder...less mistakes, more progress, more success, and more blessings.
01-20-2008Expect Good ThingsYou have DIVINE CONNECTIONS!
03-11-2008There Is More...I will inspire different ways of getting My message out.
03-20-2008STAND UP!Who are you representing?
04-05-2008Start AnewI am never far from you.
04-07-2008Are You With Me?Everything good stems from these...
04-25-2008Are You Serious About This?Read about Him, talk to Him, call on Him...
04-30-2008On Twenty-four SevenBecause I love you...
05-05-2008I Can Keep A Promise...the embodiment of what is TRUTH.
07-02-2008You Shall Have AllJust prove your love for Me in daily life on earth...
07-09-2008LOVE OTHERS!The Holy Spirit will tranform you if you truly desire...
07-11-2008Leave Your Mark...you can make a difference
07-12-2008The Right Time...experience the full mission the Father has planned for you.
08-06-2008SMOOOOOTHBe constant in your prayer time to receive...
08-09-2008Next Right StepI MADE IT VERY CLEAR.
08-20-2008Thank You For HimBe calm, soft, happy and sensitive...
08-21-2008You Are Wonderful!Stay close to Me mentally and emotionally.
09-02-2008OVERLOAD!!...handle life's responsibilities with PEACE in your heart.
09-05-2008Thee Way To Live (EXTREMELY POWERFUL)You are free to rest and wait for God's PERFECT TIMING and WILL.
09-15-2008Practice This!You cannot go wrong with LOVE in your heart.
09-22-2008What's On Your Mind?Saying My name as you approach people will focus your mind on Me...
10-06-2008Bad HabitsI am your answer, obedience is your tool.
10-14-2008Listen And FollowDo not go out before you seek My Face.
10-23-2008I'll Let You KnowFollow the promptings in your heart...
10-24-2008Give Me Your LifeI am all My Children will ever need.
10-27-2008THE UNSAVEDPray for all men that their eyes will see.
10-28-2008It's All PLannedYou only need LISTEN and OBEY.
10-29-2008My TimingTo KNOW...keep Me FIRST.
10-30-2008Follow My LeadI will bless any and every effort...
11-16-2008What's Going On?Too many distractions...too little time with Me.
11-24-2008WARNINGThis is your choice, your decision, your consequence.
11-25-2008Change Is PossiblePractice obedience until the Holy Spirit changes your heart for others.
11-28-2008Your Father Too (ENDEARING)He will meet you wherever you are...
11-29-2008Close To The King (POWERFUL)He promises to deliver you from every trap of the devil.
12-02-2008YOUR JOB...take Me to the people you meet.
12-03-2008Your Mission In LifeJUST START AGAIN.
12-08-2008Our Precious Children...will spend Eternity with Us wrapped in love you cannot even imagine.
12-09-2008LOOK OUT! (POWERFUL)You never know who else is watching besides your Heavenly Father.
12-10-2008I UNDERSTANDGo in peace knowing I am with you.
12-11-2008Live As I Do...be an effective vessel to bring in the Harvest.
12-12-2008Live For MeDesire wholeheartedly to live as I lived--LOVINGLY.
12-16-2008Come As You AreLISTEN for His Voice all day long.
12-20-2008If You Want To KnowTrust Me with PRAISE all day long.
12-22-2008You Can Be SureBe at peace about this and your future.
12-24-2008LOVE EVERYONE! (POWERFUL)Be careful what you say, be careful what you do...
12-26-2008No One Else Will DoIt just remains undone for all Eternity.
12-29-2008Smooooth SailingDuring trials I will provide solace and direction.
12-30-2008So Full Of Love I have more to show you and more to grow you.
01-05-2009The Year of LoveBe thinking of others all the time...
01-07-2009You Can Rely On MeGo in peace and in LOVE.
01-09-2009Don't Skip ItI do not accept any excuse from you...
01-15-2009It's Up To YouYou will be transformed according to your obedience...
01-16-2009IF ONLYIf you truly seek, you will know how to proceed.
01-24-2009Most ImportantSeek a newborn closeness each day...
01-28-2009Prize In Letting GoYou KNOW I will always come through for you.
01-29-2009You Have Your Orders...but I have given you the Holy Spirit...
01-31-2009Follow My ExampleBring to life the Power of LOVE I have given you...
02-02-2009Keep Me In MindFind peace with others by letting them be.
02-03-2009Work On ThisConcentrate on LOVE right now!
02-06-2009Do It For MeI will accept nothing but your obedience...
02-10-2009Your AssignmentLove unconditionally in every situation in your life.
02-20-2009I'M WAITINGCome daily to the Throne of Wisdom and Worship Me...
02-26-2009Lordy Lordy!(I have a short fuse.)
03-03-2009Not On Your OwnYou only have to make ME your FOCUS...
03-04-2009All You Need To Know (POWERFUL)...ask the Holy Spirit to CALL you even stronger each day.
03-11-2009Follow ThroughYou are not doing anything except stepping out for Me.
03-12-2009On The PathJust use the stepping stones I place before you.
03-16-2009Leave It To MeDo not entertain guilt or any other condemning thoughts.
03-18-2009My Plan Is Perfect (ENDEARING)...a journey of growth that develops a nature just like Mine.
03-20-2009I'VE GOT THISDo not try to anticipate...
03-21-2009I'll Get You ThereI will bring you to the Fathers' fullness of character.
04-07-2009SERVE...let the Holy Spirit transform you into My likeness.
04-18-2009Not Alone You Can't...be with Me during the day seeking My wisdom, guidance, and teaching.
05-02-2009ACT NOWLet Me surprise you with My Power...
06-01-2009Thank You, Holy SpiritStay open and willing...
07-26-2009WARNINGAll that you busy yourself with is not important.
07-28-2009Stay ConnectedDesire great pleasure from making others happy.
07-31-2009Don't Sleep WalkThink of Me. Talk to Me. Listen to Me.
08-11-2009Daily Prayer TimeShow Me your sincerity by your actions.
08-12-2009Tell Me Again...learn to really care...
08-13-2009Follow Your Heart...serve others in your path unselfishly.
08-17-2009GIVE-GIVE-GIVEI am your SOURCE of everything...
08-21-2009So Many AdvantagesDo you choose to receive all My Power?
09-04-2009My Joy Is True JoyLet others feel this from you.
09-22-2009I'll Cause the ChangeErase all the mistakes from your mind.
10-14-2009Expect ChangeI am always with you ready to guide you in all situations.
10-14-2009Be With Me AloneYou will feel, personally feel, My loving touch upon your life...
11-03-2009As We SpeakFor He is always faithful to meet your needs...
11-09-2009It's Heart BreakingPray for those who have yet to give their heart to Me.
11-18-2009To ReiterateHis Love is overwhelming for those who live to share Me with others.
12-01-2009Spend Time RegularlyI am always with you.
12-21-2009Everyone Has OpportunitiesI love them even when they do not accept Me...
12-23-2009More And MoreNow go out and be a blessing to others.
01-22-2010COME TO FEASTMy Home is your home for all eternity.
01-26-2010PROCEEDYour Joy is My Joy.
01-27-2010A DeclarationMy suffering was solely for My Childrens benefit.
01-28-2010I AM HEALEDSatan has NO power one me!
01-30-2010Appointed Time To DieThe Father has a time set aside before you were born...
02-08-2010Remember This And Do ItBe expecting, anxious to serve, and joyful to be used...
02-16-2010Sometimes NecessaryWAKE UP!
02-17-2010DO YOU WANT TO?Do you love spending time with Me?
02-19-2010BE WITH MEI love you, so be with Me!
02-20-2010Heart, Soul, And MindDedicate the rest of your days on earth...
02-22-2010If Not For MeHell on earth!
02-26-2010Back To BasicsChildren, pray for the world to turn back...
03-03-2010How To Stay On TrackBe faithful in serving Me...
03-04-2010What's Your Desire?...above anything else in the world.
03-05-2010I'm Calling YouI love you...
03-09-2010I Love Them AnywayIt is such a shame and breaks My heart...
03-15-2010Seek My WillAll is well and will work out.
03-16-2010Instructions And ProphesyHeaven and earth can be moved by FAITH like this.
03-17-2010Priority ReignsMy Children can count on My Promises...
03-19-2010Miracles Follow ObedienceEnjoy My Blessings
03-21-2010Love Seals Us TogetherYou are a part of Me and I am a part of you.
03-26-2010Be Confident In MeI provide the resources needed...
03-30-2010Count On MeI will work things out...
04-04-2010Follow My ExampleI expect this of you!
04-05-2010Love And ServeThis is simple and straightforward otherness.
04-06-2010Ask And Let GoThat is why you could hear My Voice so clearly...
04-07-2010AWARENESSNever hold back!
04-08-2010Trouble, Pain, Fear?My Grace is sufficient if they keep their eyes on Me.
04-10-2010Actions And Expressions (POWERFUL)Without speaking a word...
04-14-2010Don't Hoard FaithYour faith should be cherished and exercised constantly...
04-15-2010See Those HurtingRemember to keep your loving caring eyes open...
04-16-2010Why Get To Know Him? (VERY POWERFUL)Why spend time with Him?
04-19-2010Live Inspiringly...the Holy Spirit will let you know what to do and say every time.
04-20-2010Lay Them AsideYour mercy will be rewarded with mercy.
04-21-2010You Spoil MeAll that you need to know...
04-26-2010Live To PleaseBE SELFLESS!
04-27-2010Your Life Assignment (POWERFUL)You and I will discuss how you did when I call you Home.
04-28-2010You Need MeYou must stay in contact with Me, call on Me, rely on Me.
04-30-2010HERE IT IS (POWERFUL)No excuses are valid.
05-01-2010BE HAPPYI want you to enjoy life too.
05-18-2010Your In My HandsI am directing every step of this...
05-19-2010Come To Me FirstPray before you do anything...
05-21-2010MY ANGELS AT WORK...find people you can help in someway.
05-28-2010Through The Father's EyesYou are clean and holy in His sight.
05-29-2010TRUST MEBe still and KNOW that I am your God, Savior, and Friend.
06-01-2010I PROMISE YOU...all of life will flourish like the Garden of Eden.
06-11-2010Prayer Time...for My Peace and Assurance.
06-16-2010Expect An AnswerDetermine to follow Me and serve Me above all else.
06-18-2010I Am Your StrengthI am everything you need when you need it.
06-24-2010Obey, Dear ChildPlease listen to Me!
06-26-2010I'll Always Be ThereCome to Me so I can let you feel My Love...
06-29-2010Just Ask MeDo not be apprehensive.
06-30-2010I Allowed This...you can ALWAYS count on ME.
07-01-2010I Am Your FatherJust come to Me, ask Me what to do.
07-12-2010I Keep My PromisesI have brought you through the flood...
07-14-2010Keep Holding OnYou have shown Me trust and patience...
07-16-2010Keep Your Eyes On MeMy Children can live in the assurance of peace no matter what...
07-17-2010Prove Your TrustMy Children are My heirs!
07-22-2010MOST IMPORTANTBe loving no matter what!
07-24-2010Dividing AttentionTry to give your whole self to Me...
07-27-2010FOLLOW MEJust keep Me FIRST and serve others...
08-02-2010Divine AssignmentYOU CANNOT LET UP!
08-04-2010Consistant MissionJust be available to those in front of you for My sake.
08-05-2010No Need To WonderI will let you know.
08-14-2010Patience And ToleranceMeet them where they are, not where you expect them to be.
08-17-2010Proof In ActionBe determined to make people feel good about themselves.
08-18-2010Want More Joy?LOVE everyone you meet in My Name.
08-20-2010SAY-LOOK-LISTENIt is not possible for you to do it out of shear willpower...
08-26-2010LOVELove others above yourself.
08-30-2010KNOW And EXPECT (POWERFUL)...they daily cultivated a relationship with Me.
09-01-2010Do Not WaverDo Not Be Concerned.
09-02-2010Glorious ChangeOnce you get into the habit...
09-04-2010Mental Deposits (IMPORTANT)...as much as will sustain you in times of hardships.
09-09-2010The Majority (POWERFUL)Please be conscious of how much your mercy is needed...
09-10-2010Big Misconception (POWERFUL)...supposed to handle the small things themselves...
09-11-2010Live Thinking of OthersPlease be an angel of love...
09-24-2010Avoid MistakesSAY Jesus, LOOK into their eyes, LISTEN to the Holy Spirit.
09-28-2010Practice---ProgressRepeat to yourself all day long...
09-29-2010We'll All Be TogetherShare all that you know about Me whenever possible.
10-01-2010Each Must Choose (POWERFUL)Lukewarm...WILL NOT DO!
10-04-2010Follow My ExampleI am asking of you only what I have already done for you.
10-06-2010FOCUS OUTWARDBe interested, focussed, aware, and perceptive...
10-07-2010Continue My WorkJust be on your guard all the time...
10-08-2010SHOW ITLet people see how loved you are.
10-18-2010YOUR MISSIONHonor your Father in Heaven with your OBEDIENCE.
10-21-2010Think, Then SpeakConcentrate on loving and kind actions and words.
10-25-2010SELF LASTInconvenience yourself for another...
10-28-2010Shine For MeBe a light to the world on My behalf.
10-29-2010In A NutshellDo not let go of it ever!
11-03-2010Ideas Executed...move out of your comfort zone to where I lead you.
11-10-2010Kingdom Keys (POWERFUL)Use these keys to share Me with others.
11-12-2010GIVE (IMPORTANT)Be open to Me and others...
12-16-2010My CommissionYour job now is to be a blessing to everyone.
12-18-2010LOVE-ACTION-WORDS...the Holy Spirit guides you.
12-24-2010THANKS AND PRAISEThe heart is where the true person lies and reveals themselves.
12-29-2010Have A Problem? (POWERFUL)I am your Savior--literally!
12-31-2010My Children Are SpecialI promised I would deliver you...
01-03-2011Not On Your OwnLet Me show you...
01-11-2011Blessings And PromisesThey will always be there when you live for Me FIRST...
01-12-2011Help Me Open The Door (POWERFUL)Never underestimate what you can do in a persons life...
01-13-2011Words And ActionsDo NOT be a hypocrite!
01-14-2011My Child--My Servant...the Holy Spirit shines His Light where you are needed.
01-21-2011Nature RebellsGive yourself away more.
01-22-2011He Will Call You...step out next time a thought comes to mind where you could be a blessing.
01-25-2011JUST TODAYTomorrow is another entity only to deal with in the present--tomorrow.
01-26-2011My Secret Place (POWERFUL)Please do not stop coming to be with Me so I can fill you...
02-01-2011As Long As You CareI am working with you...
02-02-2011Honor One AnotherLive your life according to the principals I have laid out in My Word.
02-05-2011Ignoring The Holy Spirit (POWERFUL)Make a resolution to follow His Voice in your heart...
02-09-2011I Am Calling You (POWERFUL)...NO ONE CAN AVOID ME FOREVER.
02-11-2011My Partner In ServiceI am always with you while standing in for Me.
02-15-2011Pay Attention Never assume it is NOTHING.
02-18-2011Willing And DedicatedThe way you treat people directly reflects on Me!
02-19-2011Are You Listening?I cannot make it any simpler.
02-21-2011I Am Always HereI will guide you, protect you, and let you feel My Love.
02-26-2011Simpley PutJust step out and do it!
03-03-2011EACH TIME (POWERFUL)This is laying your life down again before Me.
03-12-2011Undivided Attention...most important time spent on this earth.
03-22-2011On The WayBe a blessing to everyone you meet.
03-23-2011My CompanionshipI will help you help them.
03-28-2011The Written WordAll that is needed is in there.
04-01-2011It's From Me...My strength, My peace, My guidance, My favor.
04-05-2011Am I Enough?I will provide much greater rewards for you faithfulness...
04-07-2011The Best To GiveI hold the key...
04-08-2011Keep This In MindThis is your lesson to learn.
04-10-2011The Here And NowLeave the planning to Me.
04-11-2011My Pleasure I love to make you happy.
04-14-2011Serve When AskedAlways be ready to be a blessing to someone.
04-16-2011My Definition...loving others goes as deep as one will allow it to go.
04-18-2011GLORY TO THE KINGBe fulfilled in life knowing what I am to you...
04-19-2011No Need To Go It AloneI have one goal for My Children...
04-20-2011CONFUSED? (POWERFUL)Let Me clear that up for you.
04-21-2011Give Of Yourself...one incident at a time.
04-23-2011I'm Going Along...give it away.
05-05-2011Beyond Human Nature (POWERFUL)I overlook a lot of things you do short of My Will.
05-06-2011Love And ServeLet go of self desires.
05-10-2011Your Father In Heaven...the essence of LOVE.
05-19-2011Your Time Is My TimeI will expand time...
05-21-2011There's Only One Way (POWERFUL)...a road trip without checking to see if you had any gasoline.
05-25-2011Closer And EquipedJust keep coming...
05-26-2011 Who's In Charge? (POWERFUL) ...repent and move on.
05-31-2011What Are Your Desires?...as long as you keep Me FIRST in your heart and life.
06-01-2011FACILITATORI will help you.
06-03-2011Relax, I Am Here!Follow My advice...
06-04-2011You Have The PowerLet the Holy Spirit guide you to realize change...
06-08-2011Be A Good "Rep" (POWERFUL)Your life is an advertisement for Salvation.
06-21-2011Is It Worth It?You just sit back and relax knowing the outcome...
06-22-2011Spread My PeaceAsk yourself and the Holy Spirit if this is really important...
06-23-2011You Are LearningIt takes time to become like the teacher...
06-30-2011I Will Get You There...the fullness of the Father's expectations.
07-01-2011REWARDS NOWDo not miss an opportunity...
07-05-2011I Can Change ThatSome people have a nature than leans toward evil.
07-06-2011To Each His OwnDo not feel bad...
07-13-2011The Big Picture...make use of every opportunity to assist or influence others.
07-14-2011Let Me ExplainLay bare your heart and soul...
07-15-2011An Important ListWays to endear yourself to your Father in Heaven.
07-21-2011Will You Help Me?Stop being in a hurry...
07-28-2011Change Will ComeResolve to work on it daily.
08-01-2011Here's How To Do ItLOVE carries such a powerful message...
08-02-2011Hear And BelieveI love when My Children COME TO ME in prayer and worship...
08-03-2011Everyone is IncludedNo one is worthy...
08-04-2011Let My Joy ShineWhat is in your heart is what others see...
08-06-2011Everyone Is WelcomeI would provide all their needs, protect, guide, and love them.
08-09-2011Know Who's In ChargeLive fearless in the face of anything that Satan tries to bring against you.
08-10-2011Death Sentence--FINAL (POWERFUL)Each decision either brings you closer to Me or further away from Me.
08-11-2011LOVE (IMPORTANT)Whenever you can show LOVE, you are LOVING ME.
08-12-2011Stand In For MeYou will see My POWER and feel My LOVE.
08-13-2011Running On EmptyOh, if only they knew how I want to fill their void!
08-15-2011Will You Come?He wants to bless them all, but they must COME.
08-16-2011Work For Me (POWERFUL)Ask the Holy Spirit to touch their lives so they too can accept My Love.
08-17-2011Rejoice In RemorseBe thankful when you feel chastened.
08-18-2011Together In The Kingdom...desire to know, love, and serve Me above all other.
08-19-2011I Love You SoLISTEN to Him and ACT in My stead.
08-20-2011This Is A PromiseThis Is TRUE...
08-23-2011This Is Real Today...a blessed fulfilled joyful life even in times of trouble.
08-24-2011I Saw ThatI am a part of every segment of your lives.
08-27-2011The Point Is (POWERFUL)...you have the power to rid yourself and others of Satan's hold.
08-30-2011You Can Have It AllBe Mine FIRST and ALL shall be added to you because I love you.
09-02-2011The Truth About Me...not just flowery words, but Heavenly Promises.
09-05-2011The Greatest GiftGive some TIME when all your attention is on them...
09-07-2011Give Me AwayBe full of Me when you go out...
09-15-2011Don't Miss Out (POWERFUL)...there is nothing to compare with what you will lose...
09-16-2011I LOVE YOU...this love is to be passed on to everyone in your path.
09-22-2011Let Me Prove It...take Me up on My Word and expect Me to come through.
09-23-2011Your Time, My TimeYour needs are met according to your Father's design.
09-24-2011Your Main SqueezeYour life will be all I have promised.
09-26-2011Desire Is Important...the Holy Spirit is your ticket to obedience.
09-28-2011Want A Better Life?My rewards are not just for the Heavenly Life...
09-29-2011THE LIGHT (POWERFUL)...the journey results in rewards all along the way.
10-01-2011What A Gift!You begin to want those things you experience while reading Scripture...
10-08-2011Depend On the Holy SpiritYou are not left to your own strength when you call on Him.
10-10-2011My Heart Is BreakingThey do not take time for Me, even those who do know Me.
10-12-2011Your Role In Life...compassion and a yearning to comfort and satisfy their need.
10-15-2011Be A Reflection Of MeLet My Light reflect off you to others.
10-19-2011You'll KnowAlways come to Me and trust Me for the answer.
10-20-2011Access His Power (POWERFUL)...you must develop your faith and intimacy with Me...
10-21-2011I Love Your PraisesLive Joyful and Love generously...
10-24-2011Relationship Growth (POWERFUL)Talk to Me, praise Me, ask My help and guidance.
10-27-2011Be There For Others (IMPORTANT)Only through your life will MY LIFE show through.
10-28-2011Certain Success (POWERFUL)Follow these instructions.
10-29-2011Stay On Course (POWERFUL)Just be thoughtful and diligent obeying the Holy Spirit as HE CALLS you...
11-05-2011OUTSIDERS (POWERFUL)I had to have an unselfish heart.
11-11-2011DAY-PLANNERLive a Divine Life on earth.
11-14-2011How-To-Book...but it is your final decision.
11-16-2011The Highest Good (POWERFUL)Make this your hourly goal each day.
11-17-2011Be A CarrierWhat a difference goodness makes!
11-18-2011Just Follow My Plan (POWERFUL)Continue on this journey to the Father's vision of you.
11-25-2011HONOR ME (POWERFUL)Become My touch of love on each person...
11-28-2011Your SurroundedGive it back whenever possible.
12-05-2011Don't Go It AloneThe Holy Spirit has the POWER.
12-16-2011Suffering Is InevitableI am always with you to soften the suffering though.
12-21-2011Service Equals JoyReach out to everyone in your path.
12-22-2011JESUS, JESUS, JESUS! (POWERFUL)He is at your beck and call.
12-24-2011Movie In Real Time (POWERFUL)...inspire others to live this way.
01-03-2012My Favor All DayYou are loved and cared for constantly.
01-05-2012Don't Look At ProblemsLet go of life's worries, look to Me.
01-09-2012You Know Who I Am (POWERFUL)Live in My world even here on earth.
01-13-2012I Picked You (POWERFUL)Your commission is to share what you KNOW...
01-14-2012Wise ChoicesBe ever aware of your purpose...
01-16-2012Expect It All! (POWERFUL)You are totally free to choose your destiny...
01-18-2012Be There For Me...they will see the loving presence of peace in your heart.
01-23-2012Don't Hide (POWERFUL)Do not let anything hinder this message...
01-26-2012Do Not Drop The Ball...be a blessing where you are needed.
01-27-2012NEED HELP?Receive My Grace...
02-03-2012Ask And Listen Never stray far from Me.
02-06-2012My Gift Awaits...truly accept and take into your heart, mind, and soul all My Word tells you.
02-09-2012My Guidance Is PerfectThank You for being so close to our needs.
02-11-2012Know What Is ImportantPray always for each other and those in need.
02-16-2012How To Honor MeBe true to Me, to yourself, and to others.
02-18-2012Never Ending Mercy (IMPORTANT)...react with Love or raw human nature.
02-21-2012ONLY ASKI will tell you on the spot.
02-24-2012My TreasureMy Children who love Me and live to prove it...
03-03-2012WHICH WAY? (POWERFUL)I will provide a way where there appears to be none.
03-04-2012The Holy SpiritHe will always guide you to do and say the right thing.
03-09-2012SERVE ME (POWERFUL)Your obedience will never be forgotten.
03-10-2012You Got What It Takes (POWERFUL)...nothing has power over you, especially Satan!
03-15-2012Not Just Talk (POWERFUL)My Angels will assist you...
03-16-2012THE LIGHT (WONDERFUL)...they KNOW exactly what to expect from Me.
03-19-2012It Is Very Simple (POWERFUL)LET GO!!
03-27-2012Do It This WayGo in My Grace and the Holy Spirit's Power.
04-01-2012Always OutwardBe kind, thoughtful and selfless.
04-04-2012Nothing Too GoodI am your provider and I love you.
04-05-2012Are You Truly Committed? (POWERFUL)When times are difficult, you will be ready...
04-06-2012He Alerts You (GREAT EXAMPLE)Be to him what I am to you.
04-09-2012Don't Waste A DayMay your life express all I have taught you...
04-11-2012There Are Requirements...under the protection and favor of My Love.
04-13-2012Works Led By MeOnly in My Name, Jesus, will this be fruitful...
04-19-2012The Grandest Gift...cherished beyond any other gift you will ever receive.
04-24-2012DO NOT HOARD ME!Be My arm of warmth and love to everyone you meet.
04-25-2012Your Treated Special (POWERFUL)You have preference because of your status with Me.
04-26-2012FORGIVE YOURSELF (POWERFUL)I will NEVER give up on you!
04-29-2012WHERE IS JOY? (POWERFUL)This is how to live JOYFUL on earth awaiting My return.
05-02-2012Remain PliableDo not wave about in and out of discipline.
05-03-2012WATCH OUT!Never slip into the grasping arms of the world.
05-04-2012READ THIS---IMPORTANTI will see you through hard times and take the sting out of them...
05-08-2012My Invitation (POWERFUL)I can give you life for all Eternity with Me in Heaven.
05-09-2012Help Those BlindedLook to really see the needs of those around you.
05-11-2012In The Beginning (POWERFUL)It is good for us, you and I...
05-17-2012Giving In To The World? (POWERFUL)...your response is very important.
05-21-2012Cannot Ignore It (POWERFUL)What they do with My Word determines their destiny.
05-22-2012I Am LOVE (POWERFUL)Live in a realm of LOVE.
05-23-2012Live For OthersCarry on in My place...
05-24-2012Your Way Or Mine? (POWERFUL)Stay close to Me so you can always know My Path...
05-25-2012Let Them See Me (POWERFUL)Let My Light that burns in you be a bright encouragement to others.
05-26-2012Love CrystalsYou will never fully realize what happens...
05-30-2012In A Nutshell (POWERFUL)YOU WILL KNOW...
06-01-2012Enforcer Needed (POWERFUL)...we can touch the untouchable.
06-02-2012This Is Your Job (POWERFUL)Oh, what a day that will be!
06-03-2012The Kingdom Life On Earth (POWERFUL)You must SURRENDER, you must TRUST and PRAISE Me.
06-07-2012EVEN MOREThe more you are with Me in life, the more of Me you will have in death.
06-08-2012Lend Me Your Ear...if you are preoccupied, they will miss what I intended for them.
06-09-2012You Need Me (POWERFUL)Satan is fighting for your soul everyday!
06-14-2012Do You Stand Firm? (IMPORTANT)He does have requirements of those who claim His Salvation.
06-15-2012Working For YouYou can always count on My intervention...
06-16-2012What Should I Do?Just relax and come to Me as soon as possible...
06-20-2012LISTEN...the more you seek My Wisdom, the more confident you will be...
06-21-2012It's Who You Know...build faith on top of faith until nothing can shake you...
06-22-2012You Are SurroundedI will always have your BEST...
06-25-2012Tell What You KnowDear Children, do NOT keep this pearl for yourself alone.
06-26-2012Choose Your Future (POWERFUL)Unfortunately, the wrong choice is wretchedness for all Eternity.
06-29-2012Always Before YourselfI will bless this loving attitude greatly.
06-30-2012If You Want MY BESTSURRENDER ALL!!
07-02-2012How To Wait (POWERFUL)His PEACE sees us through until we see His MIRACLE POWER...
07-05-2012LIVE IN PRAISEI will take care of your lives.
07-10-2012Me First PleaseI am your Lord, be My obedient Child.
07-11-2012FOCUS ON MELive in a continual state of PRAISE.
07-12-2012It Will Be ClearYou will always know what to do.
07-14-2012Gift Of Faith...develop this gift by prayer and trust...
07-16-2012Gift Of Love (POWERFUL)I am only asking you to do what I do for you.
07-18-2012Show Love With TimeThat is all he wants.
07-20-2012TRUE LOVE (POWERFUL)...transparent, void of agenda, selfless with pure motive.
07-26-2012Live To LoveLove with kindness and patience.
07-27-2012SPECIAL CHILDRENI cherish, protect, care for, and love all of you.
07-30-2012A Perfect Plan (POWERFUL)Stay close to always be in the inner circle of His Wisdom...
08-01-2012Holy Spirit Power (VERY POWERFUL)...OWN and KNOW how to use the Armor of God.
08-02-2012Here's How To Do It (VERY POWERFUL)Take charge of knowing who you are.
08-05-2012It Works Like This (IMPORTANT)This TRUTH is living the Kingdom Life on earth.
08-06-2012Give Me TimeI am with you, in you, and blessing you.
08-08-2012Make The Effort (POWERFUL)My Power comes from My Word and the strong faith it ignites...
08-09-2012I Am Talking To You (POWERFUL)I will never tell you anything that contradicts Scripture.
08-17-2012Be Specific (POWERFUL)...you could ALWAYS KNOW what to do, how, and when.
08-18-2012TRUST MEI AM WHO AM and ever shall be!
08-23-2012Don't Miss ItBe alert and in praise all the time.
08-25-2012Use My Power...his power is only as strong as you give him credence.
08-27-2012ACCOUNTABLELet Me guide you to carry out the Father's Will.
08-30-2012It's Really Up To YouMy Power is awaiting your complete FAITH and TRUST in Me.
08-31-2012Joy And BlessingsBe a candle in the dark...
09-01-2012STAND FOR ME (POWERFUL)...by your actions and words, your choices and convictions.
09-03-2012Those Down DaysPut on the armor I have given you.
09-05-2012BE PREPARED (POWERFUL)All I say now and in My Word is TRUE...
09-06-2012In My CareObey Me to gain all that I have for you.
09-07-2012Look--Listen--ActBe there for Me.
09-11-2012Turn It OverAll of Heaven is rejoicing because they know...
09-14-2012The Heart TalksYour heart reveals your TRUTH.
09-15-2012My Holy Book (POWERFUL)...will lead you the way the Father knows is for your best.
09-18-2012Good RelationshipsYou are allowed to and you should have standards.
09-21-2012Take This Test (POWERFUL)You will WANT what I WANT.
09-22-2012It's All AvailableThose of you who truly seek MY Face and truly desire My Will.
09-24-2012Give It Away (POWERFUL)You never know how desperate a person might be on the inside...
09-27-2012You Must Let Go (POWERFUL)This is an important lesson to learn...
10-03-2012A Surprise In StoreOh how we anticipate the arrival of each of My saints.
10-04-2012Always Your Choice (POWERFUL)Continue in this way until we meet face to face.
10-05-2012Foolproof Character (POWERFUL)Do your actions and words backup one another?
10-06-2012The Armor of My Word (POWERFUL)Satan has total freedom to dominate your world...
10-08-2012Someone Needs You (POWERFUL)...give them hope and joy and love from Me.
10-11-2012All Eyes On Me (POWERFUL)Keep Me FIRST in your mind, then you will remember.
10-13-2012How To Decide (IMPORTANT)Stay on My side no matter what!
10-16-2012A Vessel For Service (POWERFUL)The Holy Spirit ignites the power within you to bring about change in the lives you touch.
10-17-2012I NEED YOU!Step out and follow through with what keeps coming into your mind.
10-19-2012I Can Make A DifferenceThe Holy Spirits' help is available to ALL who ASK.
10-25-2012Man of HonorI am your God and you are my Children.
10-27-2012MY GOALLove Me, Love others, and Serve whenever needed.
10-29-2012Let Me HelpI will direct you and lighten your load because I love you.
10-30-2012FINAL CHOICEIf you let Me, I will gracefully influence you...
11-01-2012Follow The Receipe...you shall continue to grow closer to Me and more like Me.
11-02-2012Do This For MeFORGET YOURSELF
11-03-2012Heed My Call (POWERFUL)The Holy Spirit will bring it up in your consciousness.
11-05-2012"What Drives Your Heart? (POWERFUL)His DESIRES are what drive him.
11-10-2012Want Security? (POWERFUL)Sit here at My feet so I can lift you up...
11-14-2012You Will Be Amazed (POWERFUL)Call Me, let Me prove how close to your life I truly am...
11-15-2012Watch Where You StepAshes are the remains of DISOBEDIENCE and SIN...
11-17-2012There Is A Way...through Your Divine Grace.
11-21-2012Steady Peace (POWERFUL)Never let the world dictate your peace.
11-29-2012Only One Way MY WAY!
12-13-2012Live And Breathe MeI can influence you to think and act Godly.
12-15-2012Please Let Me...inspire you and love you personally.
12-17-2012Thank You, Thank YouYou continue and I will continue.
12-21-2012If Not Now, When? (POWERFUL)A Poem from the Lord
12-22-2012Just Call MeI will inspire you.
12-24-2012Death Of A Loved OneBirths ultimate goal is life with Me in Heaven.
12-26-2012On Death To LifeDeath is the culmination of a plan laid out from the beginning.
12-27-2012Abraham's Example (POWERFUL)Surrender, Trust, and Praise
12-28-2012MY WORD (POWERFUL)It was written for YOU.
12-29-2012OUR EXAMPLE (POWERFUL)Live, breathe, think, talk, act according to the LAW of LOVE.
12-31-2012Year Of Change (IMPORTANT)...stand with Me or take the easy way out.
01-01-2013How Do You Know?I am thinking of you EVERY SECOND of the day.
01-04-2013Let Me Honor You (POWERFUL)Never underestimate My CLOSENESS TO YOU...
01-07-2013The Heart (POWERFUL)Everything He wants to know about you is revealed in your heart.
01-09-2013Beyond Imagination (WOW!)...unbelievable splender for all Eternity.
01-12-2013It's A Good Thing (WONDERFUL)...the more pain you feel when you slip up, the closer you are to Me.
01-15-2013Heaven On Earth?...people love more than care about being loved.
01-18-2013Let Me LeadLet Me show them the way of peace and prosperity.
01-24-2013The Smallest Seed (POWERFUL)Never underestimate the power of even one loving action.
01-26-2013Every Waking Hour (POWERFUL)Let Me use you this way daily.
01-29-2013Look Back--Go ForwardTake to heart My Word!
02-01-2013Let Me Explain (VERY POWERFUL)SEE THE RESULTS...
02-04-2013Take My Road--The High RoadCome, lay your life in My Hands.
02-08-2013THINK GOODPlease show your fellowman the same courtesy.
02-09-2013Be In Love With PeopleThe Holy Spirit can demonstrate His Power most effectively.
02-12-2013Find New WaysMy messages are for everyone.
02-16-2013Give A GiftBe KIND and MERCIFUL!
02-22-2013It Starts Here (POWERFUL)I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.
02-23-2013I AM ALWAYS READYThis is My Gift to you because I love you.
02-28-2013What Does It Mean? (POWERFUL)...the true meaning of life.
03-01-2013Each Is SpecialGive everyone you meet an opportunity to meet Me.
03-02-2013This Is The DayI can open the gates of My storehouse in Heaven...
03-04-2013Be Single MindedLeave a little of Me in the spirit of everyone you meet.
03-07-2013THERE'S MORECOME, STAY with Me awhile longer.
03-12-2013Heavy LoadPRAISE is the key to Joy on this earth.
03-13-2013What's It Like There?Live for the day when you can come home to Me.
03-14-2013You Can Do ItI am in everything you do.
03-15-2013Just You And Me (POWERFUL)Your obedience has made this gift possible.
03-16-2013I Have PromisedI can be TRUSTED!
03-21-2013Heaven's InstrumentReally care about everyone.
03-22-2013STOP SUFFERING (VERY POWERFUL)The bigger the problem you give over to Me, the bigger the Miracle.
03-23-2013Take My OfferThe Father wants to fill every void...
03-27-2013Servant To BlessingI will always let you know...
03-28-2013SHOW MERCYNo one wants to give each other the benefit of the doubt.
04-02-2013COME TO RECEIVE (VERY IMPORTANT)You must come to Him of your own freewill.
04-03-2013Just Keep Failing?Your desire to obey is not enough of a priority.
04-10-2013Surgery TodayYou are so wonderful!
04-13-2013Perfect designWe will be one in mind and heart.
04-15-2013The Holy Spirit (VERY IMPORTANT)...to make your journey on this earth easier.
04-20-2013Take Me At My Word (IMPORTANT)Do NOT sway to and fro.
04-23-2013REALLY LOOK (IMPORTANT)Be aware of those people in front of you.
04-27-2013This Is A PromiseI will give you peace and take care of you.
04-29-2013Just Follow MeThe Holy Spirit will lead you.
05-05-2013NEVER STOPBe a true advocate for the Father.
05-07-2013Listen And DecideThere are many ways to live your life and then there is My Way.
05-09-2013I KNOW YOU I look at your heart to see where you are coming from.
05-13-2013You Have Been Told (POWERFUL)...these determine whether you are under My umbrella of Grace and protection.
05-17-2013How To Have JoyServing others is going to produce My gift to you...
05-18-2013Did You Hear That?You can trust My Voice when you lay down your Will at My feet.
05-22-2013TRUE HAPPINESS (POWERFUL)He fulfilled Me, He led Me...
05-23-2013Let It ShowLet others get to know and feel My presence through you.
05-29-2013IF ONLYCome talk to Me and expect Me to answer.
06-08-2013Do You Want Joy? (IMPORTANT)Get back to what you know I want you to do.
06-13-2013Permanent Peace (POWERFUL)Have Me FIRST and FOREMOST in your heart and mind ALL the time.
06-19-2013How To Get Answers (POWERFUL)You must spend time in My Word and Worship...
06-22-2013Do You Need Healing? (POWERFUL)You are already whole and completely healed.
06-25-2013True Conviction (POWERFUL)Follow Me faithfully even if you are standing alone.
06-28-2013My Will Equals Peace (POWERFUL)I know what is best for you now and in the future.
06-29-2013Step One Begets Step TwoI am watching and blessing...
07-02-2013Hold That ThoughtI am proud of you every time you defer to others.
07-05-2013What a relief! (POWERFUL)When you come to Me, I cannot resist.
07-09-2013Let Everyone KnowMy Grace is pouring over you as you make My Love known.
07-10-2013The Holy Spirit...you must be attentive to His Voice.
07-19-2013Life Can Be Wonderful (IMPORTANT)Keep In Touch!
07-20-2013Come, Dear Children (POWERFUL)You have NOTHING to lose and EVERYTHING to gain.
07-22-2013Just Trust Me...the Father always rewards your trust in Me.
07-23-2013My Word Is EssentialYour life will take on new meaning, new beauty.
07-24-2013State Of The WorldPray for a change of mindset.
07-26-2013What Is A Miracle---Really? (POWERFUL)Do you really want to know?
07-30-2013FIND OUT (VERY IMPORTANT & POWERFUL)Do you not want this?
07-31-2013Please Pray For This (IMPORTANT)There is one thing I would like you to pray for.
08-01-2013Be There For Me (POWERFUL)Be My disciple in everyday life...
08-06-2013Know What I Say (VERY IMPORTANT)The more you seek, the more you will find.
08-07-2013Cool ItAsk me to lighten your heart...
08-09-2013According To You...as your FAITH in Me allows.
08-14-2013Pray For AmericaYour work for Me is not finished.
08-16-2013Lighten Up GirlGo in Peace and make time for fun.
08-21-2013Things Are A Changen...in time their eyes will be opened to see what they must face.
08-23-2013Was It A Mistake?It is then that I was reminded of the motive of My creation.
08-24-2013Happy Where You Are?I will take good care of you.
08-28-2013Normal EverydayBe ready all the time.
08-30-2013It's All Here For YouAll you want to know about Me and our relationship is in My Word.
09-03-2013Prayer Of Thanks(I have felt Your closeness, Your mercy, and Your love all my life.)
09-06-2013Necessary Trials (POWERFUL)My best for you is always awaiting your trust.
09-12-2013How Can I Tell? (IMPORTANT)This release of your Will allows My Will to be clear to you.
09-14-2013They're Out ThereI will let you know exactly what to do...
09-17-2013Priorities Govern YouYou must pick those that are most important...
09-20-2013Our Relationship With YouHow accessible are you at a seconds notice?
09-21-2013There Is Another DayLife is so much easier lived this way.
09-26-2013SALVATION (LIFE CHANGING)The only condition is that you fully believe the TRUTH.
10-02-2013Give Of YourselfI will continue to fill your cup, My Child.
10-08-2013Special TreatmentYou need not feel the full brunt of hard times.
10-12-2013Your Kingdom Chore (IMPORTANT)Seek My Love, My Leadership, My Plan...
10-21-2013You Have A Lot To Lose (POWERFUL)STOP EVERYTHING and LISTEN!
10-22-2013KNOW AND EXPECT (POWERFUL)How can you expect anything less from Me?
10-23-2013Can You Hear Me? (POWERFUL)Four things are necessary for this clarity.
10-25-2013A Conscious EffortBring My Spirit to each of them...
10-26-2013Take Me Literally (POWERFUL)You may and should ASK and EXPECT Me to answer.
10-28-2013All In My HandsI HAVE IT COVERED!
10-29-2013This Is Your Job (IMPORTANT)The Holy Spirit will lead you to be able to do this.
10-30-2013Let Me Help You (Very Powerful)I long for you, but it is your decision.
11-02-2013DO NOT WORRY (POWERFUL)Your faith SHOULD become STRONGER in the hard times.
11-08-2013Come To The FountainWitness how fast your strength is renewed.
11-13-2013Do Not WaverThe Holy Spirit provides the power within...
11-15-2013Just ImagineAlways TRUST and SEEK My Will...
11-16-2013You Can HelpLet Me use you, dear Children.
11-26-2013You Can Count On ItYou can KNOW by this profound PEACE...
12-02-2013WHY WORRY?You KNOW you can TRUST My Promises!
12-03-2013The Easy Or Hard Way (VERY POWERFUL)...this is a lesson everyone of My Children have to learn.
12-10-2013My CreationPlease seek to know Me!
12-11-2013ONE JUDGE (VERY IMPORTANT)This is what I am looking at.
12-19-2013Working TogetherMy Children must...but I promise results...
12-20-2013Building Blocks ...look back and remember how I took care of you.
12-23-2013A Dear FriendMy Children KNOW they can depend on Me.
12-26-2013How Lovely Thou ArtI can truly rejoice over My Children.
12-27-2013A Place For YouI want My Children to exist joyfully, peacefully, and confidently...
12-30-2013Precise DirectionTreat others exactly the way you would treat Me.
12-31-2013You Can't Go WrongYou must do your part
01-03-2014Too Simple For Some (POWERFUL)Here then, is a wonderful life in a nutshell.
01-04-2014You Will See Change...when you choose to listen and act in obedience.
01-05-2014One Way TicketLIVE TO LOVE ALL MANKIND.
01-08-2014Be Ready To ExplainThe Holy Spirit is always setting up opportunities...
01-09-2014Open Your HeartYou are My instrument of compassion...
01-12-2014My Sovereign Power (VERY POWERFUL)The harder you fight things, the harder it will be for you...
01-17-2014YOU KNOW ME (POWERFUL)There is no reason to be anxious about anything.
01-18-2014It's Up To YouYour cooperation is required because you have a freewill.
01-21-2014Don't Miss This (VERY POWERFUL)Being apart of My Family does not require perfection...
01-22-2014REMEMBER...frequently bring to mind all I am to you.
01-23-2014Want A New Life? (VERY POWERFUL)He could unfold the Blessings stored up for you from the beginning.
01-28-2014Be A Lifeline (POWERFUL)They long for a stable truth that is lasting and unrelenting.
01-29-2014My LegacyI left you a great deal.
02-05-2014Call My NameThis will make you into a different person.
02-06-2014Ask, Listen, ActThere is no substitute for service.
02-07-2014Pray For Them (POWERFUL)My heart is saddened for those I know will reject Me.
02-12-2014Want My Help?...act on what the Holy Spirit is advising.
02-14-2014Are You Praising Me?I see the beginning and the end.
02-17-2014Receive MercyBut then, you MUST BE MERCIFUL TO OTHERS!
02-26-2014Kingdom Requirement (VERY IMPORTANT)This is the most important aspect of My Plan...
02-28-2014Your MinistryThe people around you need more of you and your time.
03-01-2014Don't Be AfraidI am always with you.
03-02-2014Stand FirmAll Is Well!
03-04-2014Obey And ExpectThis is true FAITH...
03-06-2014Your Mission In LifeTell them about a better life here and promised for all Eternity.
03-21-2014Never Lose HopeI will see you through.
03-24-2014BE AT PEACE...you KNOW Me and TRUST Me.
03-25-2014You're In Full ViewI know what is best and I know the best way.
03-26-2014Where Is Your Focus?This is actually how I work.
03-28-2014Hey, You Know Me!You KNOW what to expect.
03-31-2014Need A Specific Answer? (POWERFUL)Your job is to spend time with Me and learn to LISTEN.
04-07-2014Children Of The World (POWERFUL)Let Me make you whole and give you My Spirit.
04-09-2014It Is My Pleasure...when I am free to BLESS you abundantly
04-11-2014Are You Suffering?I do not want you to miss any form of strength I have to give.
04-12-2014Going The Wrong Way?The Holy Spirit will show you the right way...
04-19-2014I Opened The Door (POWERFUL)Keep your eyes on the goal each day, all day.
04-21-2014Truly GenuineThe LOVE between man and God is powerful and real.
04-22-2014Follow Up On Kind ThoughtsReach out in FAITH to your fellowman.
04-28-2014Pray For ThemI wish they loved Me too.
04-29-2014I'll Get You ThereYou are never out there alone forging for yourself.
05-12-2014You Give Me SecurityI love you and My Arms are around you...
05-15-2014Learn This Lesson (POWERFUL)Your lives will be so wonderful, if...
05-23-2014The Point Of NeedI am always here and a step ahead...
05-27-2014Do Not FretTrust no matter what you see or hear.
05-30-2014Size Doesn't MatterJust SURRENDER each day, all day, to My Perfect Will.
05-31-2014Hand Them To MeI took on this responsibility...
06-03-2014It's A Powerful ThingLife is so much happier, more peaceful and worth living.
06-06-2014Don't Try It AloneYou are never left to your own devices unless you leave Me.
06-11-2014Your Guardian Angel...God's Love commits thee here.
06-15-2014In A CrisisDo You Believe?
06-18-2014Smooth GoingMy Plan unfolds peacefully...
06-23-2014A Call To ServeThis is true praise to the Father, your Father.
06-24-2014Alright Then, Do It!Just worship and praise Me for however I solve the problem...
06-25-2014This Is The WayCome to Me with Love and Trust in every single situation...
07-01-2014What Should I Do?It is that simple.
07-03-2014A Special PeopleYou, dear Children, are My JOY.
07-05-2014A Call For Help (POWERFUL)You are to be about your Father's business just as I was.
07-08-2014True To Your Word...it is astounding the way You respond.
07-09-2014How To Serve (IMPORTANT)TAKE MY LEAD
07-11-2014Go Beyond YourselfBe full of heartfelt caring, sympathy, encouragement, and love...
07-12-2014S-S-S-AThis is your working orders.
07-14-2014Make A DifferenceI have empowered you from on high.
07-17-2014I Don't UnderstandOh children, how folly are your ways.
07-18-2014Do This For MeLet your world around you know how much I love them.
07-19-2014I PROMISEYou only must SEEK ME through PRAYER and MY WORD.
07-23-2014Don't Miss This (Very Important)I will give you Blessings the world cannot offer you.
07-24-2014He Is An Illusion (POWERFUL)...he has NO POWER over you!
07-26-2014You're Always On My Mind (POWERFUL)Serve others in a way that brings out the best in them.
07-28-2014He's Always LurkingRESIST his terrible ways.
07-29-2014Your Strongest Weapon...genuine LOVE for everyone as I have for you.
08-01-2014All Part of the Plan (POWERFUL)This is the whole purpose of life...
08-02-2014My Will Made ClearLife with Me is so rewarding...
08-04-2014Never Tire Of Giving (POWERFUL)You will never come up short of My Blessings...
08-06-2014Suffering In This WorldI am all they need to withstand the storm.
08-09-2014Confidence=Miracles (POWERFUL)You KNOW and EXPECT My Word to be TRUE, which it is.
08-11-2014Honor Above All (POWERFUL)...even when you are the only one who knows.
08-12-2014Only The Best For YouI long to comfort and show the way to peace and success.
08-14-2014The Holy Spirit's PromptingsThen----LISTEN and OBEY!
08-16-2014I've Got You CoveredI promise to be in control of all that happens to you.
08-19-2014What Do You Need To Know? (VERY IMPORTANT)Follow your heart, pay attention to the PEACE...
08-21-2014Where Are You Headed?I promise to continue growth in you...
08-23-2014No Time To Doddle (POWERFUL)Exercise the authority I have given you!
08-25-2014The Way OutI will bring peace and cooperation to those who look to Me.
08-26-2014Let Me Fulfill Your Need (POWERFUL)Make it your business to learn about Me...
08-27-2014A God Of ActionHe is so FAITHFUL!
08-29-2014OH WHAT A DAY! (VERY POWERFUL)This will be a great day of rejoicing for all of Heaven.
09-01-2014No Surprises For MeI am with you always and in control of what happens to you.
09-03-2014One Day At A TimeHe gives us the Grace and Power sufficient for one day.
09-05-2014A Time Of SufferingYour PRAISE even while your hurting is testimony of your FAITH in Me.
09-08-2014No Need To WorryTrust Me enough to turn it all over to Me with pure confident Praise.
09-09-2014What Should I Do?I am as near to you as the air you breathe.
09-11-2014Mankind's StruggleNourish the GOOD, deny the bad.
09-13-2014What Do You Expect From Your Prayers? (POWERFUL)Read My Word, believing, and take it for yourself.
09-18-2014Boldness Is From MeEach of you has a specific group of people I will pass in front of you.
09-26-2014Your Word Is You (Important)Say what you mean and mean what you say!
09-27-2014A Time For EverythingI am your strength and I will provide the time...
09-30-2014Peace And AssuranceALL IS WELL WITH YOU!
10-01-2014What A Dream!Your life is important to me.
10-02-2014Don't Just Stand There (POWERFUL)...you must PROVE your loyalty.
10-03-2014ALL IS WELLYour ordeal is covered by the blood of Jesus.
10-04-2014BE AT EASEI will take care of you both.
10-05-2014Is Faith Enough?You must learn to know God better and discover what He wants you to do.
10-07-2014I Surrender...but holding on to Your Promises.
10-13-2014When Something Bad HappensThe Word of God is a shield.
10-21-2014Are You A Follower Of Jesus Christ? (Powerful)What stands in your way?
10-28-2014You Can Bank On ItGod's Word is TRUE!
10-30-2014Depressed Or Just Gloomy?Choose Your Thoughts.
11-04-2014I Heard YouYou must do your part.
11-05-2014Seek And Honor MeBe My Light in your world.
11-06-2014My Word Is GoldThank and Praise Me before you see your promise...
11-07-2014NEEDS FULFILLEDI know best and My Plan is perfect.
11-08-2014Trust In The Dark (POWERFUL)...even before you see any result from your prayers.
11-10-2014Communicate With MeI am your Creator and I love you.
11-12-2014My Heart Is FullEach time you come to Me worshiping Me...
11-13-2014You Control This (POWERFUL)Cultivate our relationship to be the recipient of more...
11-17-2014PAY ATTENTIONI know what you can and should do.
11-18-2014COME--ASK--TRUSTYou have put your FAITH in Me.
11-20-2014Don't Hold BackNever waste an opportunity to share Me with someone.
11-21-2014What Have I Put On Your Heart?Be a serving angel for Me.
11-22-2014Let's Be One...I am such an intricate part of your day...
11-24-2014It's Too HeavyI will give you what you need for every responsibility you have.
11-26-2014I Miss You (IMPORTANT)I am always here waiting for you.
11-28-2014It Was For UsLet all of you rejoice at this, the Father's Plan.
11-29-2014MY PRAYER (POWERFUL)(Thank You, Jesus, for calling me...)
12-02-2014Why Go It Alone?I want to show you the BEST WAY!
12-04-2014There Will Be TrialsStay close to Me for comfort and peace...
12-08-2014A WAY OUT (POWERFUL)My death gave you power over Satan and victory over sin.
12-10-2014It's Not About You (VERY IMPORTANT)This is what makes it all worthwhile.
12-13-2014Just Trust MeMy ultimate plan is perfect...
12-18-2014Not Always What It Seems...but I KNOW BEST!
12-19-2014You're In My Shadow (POWERFUL)...you will come out stronger!
12-23-2014Do Not Be PassiveStay aware of My Presence constantly.
01-02-2015Have You Time For Me? (POWERFUL)I long to communicate with you.
01-03-2015REAL JOY (POWERFUL)You will experience the REAL THING.
01-06-2015A Wondering MindI know the weakness of man.
01-09-2015IT'S EASY (SUPER IMPORTANT)You will never be disappointed.
01-13-2015I't Too Hard (VERY POWERFUL)But I SURRENDER
01-18-2015ALLOW ME (POWERFUL)I created you---I knew I would love you...
01-20-2015Be Not ConcernedI AM YOUR FATHER!
01-21-2015Come Directly To MeI am your source of a good and rewarding full life.
01-23-2015Continue OnThe Holy Spirit can lift their minds and hearts.
01-27-2015A Life Lived In Vain (POWERFUL)I can use you to truly make a difference in many lives.
01-30-2015Are You Happy?My Children are most happy and fulfilled when serving in obedience.
02-02-2015A Lighter Load (POWERFUL)Do everything in My name, Jesus, and I will make it easier.
02-06-2015He Stood Up For Us (POWERFUL)Jesus died for His convictions about us.
02-10-2015Give FreelyNever mind what they do to you.
02-14-2015This Is What I Do...showering favor and blessing where My Children put Me FIRST...
02-16-2015Let Me Lift YouTalk to Me more during your day.
02-19-2015I'll Let You Know (WONDERFUL)Just continue on until I lead you along a different path.
02-20-2015What Should I Do?PEACE is how you KNOW!!
02-24-2015Most Effective Tool (VERY POWERFUL)They will feel uplifted and you will feel joy...
02-25-2015Examine Your Actions (POWERFUL)In this way, you can inspire them to look at Me.
02-28-2015You Have Help (POWERFUL)His voice is very clear and sharp.
03-03-2015Holding On Too Tight (POWERFUL)Those who lose their life for Me will gain fullness of life even on this earth.
03-04-2015Alone In The Wilderness...the Holy Spirit will NEVER let you down!
03-05-2015A Lesson To LearnThis is an opportunity for you to learn to receive blessings...
03-07-2015Listen CloselyKnow that the Holy Spirit is always softly speaking to your heart.
03-08-2015Enjoy The Present Season (POWERFUL)"Let us rejoice and be glad in it."
03-12-2015Praise Is PowerfulThank Me for each act of service, each opportunity I give you to grow...
03-14-2015It's All Very ClearLISTEN CLOSELY...QUIETLY.
03-18-2015To Get Precise Answers (POWERFUL)You must let go of what you really want to do in the situation.
03-19-2015We'll Face It Together (POWERFUL)...peaceful beyond understanding.
03-23-2015How To Be A Servant (VERY IMPORTANT)It is harder to be the person receiving a servants help...
03-28-2015Your Assignment (VERY POWERFUL)Your heart is revealed to another in a few seconds...
04-01-2015Have It All (WONDERFUL)This is all I Ask.
04-02-2015Calm Peacefulness (VERY IMPORTANT)Trust Me more than anyone...
04-03-2015Rely On MeI Will Lead You
04-04-2015You Have The Power (USE IT)...search for that person in your field of vision.
04-08-2015Don't Miss HimI have so much to give them...
04-10-2015Jesus' WORD (WOW)The Holy Spirit brings His WORD to life for you...
04-11-2015The Holy Spirit's Help...you will always be in a position to receive God's favor and blessings.
04-18-2015Talk To Me (IMPORTANT)I will let you know!
04-21-2015Your State of MindRelease everything to Me, dear Ones.
04-22-2015Servant And Royalty (POWERFUL)Holy God is watching and ready to unleash all...
04-23-2015One At A Time (POWERFUL)This should be your GOAL!
04-24-2015What A Gift!I want to talk to each and everyone of My Children.
04-25-2015We Are OneLiving in and with Me is a reward in itself...
04-28-2015Make Your Own ChoiceI have given each person total freedom...
04-29-2015A Peaceful PlaceStay here and enjoy the life I have planned for you.
05-02-2015Please Use Your GiftLet others see it through your everyday dealings.
05-09-2015BE CAREFUL! (POWERFUL)They watch everything you do...
05-11-2015Ever Ready To Help (POWERFUL)...confusing and pressing suddenly seems so simple and clear.
05-14-2015My Solemn Promise To You (POWERFUL)I will never let a Child of Mine down.
05-20-2015A Good Offer (VERY IMPORTANT)You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.
05-21-2015CARRY ONMy rewards are great and My assigned duties are very important.
05-23-2015The Easy WayThere need be no anxiety, only miraculous strength.
05-25-2015Come Little Ones, Come (POWERFUL)No matter what you have done, I can make you NEW...
05-28-2015Choose Carefully (VERY POWERFUL)This choice will define you.
05-29-2015How Do I Know? (HOLY SECRET)...the PEACE IN YOUR HEART.
06-02-2015I See You PurelyJust keep PRAISE on your lips to ward off Satan...
06-03-2015You Know What To Do...so be at PEACE in everything that comes up on this earth.
06-04-2015It's All Available To You (POWERFUL)I will deliver you, honor you, and shower you with Blessings...
06-05-2015Call Them InEach child brought in is as important as if the only one.
06-06-2015I Found Another Way (POWERFUL) I realized how much I loved him...
06-09-2015It' A GivenMy Favor goes with you when you live in obedience.
06-11-2015You Cannot Be ReplacedThis is how important your work is for Me.
06-20-2015You're Never In The DarkI will always make known My Will and Plan for you at the best time.
06-24-2015You Have My Assurance...as long as you truly seek My Will and Trust My direction.
06-26-2015I Have No ChoiceI can do nothing other than give you the best...
06-27-2015You Are My Child (POWERFUL)My care is all encompassing and even prevents future problems..
06-29-2015Come As You Are (NEED TO KNOW!)The Holy Spirit will become responsible for the changes...
07-02-2015I UnderstandYou can be comfortable with Me...
07-04-2015STOP---GO BACK (POWERFUL)Take the time and trouble to serve your Savior...
07-06-2015They're WatchingSpeaking and acting properly is imperative...
07-07-2015Don't Hoard Your Gift...train yourself to seek My Will in every situation.
07-10-2015It Benefits Everyone (POWERFUL)I want to teach you giving, mercy, and forgiveness.
07-13-2015Step Out ThereYou must obey in action to receive the Favor of God in your life.
07-16-2015Prepare AheadMake this a priority just as important as your agenda...
07-18-2015Cherish My Gift (VERY IMPORTANT)Have you got your ticket?
07-21-2015What Do Others See?This is the only way for you to convey My Love.
07-28-2015There Is A Reason (POWERFUL)My Children need to be STRONG in ME no matter what is happening...
07-29-2015I Will Teach YouAs long as you continue asking for help and desiring to grow...
08-03-2015Even Loving Servitude Is HardBe content in your place now and you will be gratified in due season.
08-08-2015DO IT ANYWAY (POWERFUL)Try not to miss a single chance to make a difference...
08-13-2015Harness Your ThoughtsYour thoughts control your life.
08-19-2015A Place of SurrenderThis is when I can work My "magic" in your life.
08-22-2015People Rather Than AgendaAsk Me to show you where you can make a difference.
08-28-2015It's Unmistakable! (TAKE NOTE)...you will Have My Peace all along the way.
09-05-2015Through It All (POWERFUL)Ask the HOLY SPIRIT to guide your mind back to Me.
09-07-2015Divine Friendship (POWERFUL)Come in closer to know Me better.
09-10-2015There Is A Way (POWERFUL)"...and is now spreading all over the world."
09-15-2015Leave It To MeI always have and I always will prepare you...
09-22-2015Exercise RegularlyWhen your Faith and My Power come together---SPECTACULAR!
09-24-2015Your Assigned Angels...watching you to help and going before you to protect.
09-30-2015How To Get More Of HimHe even shares His own Glory and His own goodness with us!
10-02-2015What Awaits You?Oh, what Joy My Children can experience...
10-03-2015The Father's Word Ask Me to enlighten you more each time you read them.
10-05-2015The Holy Spirit (VERY IMPORTANT)He will make your life tranquil and simple, no matter what is happening.
10-06-2015Heaven Is For You (WONDERFUL)There is a reason My Home is called PARADISE.
10-09-2015Faith Is Tested (IMPORTANT)If you are not clear or sure about what I mean...
10-17-2015GET BUSYDo not neglect this, your duty.
10-19-2015You Really Do CareKeep forging onward!
10-22-2015Let Me Help You (POWERFUL)Whatever you do not have an answer for...
10-26-2015Your Faith In ActionDo not hide this POWER within you!
10-27-2015Make A Difference (IMPORTANT)Children, be aware of your influence.
10-28-2015Devotion Is RewardedI will never forget all that you do for Me.
10-31-2015You've Been ThereYes, you will always be able to count on Me...
11-03-2015Well Provided ForSince He did not spare even His own Son...
11-06-2015Step UpI am counting on you!
11-11-2015What About Tomorrow?Your state of mind is determined by your degree of TRUST in Me.
11-15-2015There's More...as long as you keep Me FIRST and seek to live in obedience.
11-18-2015SEE My LOVE In YOUShow outward actions that scream the LOVE of your Savior, Jesus.
11-20-2015OVERWHELMEDThis Praise & Thanks is more powerful because it is a SACRIFICE.
11-21-2015TRAININGNothing is just happening out of the blue.
11-25-2015Your Marching Orders (POWERFUL)There is NO excuse for negligent behavior.
11-28-2015The BOOK of TRUTH(Thank You so much!
12-11-2015The Plan UnfoldsAccept it as you see My Power...
12-14-2015Unalterable...NO ONE IS ABLE TO CHANGE IT!
12-22-2015What Do You Say? (POWERFUL)I am waiting for your heartfelt answer...
12-26-2015I Keep My WordSTAY IN PRAISE as you experience the answer to your prayer.
12-29-2015It's Only DormantSatan does everything to blindfold people...
12-30-2015Do You Believe Me? (POWERFUL)I LOVE YOU, MY CHILD!
01-03-2016An Angel Enters Heaven (IN MEMORY)We will all experience this.
01-08-2016My Angel Entered Heaven Also (IN MEMORY)Account of my precious loving husbands passing.
01-11-2016Note From Jesus (WONDERFUL)DO NOT SORROW!
01-18-2016Firsthand ProofDo you want God's Favor?
01-19-2016Don't Want To Be Disappointed?Trusting Me is the key!
01-20-2016No Surprises (POWERFUL)Those who KNOW Me KNOW this is TRUE.
01-21-2016Lifetime LessonsContinue to seek My Plan...
01-28-2016Big ImpressionIt can mean the difference between life and death...
01-29-2016I am On StandbyJust call on Me in FAITH.
01-30-2016NEVER STOPAnother soul can say, "Yes Lord, come into my heart."
02-01-2016 A Job Unfinished (SORRY LORD!) You do not realize its impact, but I do.
02-03-2016My Comfort I Give YouYou can be whole in the Spirit of Truth even now...
02-05-2016Begin Now (POWERFUL)You will be prepared and adept at showing who you really are.
02-08-2016Experience This Phenomenon Oh, what a relief this can be for you!
02-09-2016We Will Be Inseparable (IMPORTANT)This will never be an issue between us.
02-10-2016The Love Is Not Forgotten (POWERFUL)Even though marriage does not continue in Heaven...
02-12-2016Do You Feel My Presence? All My Children may have this intimacy with Me.
02-13-2016Let Them See MeYou have Holy Spirit Power, so USE IT!
02-15-2016Step Out In FaithAsk Me to lead you where the Father wants you to serve.
02-22-2016Do Your Part (POWERFUL)I will always be standing right with you.
02-25-2016Worship Me, Dear ChildrenYou will experience My wonderful warmth and contentment.
03-02-2016Don't Drop the Ball (CRUCIAL)These you will have to answer for...
03-05-2016Make It Your Business (VERY POWERFUL)You must have an intimate relationship with Me...
03-15-2016My Way Is Your WayI just want to let you know what I expect...
03-17-2016Impenetrable By Satan (POWERFUL)BECAUSE OF OUR RELATIONSHIP!
03-18-2016Your GO-TO PersonLeave your troubles with Me.
03-24-2016Do This For Me...the sacrifice and saving Grace of the Son Jesus...
03-25-2016Selected Especially For You (VERY IMPORTANT)...chosen for you to cultivate, inspire, and lead to Me.
03-29-2016Do You Really Know Me? (POWERFUL)I will not hold back My Joy...
03-30-2016Need For LoveUse this time on earth to fill the void for someone...
03-31-2016Let Your Light Shine (IMPORTANT)My presence in your heart should be obvious to those around you.
04-07-2016Don't Leave Yet! (VERY IMPORTANT)I have a personal word for you.
04-08-2016Pray For Renewal (SPECIAL MESSAGE)...lift Me up and acknowledge My Place in your life and country.
04-09-2016Pay Close AttentionMy Children need to be in tune with Me.
04-12-2016Constant Growing Is NecessarySTOP, think of Me, JESUS, and then I will guide you...
04-13-2016Build A Bond (IMPORTANT)(I KNOW You and I KNOW how You are when I TRUST You.)
04-14-2016Kept Promise (POWERFUL)Keep Me FIRST to receive My Best.
04-18-2016Life Can Be Great (POWERFUL)...if you get to know Me deeply...
04-19-2016Let's Do It Together (VERY POWERFUL)I am always here for you because I love you.
04-20-2016All Your DaysJust Praise and Thank Me in advance of this promise.
04-21-2016Pray For PeaceSatan will only be able to perform his evil havoc as long as I allow.
04-26-2016Let Go And RelaxBe astute to the words of others, for there much is revealed.
05-05-2016Never-ending BlessingsRest assured, I am always looking out for you...
05-06-2016Sharing YouMy heart is full because of all your actions.
05-10-2016Follow My Example...you will bless others the way I bless you.
05-11-2016One Way Out (VERY IMPORTANT)Come back to Me!
05-12-2016Don't Take ThatHis only power is what you give him by believing his lies...
05-13-2016I'm Beseeching You (POWERFUL)Oh, how sad that made Me!
05-18-2016Divine Assignment (IMPORTANT)The Holy Spirit will lead, instruct, set up, and act on your behalf.
05-19-2016Don't Go It AloneYou need the Power of the Holy Spirit leading you...
05-20-2016PURE LOVELOVE is the total motivation for all of creation.
05-24-2016MY VOICE...give Me your TIME to LISTEN in FAITH.
05-26-2016Be Open And Willing (POWERFUL)If you resist the prompting in your heart, you may miss My Plan...
05-27-2016Make My Suffering WorthwhileI want to be there for them as I am for you.
05-30-2016LOOK OUT (VERY POWERFUL)HOW can I help, WHERE can I serve, WHO needs me???
05-31-2016I'll Do It Every Time...when you live in obedience.
06-01-2016Let Go Again(You just wanted me to give myself to You...)
06-04-2016START HEREWhat can you do for them to enhance their lives...?
06-07-2016A Lot To LearnLead others to Me by your words and actions.
06-08-2016Live My ExampleThis will draw others in to want what you know and have.
06-10-2016Such Good AdviceBe at peace because you KNOW this is TRUE.
06-13-2016There's A Reason (POWERFUL)I have allowed it for your long-term good.
06-15-2016Share In My Glory...when you have blessed someone.
06-16-2016Your Best And My Best...you cannot truly succeed in life without Me.
06-18-2016Faith Wins...you are going against what the world would say do.
06-21-2016Pay Attention (IMPORTANT) I will always lead you to the people who need you...
06-22-2016Scheduled Meeting (POWERFUL)Come prepared to delve into the material...
06-23-2016Let Me Show YouDear children, COME!
06-24-2016Easy To Understand (POWERFUL)I will orchestrate your life to progress productively.
06-25-2016Your Constant GoodnessSEEK JESUS for your LIFE to really BEGIN!
06-27-2016SATAN IS A FAKE! (VERY IMPORTANT)What do I truly deeply believe?
06-29-2016All Is WellWould not all of you want to live like this?
06-30-2016Too Much To DoThe way of the Father is perfect harmony.
07-02-2016Enhance Someone's LifeLiving just for oneself is unrewarding...
07-04-2016Starting A New Business? (POWERFUL)(If you don't and you think you know better...)
07-05-2016It's One Or The Other (VERY POWERFUL)Be careful what leader you choose to follow...
07-06-2016Clarity--Simplicity...clear a path of communication through devotion.
07-07-2016No Dilemma (POWERFUL)Love Me MORE than what you want.
07-08-2016How To Be Productive (VERY POWERFUL)The way each person pursues this attribute determines their success.
07-12-2016FIRST, MY WORD, LOVELOVE is My signature trait and should be yours.
07-15-2016LOVE (IMPORTANT)LOVE covers the entire spectrum of GOOD.
07-18-2016You Have My WordI will take care of you NO MATTER WHAT IS GOING ON!
07-19-2016PROBLEMS...PROBLEMS (POWERFUL)Do not forget, I created you and I love you.
07-20-2016Worldly Turmoil (IMPORTANT)I will honor this and restore the world where I am revered and trusted.
07-26-2016Facing Difficulties (VERY POWERFUL)LET ME HELP YOU.
07-27-2016Don't Miss This! (VERY VERY IMPORTANT)If you have ears, LISTEN!
07-28-2016We Are PartnersTRUST ME, this is the KEY!
07-29-2016Hurry, I'm Waiting (POWERFUL)There you will leave your troubles and take with you My PEACE.
07-31-2016Say YES To Him...it will be as though a misplaced vertebra has snapped back into place.
08-02-2016You Are My Business (WONDERFUL)Never stop desiring to get closer to Me.
08-05-2016Where And WhenStay in Praise expecting My guidance.
08-07-2016This You Must Do (VERY POWERFUL)I can explode the hardened heart...
08-09-2016Test Holy Spirit Promptings (POWERFUL)Until you STEP OUT in FAITH, you may never be sure or be at peace.
08-10-2016Service MomentsThe more you do this, the more natural it will feel...
08-12-2016My Loving ProtectionThe Lord shall keep me from ALL evil.
08-17-2016The Heart Tells AllThis is the person I see and deal with.
08-19-2016Someone Needs You (IMPORTANT)You can make a big difference in their life right now.
08-22-2016Tirelessly Spread My Word (IMPORTANT)Honor and Blessings are yours from your Father, Brother, and Holy Spirit.
08-23-2016The Favor of God...their reward will greatly exceed anything they wanted...
08-24-2016I Have A PlanHave confidence in Me...
08-26-2016Time Well Spent...to grow into a responsible servant...
09-06-2016World In Trouble I am the ONLY ONE who can turn things around.
09-07-2016Never Too Bad (POWERFUL)I am actually waiting for you with open arms.
09-09-2016Privileges OR ConsequencesThe decisions people make greatly impact what I can do for them.
09-10-2016Really Give Me YourselfPray to KNOW, DESIRE, and FOLLOW My Will.
09-16-2016I UNDERSTANDI am stronger in you than any outside draw.
09-19-2016Next Right Step...make known what I mean to you.
09-21-2016A Turning Point (VERY VERY IMPORTANT)There is only one outcome for this behavior and it requires discipline.
09-22-2016HOW TO HONOR ME...committed to loving, serving, obeying...
09-23-2016Be A Bold Example (VERY POWERFUL) Let others see how much I love you and would bless them in the same way...
09-29-2016Build On Past LessonsBe mindful of your purpose for being created...
10-01-2016SATAN, The Worlds Enemy (IMPORTANT)Instinctively, everyone knows I exist...
10-03-2016Take Me At My Word (POWERFUL)BELIEVE what I say; EXPECT KNOWINGLY that I will keep My Word!
10-05-2016Want To Succeed? (POWERFUL)It must be ordained by the Father, blessed by Me, and inspired by the Holy Spirit.
10-07-2016My Hands Are TiedTo live for Me is to succeed in all the important areas of life and death.
10-08-2016Find Help HereALL of My Word is TRUE!
10-12-2016A Serious Problem (VERY IMPORTANT)Pray unceasingly for this.
10-13-2016Satan Has NO Power (IMPORTANT)REMEMBER THIS!
10-14-2016You're Totally Amazing!Be Mine in all your thoughts and actions...
10-17-2016ReassuranceYou Will ALWAYS KNOW...
10-19-2016Where Are You On This? (POWERFUL)Each of you must STOP and ask yourself...
10-20-2016We Are A TeamLet Me be your sidekick, your double, your loving Father every moment...
10-22-2016Honor In Action (POWERFUL)My Children, promote and stand up for Me.
10-24-2016Sin Of NeglectA plan to answer for.
10-25-2016I'll Clear That Up...something extra, uncomfortable, unexpected, helpful, loving.
10-26-2016Feeling Low?Relax, I love you and I will always be with you.
11-01-2016The FIRST Step (IMPORTANT)Do the thing I have placed right in FRONT of you.
11-02-2016Here, Take It (POWERFUL)What PEACE I give you!
11-03-2016PAY ATTENTION (POWERFUL)This life I have given is NOT to be WASTED!
11-04-2016Never Could Imagine (POWERFUL)...your heart will discover, your mind will encounter...
11-10-2016Thy Will Be DoneI will always lead you exactly where you need to be.
11-11-2016Unbreakable BondI KNOW what you need to go through...
11-17-2016Call To ReturnPray for a return to loving and honoring Me.
11-18-2016Only A Call AwayI will set you on the right course of thinking in every situation.
11-21-2016Gray Days To SunshineSearch for it as for hidden treasure.
11-23-2016Be Other MindedGive of yourself in whatever way the Holy Spirit leads you.
11-29-2016So Many DistractionsIf only people would not spend so much time seeking THINGS.
11-30-2016Do You Truly Believe Me? (POWERFUL)I MADE A PROMISE!
12-05-2016It's A Beautiful ThingResist, instead follow Me.
12-06-2016Trust From The Start...even before you see results.
12-08-2016How Can I Know Your Will? (VERY IMPORTANT)RELINQUISH YOURS!
12-14-2016Do Your JobI have work for you to do for the Kingdom.
12-16-2016What Endears You To Me? ...you BELIEVED in Me and you TRUSTED Me.
12-17-2016Take This SeriouslyYou each have a job to do for Me.
12-21-2016Living In My PowerYou will be able to bless many people and your life will be enriched.
12-24-2016A Thank You NoteYou were willing to give up everything!
12-26-2016How Do You Truly Feel? (POWERFUL)Focus on Me to always KNOW THE TRUTH.
12-28-2016Shift Your FocusBe open and aware of those in your path.
12-30-2016KNOW THE FACTS (VERY POWERFUL)YOUR CHOICE will determine your fate, NOT ME.
01-03-2017Don't Miss This (VERY IMPORTANT)There will be much sorrow for those who deny Me...
01-04-2017Give It UpLet Me carry you and help you...
01-08-2017Tremendous LossDiligently place your priorities according to Divine importance.
01-09-2017Causes of AnxietyPut the Lord Jesus ahead of all that is required of you.
01-12-2017What Is Your Stabilizer? (POWERFUL)Ignorance or stubbornness is no excuse...
01-13-2017THANK YOUYour realization that ALL GOOD comes FROM ME is paramount...
01-19-2017Don't Miss a Single One (IMPORTANT)If you are paying attention, they stand out to you.
01-21-2017Your AssignmentLOVE, SERVE, and GROW CLOSER to ME with every breath you take.
01-24-2017Woe Is Me (VERY POWERFUL)I love you no matter what you have done.
01-25-2017Let Me Explain (VERY POWERFUL) This is a process involving YOUR DEDICATION to our relationship.
01-26-2017Because You BelievedSimply put, you TRUSTED ME when I said I loved you...
02-08-2017Be Alone With MeThe wisdom you receive from the Holy Spirit will serve you all day long.
02-10-2017Help MeAlright, here it is.
02-11-2017Let's TalkAsk Me about things, I will tell you.
02-13-2017You Have the Power (IMPORTANT)Take hold of the Holy Spirit POWER on the inside of you.
02-22-2017The World Can TakeoverBelieve Me, you do not want that!
02-23-2017A Positive InfluenceYou have been given a commission...
02-24-2017Love and FaithI know you and I know how much you love Me.
02-26-2017First ChoiceTo give up your Will and say NO...
03-01-2017Follow This Road (POWERFUL)Obedience, Trust, Love, Praise
03-02-2017Every Step You TakeBe at PEACE, I am in control of everything.
03-03-2017Facing Trouble?Let Me show you how I reward sincere strong TRUST in ME.
03-04-2017Heart and WillThese are your precious gifts to Me.
03-07-2017I Prepare the WayI have My Angels ready to go before you, with you, and follow...
03-08-2017I Am Your StrengthDear Jesus, I need You all the time.
03-09-2017Yes, It's True (IMPORTANT)I indeed speak directly to My Children...
03-10-2017Are You Using It? (POWERFUL)You have My Light.
03-11-2017Do You Need Answers?I want you to avoid Satan's pitfalls.
03-18-2017Stress Getting To You?CALL ON ME, RELY ON ME.
03-21-2017You Can Feel My PresenceI will wrap you in My Arms.
03-22-2017Let Me Handle ThisStay in close contact with Me.
03-23-2017Relax And Let GoYou KNOW ME and you KNOW you can TRUST ME.
03-24-2017Praise & Trust = Peace & Favor...My sovereign promises are TRUE.
03-25-2017Today, I Give UpYOU ARE IN CONTROL.
03-27-2017Let Me Carry That (POWERFUL)You determine what I can do for you...
03-28-2017Take Advantage of Me (POWERFUL) My son, Jesus, made it possible...
03-29-2017Investigate For Yourself (IMPORTANT)...life is so much easier and JOYFUL.
04-01-2017Fear Has Gripped MeAll your life will be overshadowed with My Love and Care.
04-03-2017Never Left On Your OwnWherever you go, whatever you do, I am there.
04-04-2017Who Runs Your Business?Are you going it alone?
04-09-2017Plan For Wise Decisions (POWERFUL)We have been given instructions.
04-14-2017I'VE GOT THISI am holding your right hand...
04-18-2017Can I Get In On This? (POWERFUL)"...wasn't just for Abraham's benefit."
04-23-2017This Is Paramount (POWERFUL)That does not change anything.
04-24-2017London--My ProtectionI was looking the wrong way.
04-25-2017Who Is Guiding My Life? (VERY IMPORTANT)Am I rebelling?
05-02-2017My Truth Is Your ShieldAll is well for those who look for and see Me in every situation...
05-05-2017What Do I Promise?My Grace, My Power, My Wisdom, My Love, My Forgiveness, My Home.
05-06-2017I Know In My SpiritI can rely on You for everything!
05-08-2017Be Careful Not To Miss ItYour heart being open to that plan is very important...
05-09-2017A Stress Free LifeLife is so much sweeter with Me.
05-10-2017Come In And SeeTRY Me, ASK Me, TRUST Me, LOVE Me.
05-11-2017The Chain of LoveGrowing My Family has a lot to do with you, My Children.
05-12-2017Hold Me Accountable (POWERFUL)No one who KNOWS Me will ever say that I let them down.
05-17-2017Acknowledge Your NeedEach one has a deep need for Me.
05-18-2017COME TO ME (POWERFUL)I love you even before you do.
05-20-2017TAKE STOCK (IMPORTANT)People are watching; I am watching.
05-23-2017How Do I Know It's From You?...continual gentle peaceful urging...
05-30-2017The Journey Ahead...only then will you really know...
06-01-2017True Meaning of Devotion...desire to know Me more and more deeply...
06-02-2017It Takes PracticeThis Child ALWAYS KNOWS WHO to count on.
06-05-2017OPEN YOUR EYES (POWERFUL)Our suffering was worth the outcome...
06-06-2017The Way Is ClearWith this knowledge, you can live in PEACE amidst any storm.
06-09-2017I Am Here For You...depend on Me with peaceful confidence.
06-13-2017From Time To Time (IMPORTANT)(We must periodically examine ourselves, the truth God sees.)
06-14-2017Pay AttentionIf you are not looking out for them, you will miss most of them.
06-17-2017The Holy Spirit Calling (POWERFUL)Your disobedience is showing.
06-19-2017It's For Everyone...benefits of being in the Family of God.
06-21-2017Yours For The Taking (IMPORTANT)You have nothing to lose unless you do not choose.
06-22-2017Let It Go Already (POWERFUL)Remember, I am your life now.
06-28-2017Will You Hear Him Call? (VERY POWERFUL)Be QUIET, LISTEN for His Voice deep in the recesses of your heart and soul.
06-29-2017Your Life Is ValuableEach of My Children has the chance...
06-30-2017See It My WayWatch What I'll Do
07-04-2017Do You Know The TRUTH? (VERY IMPORTANT)...find out for yourself before it is too late.
07-06-2017Can You Claim This? (POWERFUL)Now what do you do with the rest of your life on earth?
07-09-2017Way To Go! (POWERFUL)This life is worth pursuing.
07-11-2017The Road Less Traveled...will save you from a lot of mistakes...
07-14-2017Can You Hear Me? (VERY IMPORTANT)Our relationship is a TWO-WAY communication.
07-15-2017We Are A TeamWe will accomplish life's best together.
07-18-2017A Heavenly UnionThat is why your love was so strong...
07-19-2017DISTRACTEDI created you NOT to be self-sufficient.
07-25-2017Your Thoughts Or My Words?I will correct you, so be open and listen...
07-27-2017Just Ask And See (POWERFUL)...each time you put someone before you, the POWER of LOVE is released.
07-28-2017Can Only Blame Yourself (VERY IMPORTANT)...no one forced you in the decision you made.
08-01-2017God Given Quality (POWERFUL)...your human sinful nature tries to fight this.
08-02-2017Irritation--ImpatienceAsk Me to show you how to think on THEIR behalf rather than yours.
08-03-2017Relax, I Got This (POWERFUL)Let the problems of the world go over your head to your Divine Father.
08-07-2017What I Want (VERY POWERFUL)...the most powerful life-changing gift...
08-08-2017God Rewarded MeYour Plan is always the BEST.
08-10-2017Do Not Stand StillThis is the devil's territory.
08-11-2017Just Ask MeI am always at your beck and call.
08-14-2017All Is WellBe at Peace and Smile bringing Joy to everyone.
08-15-2017Never Ending GrowthPay attention to the situations where you missed My mark.
08-20-2017THE BIBLEMankind's ANCHOR
08-21-2017Motto For LifeThis is how to do it.
08-25-2017Are You Listening?I am always ready to speak to you.
09-04-2017See From My PerspectiveYour Father is in charge of what affects you personally.
09-05-2017Be Not AfraidYour willingness to cooperate is all it takes...
09-09-2017Will You Say Yes? IMPORTANT)If you are not connected, you will not even notice.
09-12-2017Sit And Talk, Wow!This is how accessible I am to you...
09-13-2017I'm Ready When You AreWhen you truly desire--long for...
09-15-2017The Holy Spirit Guide (VERY IMPORTANT)Give Him quiet time.
09-16-2017Yes, I Allowed ThatIt is My job to lead you on My Path of Righteousness.
09-22-2017Are You Open To Divine Wisdom?This kind of Child, I can truly use for the Kingdom.
09-24-2017Pleasures Of the Moment (POWERFUL)How do we deal with them?
09-25-2017Kind, Loving, And StrongAlways KNOW, I love you.
09-29-2017Come, Rest With Me (POWERFUL)He wants your heart to REJOICE...
09-30-2017Not You...ME...your acts of obedience must be in My Power.
10-03-2017The Road To Peace (POWERFUL)LET GO !!!
10-06-2017Surrender Ignites My Power Rejoice BEFORE you see My Power manifested.
10-10-2017So Close To YouI love you and I look forward to sharing even more with you.
10-11-2017Do You Have A Problem?Talk to Me, I will clearly reveal My Will by the time you need to know.
10-16-2017Be Super ConfidentBe Mine BEFORE you are anything else because I love you.
10-20-2017It's Not That Hard (VERY POWERFUL)Do you want to take it back? NO!
10-21-2017Learn OR StruggleI will let you know what, when, and how to proceed.
10-25-2017Let Me Show You (POWERFUL)JOY fills the space that worry, anxiety, fear, or depression occupied.
11-01-2017Use My Power (IMPORTANT)Put him in his place as soon as you recognize his lies.
11-03-2017You Are In TrainingDo not lose heart when you make a mistake...
11-08-2017Do You Have Peace? (VERY POWERFUL)PRAISE Me even before you see anything change.
11-09-2017Let It Shine (IMPORTANT)You are a vessel of change for the world.
11-10-2017Honor My Word (POWERFUL) I will PROVE the Honor of My Word in your daily life.
11-15-2017EVERYONE COME!The Father accepts anyone into the circle of truth...
11-17-2017Ask Me And Listen! (IMPORTANT)You will hear My answer!
11-18-2017Love And Honor...your Father in Heaven and your fellowman on earth.
11-27-2017How To Have It ALL (VERY POWERFUL)My answer to you is simple.
11-29-2017Simply PutJust love Me above all persons and things.
11-30-2017Ask Me FirstI will give you the BEST OUTCOME.
12-01-2017Share The Good NewsIf you want more opportunities, just ask the Holy Spirit.
12-04-2017Do You Really Know Me? (IMPORTANT)It would be wise not to ignore this warning.
12-05-2017A Miracle To Behold (POWERFUL) ...God's Children truly understand...
12-07-2017BrokennessGod loves you too much to allow you to live just for SELF.
12-09-2017Courage To Say "NO" (VERY POWERFUL)Just ask Him and see how immediately wonderful He is.
12-11-2017Prayer For My Grandchildren Please draw them close to You.
12-13-2017One Life, Don't Waste It (VERY POWERFUL)Hear, feel, taste, express what you are learning...
12-16-2017Today And BeyondYour rewards are abundant now on earth and later in your Heavenly Home.
12-18-2017Don't Go It AloneGive Me all of you and I will give you all of Me.
12-20-2017You Can Have It AllDo not underestimate Me.
12-21-2017I Always Have A PlanBoth of you grow tremendously giving and receiving.
12-23-2017Your Future Is MineThis is My territory; this is My charge.
12-24-2017What Kind Of Samaritan Are You?When your heart can't break, you're in trouble.
12-25-2017A Christmas PrayerInstill in us what Christmas means, that You love us...
12-26-2017Everyone Will ChooseI love them either way.
12-29-2017Lesson Worth LearningLearn this and your life will be drastically changed.
01-01-2018They Need Your HelpMy Power is your Power because I have given you the Holy Spirit.
01-03-2018I Am Calling You (POWERFUL)There is a lot at stake here, like your Eternal destination.
01-10-2018Rewards Now And LaterThis is a tried and true Promise.
01-12-2018Your Purpose--Share Me (POWERFUL)I will speak for you, a willing vessel.
01-13-2018Faith And Action (POWERFUL)There is no excuse for missing out...
01-14-2018Really Is Your CallThis is available to ALL My Children.
01-16-2018These Are Truly Mine (VERY POWERFUL)What I have said was all for your benefit.
01-17-2018Let Me Lift You Up (POWERFUL) ...spend more time with Me, talking to Me, and listening to Me.
01-18-2018See And UnderstandI will let you know all that you long to know.
01-19-2018My Heart Breaks (IMPORTANT)My Heavenly Kingdom is ready to accommodate ALL who will receive Me...
01-22-2018I Am The Way Out And UpMy POWER is GREATER than your lack of HOPE!
01-24-2018You Decide (VERY POWERFUL)...be ready when you wake up...
01-26-2018Share My LoveYour life must be an example of what I do for you daily.
01-31-2018Your Very Own PathKnowing I am in charge of everything frees you to just obey the Holy Spirit's leading.
02-02-2018Why Obedience? (POWERFUL)You will feel guilty and lose that wonderful Divine Peace I give you.
02-06-2018Get Quiet Before MeI hear you and I answer you because I am your Father and I love you.
02-15-2018This Is Serious! (IMPORTANT)A life spent on only pleasing and fulfilling your needs and desires is a life wasted.
02-21-2018You Really Need ThisWorship and Listening are essential for continued closeness between us.
02-26-2018Why Not The Best?Let Me love you and show you Divine Grace...
02-27-2018What To Do? (POWERFUL)Are you going to stay to yourself, comfortable, unchallenged...?
02-28-2018Live In Expectancy (POWERFUL)Ask Him to awaken in you an unselfish-gnawing-need to make people...
03-02-2018How Do You Know If You Know?Here's how to tell.
03-03-2018Nothing But A LiarThose who read My Word KNOW what to do.
03-05-2018Impossible To Do AloneTRUST Me to change behavior that is out of line with My profile.
03-06-2018I Am The WayLet Me Help You.
03-07-2018Your Heart Speaks (IMPORTANT)My Holy Spirit will always let you know what each person needs.
03-09-2018Old HabitsFocus on Me instead of the thing you want to change.
03-12-2018Live In AnticipationBe looking for someone I have precisely placed there for you.
03-13-2018I Just Can't Do It! (POWERFUL)You will learn to LISTEN, OBEY, and live in PEACE constantly.
03-14-2018Precise InstructionsI will be with you each step.
03-16-2018I Knew You BeforeLive in anticipation of what I have in mind for you next.
03-22-2018This Is How It's Done (POWERFUL)...not by your resolve, but by SURRENDER to the POWER of the Holy Spirit.
03-28-2018I Am What Matters...true and lasting knowledge more than any worldly knowledge.
03-30-2018Release Me To Help (IMPORTANT) Let Me infuse My Power into the situations that bog you down.
04-03-2018The Closer You Get (POWERFUL)It will be painful to see it and a struggle to kill it...
04-04-2018Comfort And Help (POWERFUL)You will see how much I care about what you are going through.
04-05-2018FIND OUTThere is a plan for which you are responsible.
04-10-2018Oh, Holy SpiritConsult with Him frequently and you will hear His Voice...
04-13-2018The Way Made Clear (IMPORTANT)Be quiet and listen to the small voice in your heart.
04-18-2018If You're Not Sure (POWERFUL)YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS THIS!
04-19-2018My Aspirations For YouLive according to the Divine Word of Knowledge...
04-20-2018Well Equipped (VERY IMPORTANT)This is Holy Spirit Power that I promised to give you.
04-25-2018Living In His Power (VERY IMPORTANT)Talk to the Holy Spirit and give Him time to talk to you.
04-26-2018What Do You Live For?Never forget your role, your purpose.
04-30-2018Wrong Job DescriptionYour job is not to change yourself, BUT ONLY to OBEY...
05-05-2018You Need MeYou need to rely more consistently on Me.
05-09-2018The Good And BadI am always with you doing a good work in you.
05-12-2018Each Day Is New (POWERFUL)There is NO GREATER JOY...
05-16-2018Satan Lies To Us (IMPORTANT)He sometimes tells us the future, but He never tells us when.
05-19-2018Your Way Is ClearNever fear getting lost.
05-21-2018Giving And Receiving Love (POWERFUL)Based on FAITH, not feelings.
05-23-2018Don't Complicate LifeBe at peace just doing the next right step...
06-01-2018Anticipated BlessingsHe knows everything you need to know...
06-06-2018Be SinglemindedPut yourself completely in His Hands.
06-07-2018Don't Go It AloneCall on Him in small and big quests in life.
06-13-2018I LOVE YOU (POWERFUL)Come to Me and let Me show you...
06-14-2018At Least, Talk To Me (IMPORTANT)Ask Me anything and THEN BE VERY STILL, LISTENING...
06-15-2018See For Yourself (POWERFUL)...those who are not sure of Me.
06-22-2018Alone....ImpossibleEach day brings new decisions, new courses to follow or not.
06-23-2018A PrayerIF only we would STOP and ASK YOU what we should do.
06-27-2018Oh My Goodness!(You are something else the way You talk to Your Children!)
06-30-2018Never Need Wonder (POWERFUL)His Voice is like a whispered breath, but clear as a bell.
07-02-2018Oh, Holy Spirit! (POWERFUL)ASK more quickly, LISTEN more intently, OBEY more mindful of your Divine gift...
07-04-2018GOD BLESS AMERICA (POWERFUL)When enough of you do this, you will see a turning of the tide in this great country.
07-05-2018Conserve Your Strength (POWERFUL)I am in charge of the trials in your life as well as the blessings.
07-06-2018God Has The Answer (POWERFUL)What is the mountain in your life?
07-11-2018Follow The Leader He will always be your companion and teacher...
07-13-2018Your Call To ShareEven those who are loved can feel unloved.
07-14-2018How To Know God's Plan (POWERFUL)The Bible is the MIND of Christ in PRINT!
07-18-2018Give It A Shot (POWERFUL)Come to Me in your weakness.
07-20-2018Just Praise Me (POWERFUL) Matt. 13:9 "He who has ears to hear, let him hear."
07-25-2018It's Not All About You Are you spending most of your time on your needs and desires?
08-03-2018My Gift To You (IMPORTANT)GET TO KNOW HIM!
08-07-2018All About This There is no limit to the outstretching influence...
08-20-2018Your Kindness AboundsI am looking at the consistent desire of your heart's...
08-24-2018True Desire (POWERFUL)Praise Me when you fail as well as when you obey.
08-25-2018Your Provision--My TrustYou are reliable and steadfast.
08-27-2018Instructions For Growth (VERY IMPORTANT)EACH TIME I lead you, YOU have to CHOOSE to follow...
08-28-2018Not A CompetitionDo not compare yourself to others.
08-30-2018Talk To MeI am always listening and I will always answer you.
08-31-2018Expectation--Submission (VERY POWERFUL)YOU NEED BOTH!
09-03-2018WARN PEOPLE...there are so many who have been chosen and have yet to answer My Call.
09-06-2018Praise Before Evidence...because God ALWAYS keeps His Promises.
09-10-2018Father, Jesus, Holy SpiritTrust Him, Talk to Him, Listen to Him, Follow Him.
09-12-2018It's Hard Alone (POWERFUL)You need to unburden your heart and receive My Peace.
09-15-2018What Is Your IT? (POWERFUL)What does your life revolve around?
09-18-2018Review Your Life (POWERFUL)Lord, is there something YOU want to change?
09-21-2018Just Boldly Ask MeYou can confidently KNOW that I am attentive to directing your BEST outcome.
09-22-2018What Is Your Calling? (IMPORTANT)Pay attention to what the Holy Spirit frequently brings to your mind to do.
09-26-2018Time In Worship (IMPORTANT)More time needs to be spent one on one without distractions.
09-28-2018Decisions Have ConsequencesIt has to do with obedience to your Lord and Savior.
09-30-2018Give It Back (IMPORTANT)It keeps you from hearing God's Will.
10-08-2018It's A Miracle (POWERFUL)You will hear Me from your heart to your mind...
10-14-2018There's Another Way (POWERFUL)However, without this, it is impossible.
10-17-2018Open The DoorI love you even before, but My Love for you after is BOUNDLESS.
10-19-2018FaithfulnessExperience a life overflowing with Supernatural Divine Grace.
10-26-2018Obedience----InsuranceAll that the Father tells you to do is FOR YOUR GOOD.
11-01-2018Because I Love YouNo longer will you need to feel lost, confused, indecisive, or anxious.
11-02-2018A Serious Matter (POWERFUL)Have you considered everything?
11-05-2018It's All RecordedI have given you every advantage...
11-07-2018Please Help MeMy time is of Your design...
11-09-2018What Is Your Goal?Don't miss this Miracle...
11-10-2018Look Beyond Self (IMPORTANT)I want you to live so as to inspire Christ-like behavior.
11-12-2018Lonely Heart'sThis season has to do with LOVE.
11-14-2018One Lifetime To Decide (POWERFUL)Find out for yourself instead of following what someone else says.
11-15-2018Validity of the BIBLE (ENLIGHTENING)Here is proof
11-16-2018Undeniable KnowingNo trickery, mystery, or illusions.
11-17-2018Live From ExperienceThis releases My Power as you have witnessed many times.
11-19-2018Another ReminderMake a renewed effort...
11-21-2018Common Misconception (POWERFUL)...this is unequivocally WRONG!
11-28-2018Method With MeaningI want you to experience a taste of what is to come.
12-01-2018Appreciate My GiftThis kind of life Honors My Sacrifice.
12-16-2018I Have A Reason...the qualities that mirror your Divine Savior, Jesus Christ.
12-25-2018A Choice In Retrospect (POWERFUL)...how easy and wonderful He lets it all play out.
12-26-2018Servant's of LoveI am holding you up so you rise above the mundane...
12-28-2018IN MY POWERYou can do anything for the Glory of God.
12-29-2018In the shadow of the Almighty.Be aware of My Loving shadow on every detail of your life.
12-31-2018It Is NecessaryHis heart experiences My Power, Love, and Grace deeper and deeper.
01-01-2019What Do You Need?I am your SOURCE for ALL your needs.
01-04-2019EVERYONE KNOWSEach of you has a freewill, so each has an opportunity...
01-09-2019Only You Can DecideI will not force anyone to carry My Name and My Love to the world.
01-10-2019Serve As CalledYou will not even think of this unless your mind and heart are focused on Me.
01-11-2019Resist PerfectionYou have not received your supernatural mind and body yet.
01-16-2019Have You Derailed? (POWERFUL)Still waiting for an answer? (POWERFUL)
01-19-2019I'm Here For YouCome to Me believing in My Love and Care for you.
01-27-2019Pour Out Your HeartI don't even want to live without You...
02-02-2019I Trust Your PurposeBe patient, hopeful, PRAISING, always looking up to Me.
02-05-2019Point Of NeedLeave all details to Me.
02-06-2019There's Much More (POWERFUL) Having a relationship like this with Me is empowering.
02-08-2019Cast It All On MeTell Me what is troubling you.
02-09-2019In My Word (GLORY GLORY!)...experience Divine Daily Miracles, Favor, Peace and Joy.
02-11-2019You Are Needed (IMPORTANT)Go forth in expectation.
02-13-2019Delve Deeper (POWERFUL)This is how to KNOW Me and KNOW that what I say is TRUTH.
02-15-2019Daily Worship The TRINITYYour daily life is directly affected according to...
02-16-2019Do You Need Something? (POWERFUL)This is how you KNOW the TRUE state of your heart.
02-18-2019My Main Purpose (POWERFUL)I want us to be ONE.
02-19-2019Trust Is A MustTrust is a primary condition for a real relationship.
02-21-2019The Power To StandYour stance must be backed by My Word.
02-23-2019Can You Do This?This Child will see results.
02-24-2019Are You A Follower Of Jesus?(IMPORTANT--CONCISE)
02-26-2019Ask Me Anything (POWERFUL)Start asking BEFORE acting. IF you believe and ACT in FAITH, you will SEE the Power of the Holy Spirit...
02-27-2019Leave It To MeYour life is in the palm of My Hand and I am leading you everyday.
03-04-2019Never Failing Process (POWERFUL) My Plan to show you the way is already waiting for you to ask.
03-07-2019How Can I Truly Know You?READ MY WORD DAILY.
03-08-2019STAND UP!Talk to fellow Christians and encourage them to do the same.
03-09-2019Check It OutYou will not be disappointed.
03-12-2019Overcoming Loneliness Come unto Me and I will give you rest, peace, and fulfillment.
03-14-2019Holy Spirit Power!!!This is the same power Jesus felt when He was baptized...
03-16-2019What's On Your Mind?Fill any vacant opportunities in your thinking with thoughts of Me.
03-19-2019Problems And ConcernsThere is a time for everything and I know when that is.
03-20-2019Two Factors (VERY IMPORTANT)Then and only then can you hear the Will of the Father.
04-02-2019What Is My Job?...serve in the Army of God.
04-05-2019Prove Your LoveRejoice even in darkness, this proves you TRULY TRUST Me.
04-06-2019Stay In Touch (IMPORTANT) Be My ambassador every minute of your life as the Holy Spirit leads.
04-08-2019Use The ArsenalYou must never be severed from My Holy Word.
04-10-2019Stop Worrying (POWERFUL)When you WORRY, you are not living with TRUE FAITH in your Heavenly Father.
04-13-2019Bleak And Worthless (VERY POWERFUL)All your hard work will always fail to bring you sustaining satisfaction.
04-15-2019Experience HeavenUsually this may occur when WORSHIPING your Sovereign Creator.
04-19-2019Watch Me WorkYou will need total uncompromising JOYFUL PEACEFUL TRUST.
04-20-2019Holy Saturday (POWERFUL)Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!
04-22-2019Peace To YouEach day brings its own load of responsibilities.
04-27-2019You Make It Easy (POWERFUL)You need not be filled with tension about anything!
04-30-2019I Desire This Of You...a yearning to lay down your life for others, even in the smallest of ways.
05-01-2019The Holy Spirit HelperHe will be with you, in you, forever.
05-02-2019Are You Struggling? (POWERFUL)I created you and I loved you even before you love Me.
05-03-2019Seek This GiftI KNOW You will do this for me...
05-04-2019Where Are You Going? (VERY IMPORTANT)I'm not sure or I hope to go to Heaven...
05-08-2019The Right Way When you are able and decide to...
05-09-2019Kingdom Life On Earth (VERY POWERFUL)When you decide to PRAISE ME for whatever I do, YOU WILL SEE MY POWER.
05-15-2019It Takes Two (VERY POWERFUL)...if this is truly what you want.
05-20-2019Your Best AllyHe will never lead you away from your Father in Heaven.
05-23-2019No Hope Without YouI need Your Help to be a blessing in both speaking and in silence.
05-26-2019Beware of Snakes (POWERFUL)Be careful when everything is going well.
05-28-2019One King...One KingdomCome into My Kingdom; live with Me in Paradise.
06-03-2019Can I Change?Commit yourself to obeying the promptings given you by the Holy Spirit.
06-05-2019I AM PEACEEveryone wants Peace; everyone needs Peace.
06-06-2019Things To Come (VERY IMPORTANT)Ignorance is NOT BLISS!!
06-08-2019A PrayerI need Your Supernatural Power...
06-10-2019My Heart Is MercifulTo ignore the Call is to breed discontent, emptiness, lack of Joy.
06-12-2019The Holy Spirit Effect (POWERFUL)Your the One changing me as I yield to Your teaching and promptings.
06-14-2019Your Commission (IMPORTANT)I love you, dear Child; love them in the same way.
06-16-2019The Battle of Self-control (IMPORTANT)What is it I cannot let go of?
06-19-2019Take My Love (VERY POWERFUL)Come to Me and let Me give you LIFE.
06-22-2019Holy Spirit, Help MeJesus consecrates Himself to my need for growth and holiness.
06-26-2019What Are You Doing Here? (POWERFUL)You have an important role in the world around you.
07-04-2019Lay It All Down (POWERFUL)Let Me show you what others are talking about...
07-06-2019BE QUIET! (POWERFUL)Meet with, converse with, and listen to the one who loves you unconditionally...
07-09-2019Can I Expect Them?The Promises are great for one such Child of the King.
07-11-2019His Thoughts SharedYou touch our hearts personally.
07-12-2019No Reason To TryI understand you; I created you.
07-17-2019Thank You So Much!I will ALWAYS take care of you.
07-19-2019Each One CountsJust think, you could be the reason they spend Eternity with Me!
07-24-2019Pray Before RespondingThe way you speak and act in their presence can help or hinder their journey.
07-26-2019In Black and White (IMPERATIVE)Is This Necessary?
08-01-2019My Children KNOWEach day is important for opportunities set up by the Holy Spirit.
08-05-2019Basis For Noah's ObedienceNothing compares with living your life FOR HIM, IN HIM, and WITH HIM.
08-11-2019The Battle (POWERFUL)Am I listening to the flesh or to God?
08-13-2019The Truth Is RevealedYOUR HEART TELLS ME EVERYTHING!
08-16-2019The Next Right ThingPraise Me even before you begin.
08-19-2019Do You REALLY Trust Me?You, Me, the Holy Spirit, and the Father---WE ARE ONE!
08-20-2019It's A Good ThingThe very fact that it bothers you...
08-22-2019It's ME You Hear (VERY IMPORTANT)Do you truly want to SERVE your Loving God?
08-23-2019Loved Ones' In Heaven (WONDERFUL) Why would I give you this gift and then take it away?
08-26-2019Merely A Vessel?Blood could not flow throughout the body without vessels!
09-03-2019Your Daily GoalGO and DO and BE according to His Divine guidance.
09-11-2019It's Up To You (POWERFUL)You CAN Have It!
09-16-2019Help Find Their Way (IMPORTANT)The Holy Spirit led them, they obeyed and conveyed...
09-18-2019IMPORTANT QUESTIONS?Is your understanding correct?
09-21-2019SATAN--POWERLESSHe cannot touch you when you put him beneath your feet.
09-26-2019Your Primary PurposeEach of you have a reason for existing.
10-02-2019I Will Help You (POWERFUL)You have trouble hearing Me because your Will is so loud and strong.
10-05-2019Here's How It Works (VERY POWERFUL)I have spelled it out for you.
10-07-2019Your AssignmentYou should take it more seriously to heart.
10-09-2019Obstacles On The Road To God's WillThe SAFEST PLACE is in the CENTER of GOD'S WILL.
10-10-2019There Is A Way To Be Happy (IMPORTANT)Seek My company; talk to Me; ask My advice.
10-11-2019Two Simple Clues (POWERFUL)Act according to the purist motive there is...
10-17-2019Pray---Stand Strong (POWERFUL)Satan is working against trust in Me...
10-23-2019What Should I Do? (POWERFUL)My Will is not like a puzzle that you must figure out.
10-25-2019Dedicated Devotion Do not put off what you HEAR and KNOW...
10-30-2019Life OR Death (VERY VERY POWERFUL)Are you willing to take the risk?
11-01-2019A CALL TO ARMS (VERY IMPORTANT)Satan is fighting to stop this.
11-04-2019Am I Growing In the Lord?Do I have a growing hunger in my heart?
11-06-2019Let Me Show YouI am here ALL the time when you are ready to grow.
11-09-2019I NEED HELP!Where are you looking for help?
11-13-2019Your Part In This (POWERFUL)Are you committed to Me; do you stand up for Me?
11-18-2019What Is Your Will? (IMPORTANT)I SURRENDER!!
11-23-2019Walking In The Spirit (POWERFUL)How incredibly great His Power is to help those who BELIEVE in Him.
11-25-2019To Be Born Again (POWERFUL)What really happens?
11-28-2019How Did I Get Off Track?My focus moved from God to my circumstance.
12-02-2019Remember Me (IMPORTANT)Give Me some of your TIME...My gift to you.
12-05-2019Don't Go It Alone (POWERFUL)My Holy Spirit is helping you in every moment of your day.
12-13-2019Pass Them OnI Bless you multiple times each day.
12-16-2019My Gift To YouI will always be your ROCK!
12-19-2019OUR MISSION (VERY POWERFUL)Now you must...and when you do...
12-20-2019Come To Me Everyone!I know you need Me.
12-24-2019VERY SIMPLEAvail yourselves of all the insight I have prepared for you.
12-30-2019Looking Back And ForwardYour best will be carried forward and good will be your outcome.
01-10-2020How Will I Know? (VERY POWERFUL)Your responsibility lies in TRUST and OBEDIENCE.
01-11-2020Please Just Ask MeYou will make a tremendous difference in their life.
01-13-2020Remember This! I was actually the ONE doing it.
01-17-2020Your Spirit Man (POWERFUL)Do not trust in your own understanding.
01-23-2020Jesus' Prayer LifeHe is waiting for us to give Him time alone.
02-05-2020Just Go For It!I will shower you with Divine Grace.
02-07-2020Obedience Equals PeaceYou will be serving Me just as I served My Father.
02-14-2020My Word Is Gold!I mean every Word and I honor every Word!
02-17-2020How To Meditate On The Word of GodHere are examples of how to meditate.
02-22-2020You Want It Back?The side of triumphant obedience where you experience miracles.
02-24-2020FOLLOW MEMy Holy Spirit will do the rest.
02-26-2020It's All In Vain (VERY POWERFUL)But, there is another way.
03-02-2020Essentials Of PrayerYou must get to know Him personally and trust Him deeply.
03-03-2020Do Not Hold BackYour loving attentiveness to their need will draw them closer to Me.
03-04-2020Share The JoyI know you want to, but worldly duties distract you...
03-06-2020The Result Is MiraculousMy Way is much easier!
03-07-2020Do You Truly Believe Me?I have promised to take care of you in ALL things...
03-11-2020Have No Fear! (POWERFUL)NEVER take your eyes off Me; I NEVER take My eyes off you!
03-19-2020IN TIMES OF CRISIS (VERY POWERFUL)Precise Directions and What You Can Expect From Me.
03-20-2020I Will Ask You (IMPORTANT)Think about what your answer will be.
03-21-2020How Do I Know? (POWERFUL)A direct knowing answer will be provided...
03-24-2020All Trouble Isn't Bad I will lead you to a new wonderful way of life.
03-26-2020Be Helpful Encouraging OthersYou are to be beacons of Hope.
03-28-2020I've Worked It Out You cannot lose when you TRUST Me!
03-29-2020Can You Honestly Say? (VERY IMPORTANT)You will have to at times all throughout your life.
03-30-2020It Must Be NurturedThis enables you to KNOW what I am telling you...
04-01-2020Please Consider This! (VERY POWERFUL)Are You getting the message?
04-02-2020We Step Out Because... (VERY POWERFUL)The Lord just wants your Faith in His Faithfulness.
04-08-2020A Life Unfolding (REVEALING)Why would anyone want to live any other way?
04-13-2020FACT OF LIFE (TIME SENSITIVE)Where Will You Go After Death?
04-15-2020There Is A Way Out (POWERFUL)I will provide help and orchestrate your exit...
04-18-2020Road Well Traveled (POWERFUL)Life with and in Me is always a SERVANT'S HEART in action.
04-20-2020The Crucial Factor (VERY POWERFUL)...your fate is sealed forever!
04-25-2020Be Free To Live (POWERFUL)I have provided for your PEACE and JOY on earth as well as in Heaven.
04-30-2020Let Me Explain (IMPORTANT)This will change your life dramatically!
05-02-2020Two Possible Obstacles (VERY POWERFUL)The thing for you to remember...
05-07-2020To Hear God's Voice (NEED TO KNOW)This is what I must do every time...
05-12-2020STOP---THINK (VERY POWERFUL)Do you really want to miss this?
05-14-2020Expect An Answer (IMPORTANT)I am Jesus, the LIGHT; I want to share My LIGHT with you.
05-19-2020I Am FAITHFULThose who TRUST Me will always experience My Divine Power.
05-25-2020Be Willing, Step Out, Relax (IMPORTANT)...then the Holy Spirit takes over.
05-27-2020Jesus Decided (POWERFUL)How important to you is this relationship?
05-30-2020It's Like ThisYou will forever be thankful!
06-01-2020My Hope For Us (POWERFUL)My heart and your heart can become ONE.
06-09-2020THESE CHILDREN (WONDERFUL)I love you with a LOVE so deep and so vast...
06-13-2020The Bottom LineDeal with what the Lord is bringing to light...
06-17-2020Unrecoverable Loss (POWERFUL)The stakes were HIGH.
06-19-2020We Have VictoryTake His Promises to heart, live daily seeking His Will, and obey Him.
06-23-2020Wonder of WondersThank You for even now feeling I'm in Your Presence every moment of the day!
06-26-2020How To Be Of Service (IMPORTANT)...small moments of attention to the people and needs around you.
06-30-2020Praise Experience (BEAUTIFUL)Praise deflects fear, doubt, confusion, and worry.
07-03-2020Too Hard Without Me (POWERFUL)Let go, stop trying to run your life all alone.
07-11-2020Need Peace And Happiness?When you finally learn to do this...
07-13-2020Your Life CoachThe Holy Spirit will let you think of and realize aspects you hadn't even considered.
07-14-2020Seek Personal ExperienceLet Me show you personally how real and true My Word is.
07-15-2020Faithfulness Pays Off (POWERFUL)Peace and Confidence flow through you because you KNOW ME.
07-16-2020How Can You Smile? When you REALIZE you can TRUST ME no matter what is going on.
07-18-2020Can Everyone Be Yours?Yes, everyone who comes to Me with that desire and sorrow in their heart.
07-20-2020We Are So BlessedWe can literally give the whole thing to You.
07-24-2020No Excuse Will Do (POWERFUL)There is a reason when the Holy Spirit points out someone to you.
07-25-2020The Holy Spirit Moves MeRecognizing Him moving you is a Miracle to cherish.
07-28-2020Why Be A Christian? (POWERFUL)NO BETTER LIFE POSSIBLE!
07-29-2020Everyone Is InvitedLet Me show you the life I have planned for you.
08-04-2020A Prayer Of ThanksgivingNo matter what I do for some, they will never Come to Me.
08-08-2020You Have All You NeedIf you KNOW WHO YOU ARE, endued with power from on High, then ACT accordingly.
08-10-2020What Did Jesus Do?Your PEACE of MIND is your priceless reward.
08-24-2020Come, You'll See (POWERFUL)I love you even before you learn to love Me.
08-26-2020Handling The FutureNo matter what you go through, I have you in the palm of My Hand!
08-31-2020IF I REMEMBERI can look at You with Peace, while in the midst of trouble.
09-05-2020I'm Forever YoursI am still by your side waiting for you to take my hand again.
09-08-2020A Real Eye OpenerYou can confidently rely on Him constantly.
09-09-2020There Will Be Turmoil (POWERFUL) I will not let the people go on ignoring Me...
09-14-2020It's Getting Late! (POWERFUL)I will not help those who rebel against Me...
09-22-2020Ask, I Will Tell YouLet your light shine brightly for the world to see, so they SEE ME.
09-28-2020Thank You, FatherThank You, dear Jesus, for letting me know You personally.
10-02-2020Love ProvenNow, it is time you stand with Him in these difficult times.
10-06-2020Thy Will Be DoneHe knows what will awaken people to His all encompassing LOVE.
10-07-2020Prayer For Our Country (POWERFUL)Wrap Your Arms Around Them!
10-09-2020Nothing Has Changed (POWERFUL)When you are close to Me everyday, you will KNOW...
10-11-2020Want JOY In Your Life? (POWERFUL)Be thinking of ways to follow Me closer...
10-14-2020You Can Be Certain (REASSURING)I will protect you from the evil intent of Satan.
10-16-2020Let Me Show You (IMPORTANT)My Way is ALWAYS successful without stress.
10-19-2020What's Next On My Agenda? (IMPORTANT)He will gently guide you through the problem in from of you.
10-24-2020Turn From Evil, Return To Me (POWERFUL)Honor Me and I will continue to protect you, America.
10-26-2020Life Can Be OverwhelmingYour life does not have to be so heavy.
10-29-2020Truly Look At Yourself (VERY IMPORTANT))How would you answer these?
11-03-2020Is My TIME Mine?Lead me down the path the Father has planned for me.
11-04-2020Experiencing JesusYou will see the results.
11-05-2020Be At PeaceI truly am in charge...
11-07-2020Rest, My ChildWhat a wonderful Father You are!
11-09-2020I Have Made A Way (POWERFUL)Live in Peace through anything and everything.
11-10-2020Message To All Mankind (WARNING)I do not have to do much Myself because without Me, mankind will destroy themselves.
11-14-2020You'll Know What To DoIt's your move.
11-16-2020Prayer For AmericaWe Trust You!
11-19-2020I'm Depending On YouThe Holy Spirit will do the work through you.
11-20-2020Why Good Over Evil? (POWERFUL)Please, all of you, wake up!
11-25-2020Man Alone Is Doomed (POWERFUL)Wake up before it is too late!
11-28-2020Cold Sober Facts (VERY POWERFUL)What's driving you on everyday?
12-01-2020Hardships And SufferingI will be holding your hand and My GRACE will be pouring all over you.
12-03-2020It's Always Something! But truly, you need to LET GO!
12-12-2020Worship What Is IMPORTANT!CULTIVATE and DEVELOP our relationship.
12-14-2020TRUST HIM COMPLETELYWhatever the Father decrees necessary to reach mankind...
12-16-2020What Say You? (POWERFUL)Are you prepared for the coming CHOICE?
12-22-2020Take HeartDo not be blue.
12-24-2020Just Decide To Begin (IMPORTANT)As I prompt, as I inspire, as I lead, THIS I CALL YOU TO DO.
12-26-2020Experiencing Inner PeaceKindness is loaning someone your strength, rather than highlighting their weakness.
12-29-2020Nothing Has Changed (POWERFUL)I must allow hardships at times so mankind will re-evaluate what is important.
12-30-2020Let Nothing Steal Your Peace (POWERFUL)I will lead you along My Path; I will see to all your needs.
12-31-2020YOU Are My PurposeWhen will you recognize YOU are very significant?
01-01-2021Truth Or Opinion (IMPORTANT)Do you really know enough to decide?
01-05-2021Get Moving For MeI will always direct your feet to a Blessing and to be a Blessing.
01-06-2021Looking Back---Looking ForwardThank You so much for allowing me to have the awareness...
01-08-2021Spending Tomorrows HealthHow are you spending your health credits?
01-12-2021How Do I Know For Sure?Take a step out in the direction you hear Me leading.
01-13-2021Feeling Stymied?You have a lot to look forward to in My Divine Plan.
01-14-2021The Jewish Nation (IMPORTANT)They are a chosen people by Almighty God, but they must also choose Me, His Son.
01-18-2021Clear, Concise, Reliable (POWERFUL)YOU KNOW THIS: I NEVER LET YOU DOWN!
01-19-2021Prayed Earnestly Today (POWERFUL)Prayed with authority
01-20-2021Clear EvidenceIt is a GIFT to KNOW YOU.
01-27-2021Confident Authority (POWERFUL)Remember where your power comes from and use it!
02-01-2021A Price To Pay...if you continue to ignore His Voice in your heart.
02-02-2021Listen Closely ExpectingI will let you know and direct your steps...
02-10-2021What's In Your Head?Choose your thoughts!
02-11-2021Are You Using It? (POWERFUL)You have what you need to live joyful and in peace.
02-15-2021Let Go---Let Me Let Me free you from oppression.
02-16-2021BEYOND SALVATION (POWERFUL)There's so much MORE!
02-17-2021You Will Always KnowSurrender, Trust, and Wait on Me.
02-19-2021Hold On To Me (POWERFUL)Let Me lead you through the maize of temptations and bad influences.
02-20-2021A Father's Love (POWERFUL)I am looking out for you ALL the time.
02-24-2021You Told Us HowWhat I must do; what my part in this is...
02-26-2021Freely Choose Your DestinyI love you even before you do or even if you never do.
02-27-2021You Cannot NOT KnowSo, even if he has never heard of Me, I will reveal Myself.
03-02-2021A Prayer (POWERFUL)Your Grace is sufficient to give them pause.
03-15-2021It's Very ClearI always mean what I say and back it up with action in My Time.
03-17-2021Facts Are FactsI will tell you why!
03-18-2021My Promise To YouI will show you how as you step out in faithful obedience.
03-20-2021Share What You Have (Important)I need your heart's to be dedicated...
03-22-2021I'll Take It (POWERFUL)I have your back!
03-24-2021Constantly Distracted...talk to Me as you go through the day.
03-27-2021Wasting Time (VERY POWERFUL)TIME BELONGS TO ME, not you!
04-12-2021When Blessing Abound...time in My Word, time talking, listening, and trusting Me...
04-20-2021Fearlessly ForwardYes, forward, but not alone.
04-21-2021The Father's WayIt shows how you can depend on Me in every situation.
04-22-2021COME--TRUST MEI Love you more than anyone else could.
04-23-2021Let Me Show You (POWERFUL)Thy Will Be Done!
05-03-2021PEACE TO YOUAll will be right according to the Father's Plan.
05-04-2021You Are Remarkable!I didn't understand, but YOU knew I would need this.
05-11-2021I Am In Control!When in doubt.....DON'T!
05-12-2021Continue Trusting--NO DOUBTSThank You sweet Jesus, I KNOW You've got this.
05-14-2021My InstructionsThe Outcome is contingent on My Will, not man's.
05-25-2021From Me To You To Others (POWERFUL)Let Me take care of you, while you make others feel taken care of.
06-01-2021All I Ask Of You (POWERFUL)I only want your TRUST in Me given FREELY from your heart.
06-14-2021I Ordained ItI will do the sharing, as you are the vessel.
06-15-2021RELAXMy Children are My priority.
06-16-2021Hold Nothing BackNever underestimate what this kind of surrender means to your Father.
06-17-2021Astonishingly WonderfulYour Plan is better than anything we could wish for.
06-21-2021Share What You KnowThis is how to see My Power...
06-23-2021Abiding In Christ (VERY POWERFUL!!)Learn what's most important in your Christian walk.
06-24-2021Ask, I'll Tell You...ask, believe, and expect Me to answer you.
06-25-2021Live In PEACE (POWERFUL)I left you every possible answer to every need you could ever have.
06-26-2021God's CreationMy Children have a window into My Spirit, who's revelations are beyond the norm.
06-28-2021Satan Redirects Your Focus (POWERFUL)He blots out My Purpose, that of being a blessing to someone.
07-04-2021Such A Time As ThisFollow in My footsteps for spreading the Kingdom on earth.
07-07-2021Let Me Lead YouI love you and you KNOW you can TRUST ME.
07-07-2021Consult Him FirstIf you consult My Holy Spirit all day long, He will be clearly heard.
07-09-2021Relaxed But AwareLet this be your assignment for now, dear Child.
07-13-2021Listen To Your HeartDo not put off what you know is the right thing to do.
07-15-2021A New RoadGive Him your heart, your Will, and your commitment.
07-16-2021Earnestly Know JESUS (POWERFUL)We can speak to Satan with authority KNOWING it is done!
07-17-2021STOP (IMPORTANT)...seek My Presence FIRST!
07-23-2021I Am All You NeedIF I AM YOUR FOCUS with solid TRUST in and DEVOTION to Me.
07-24-2021Discipline (VERY IMORTANT)You are not accomplishing much because there is basically no plan.
08-02-2021Yes, Grace & BlessingsIt all seems more simple than before...
08-03-2021I Will Do The Work (IMPORTANT)...but you still have to be WILLING to release it.
08-06-2021Actually FEEL My Love (POWERFUL)This is not a weakness, to depend on Me, it is a STRENGTH.
08-07-2021Let Me Lead YouI love you and you KNOW you can TRUST ME.
08-10-2021It's Really True (VERY POWERFUL)You will take over and comfort us even in the worst of trials.
08-11-2021Children Of The World (POWERFUL)COME to ME; I will let you KNOW ME.
08-12-2021You Are Responsible (IMPORTANT)Be a dedicated, strong, determined soldier in the army of God.
08-13-2021Do As I Have Done (VERY POWERFUL)I have lived what I am asking you to live.
08-16-2021Believing Is Not All (IMPORTANT)If only they knew what a difference it makes...
08-21-2021Daily Miracles (POWERFUL)In Heaven, you will be able to see each and every time I intervened.
08-25-2021Worry Blocks Grace (IMPORTANT)We are given GRACE to live in PEACE through whatever occurs.
08-26-2021Don't Go It AloneI iron out the grievances, irritants, troubles, pain, and suffering.
08-27-2021Pray And Serve (IMPORTANT)Each of you have a job to do and need to hasten to do it.
08-30-2021To Your Advantage (POWERFUL)Putting Me FIRST guaranties blessings because I am in CONTROL of TIME.
08-31-2021Only Way To Know (POWERFUL)Depend on Me....one situation, one day at a time.
09-02-2021He Speaks ClearlyOur Father, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit are always only a breath away.
09-03-2021The Kingdom Life (POWERFUL)Relax, be Joyful worshiping Me instead of worrying and stressing.
09-04-2021You Showed Us (POWERFUL)NOTHING, NO ONE, can defeat us when we have found You.
09-07-2021Seek, Talk, Listen, Rejoice (POWERFUL)I will reveal My Love for you all day long.
09-09-2021Unforgiveness-Death Sentence (VERY IMPORTANT)...says what Jesus went through didn't cover whatever we haven't forgiven.
09-10-2021Prayer & Fasting By ExampleIn My Word, Satan has been defeated!
09-14-2021Hardships Are Opportunities (POWERFUL)I will see you through and you will always have a testimony.
09-15-2021Holy Spirit Is Key...to be confidently lead according to the Father's Plan in perfect PEACE.
09-21-2021Power Of MeditationWhy do I CALL YOU to be ALONE with ME?
09-28-2021To God Be The GloryPlease give each of us Grace to carry out Your Will in service to You.
09-29-2021Your Heart's DesireIf you truly want to obey My Call, I will get you there.
10-02-2021No Need For AwkwardnessIt takes humility to accept a service or gift and to accept gratitude.
10-06-2021Make Your Heart ReadyI will give you the Grace to be strong.
10-08-2021Lord, HelpStay in Praise and Focused on Me instead of the problem.
10-10-2021For Those Hurting (VERY POWERFUL)Live in Love with Jesus, learning more about Him everyday.
10-12-2021Every Chance He GetsI desire to abundantly bless whomever will let Me.
10-20-2021Stop Procrastinating (POWERFUL)OBEDIENCE opens the door to your PEACE and JOY.
10-27-2021Seeking Joy In Life? (IMPORTANT)I will lead you to fulfillment, joy, and blessings.
10-28-2021Beyond Worldly View (IMPORTANT)Become more aware of My Personal involvement...
10-29-2021Do You Care? (VERY POWERFUL)Make an impression that will effect their life forevermore.
10-30-2021Receive My JoySee Me, and service for Me, as the Joy of Life!
11-02-2021Experience It YourselfTrust Me to handle it even in the midst of darkness.
11-06-2021Up And DownBe at Peace living on My schedule, not yours.
11-10-2021NEVER STOP(Please give me the Grace to follow You wherever You lead.)
11-11-2021What Is Love Really?This is what MY LOVE for you truly encompasses.
11-12-2021A Needed Reminder (VERY POWERFUL)PRAISE replaces WORRY with PEACE.
11-13-2021Take Me Seriously (VERY IMPORTANT)Put your declared love for Me into action as I CALL you.
11-15-2021Best Life EverLiving in unison with You is Heaven on earth.
11-17-2021A Better WayChoose to live in the Light of Divine Blessings.
11-19-2021What's Holding You Back? (VERY IMPORTANT)Your life must exemplify evidence of what you KNOW about Me.
11-21-2021Are You Depressed? (VERY IMPORTANT)Does your life feel like 'Ground Zero?"
11-24-2021What's In Your Heart? (POWERFUL)Get your heart right with Me.
11-26-2021Seek My HelpRely on Me and you get to see My Miracle Power.
11-29-2021Who Is Your Navigator?Do you trust Me enough to allow My Perfect Plan to unfold?
12-06-2021Allow Me To Prove MyselfYour life is being managed by the Lord of Lord's who LOVES YOU.
12-07-2021Be With Me (POWERFUL)This is the example each of you is to follow...
12-11-2021Your Failure Is Not FinalOur God makes all things NEW.
12-15-2021Why Did I Come? (POWERFUL)That all children born into the world KNOW how LOVED they are.
12-20-2021I AM REAL (WONDERFUL)Favor abounds and you get to experience Divine touches...
12-23-2021Thy Will Be Done!Make My Words your final thought.
12-25-2021This Is A PartnershipDo this in remembrance of Me, dear Children of the King.
12-28-2021Fill Your Mind With My WORDOur JOB---PUT OUR FOCUS ON YOU!
12-29-2021What Is Stopping You? (POWERFUL)I have the BEST LIFE in store for you.
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