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Personal Note from Mary Hunt Dewitz


Be still before Him after you pray so He can speak to your heart. He is always in your presence and always waiting to comfort, teach, and guide you in life.


I never feel alone
because in my life He has shown me that there is never a time when I had to face anything without His wisdom and guidance and comfort.

Whenever I have a problem,
I can go to Him in prayer and He will let me know what to do.
Maybe not right that moment,
but in the interim, I let go of the problem and trust that He will take care of it or let me know, when I need to know, what I should do about it.

He has never let me down
in all my years of knowing Him. He is so faithful and so loving to me, and will be to you also, if you just give your life to Him and ask Him to come and take care of you from now on and that you want to live your life as He intended you to...not as you intended.

He will honor this desire of your heart
and draw you closer to Him through the Scriptures so that you will be able to understand His Ways and His Will in your life. God Bless You!!!

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